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Chapter 191

Translator: Gici

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Saint Word, in short, was the language of God .

The reason why the Saint Word was so powerful was that when the Follower spoke Saint Word, and certain emotions that resonate in their hearts, it would combine with the Power of Faith and form a powerful attack .

Saint Word was a language that was filled from the Power of Faith from its Followers .

Now, Ye Chui has carved a Faith Gathering Matrix on his statue in the center of Star Square, which was connected to the booklet in his hand . When Ye Chui held the booklet, called the ‘Bible’, in his hand, he could feel the Power of Faith . To activate it, he needs to shout out certain words, which will turn the accumulated Power of Faith into an attack .

For Followers, ‘the Anger of Seven Gods,’ ‘the Protection of Seven Gods,’ and ‘Punishment Balde’ were such words . They would pray to the Seven Gods and read the Bible carefully in order to increase the power of said word .

But for Ye Chui, the most powerful words were the vulgarities he used to say in his last life and the words he used on the internet .

That was why Ye Chui shouted out, “F*ck! Go away!” It was the Saint Word attack that Ye Chui released with his Power of Faith .

The church was silent as the Punishment Blade dissipated into the air .  

Only Vivian knew that Ye Chui had studied the power of the Church, and was utilizing it . As Vivian heard that voice Ye Chui had just yelled, it represented that he had actually mastered the mysterious Power of Faith!

Of course, Ye Chui did not use the language of this world, but ‘Chinese’ . To her, Ye Chui’s words were like a Magic Spell, which has been buried in history, and was filled with unknown power …

Faria looked stunned . [My attack has been completely deflected by Hammer? How is that possible!]

[Only the Power of Faith can be used in this church . He isn’t a Follower . He can’t possibly use the Power of Faith . And what did he just yell? How did he dispel my own Saint Word attack…]

[There must be something wrong with this!]

At this point, Faria didn’t hesitate and immediately flipped through a few pages of the Bible in his hand . He decided to try his best to attack Ye Chui . He held the Bible in one hand and pointed at Ye Chui with another . “The glory of Seven Gods shines upon the world! The wrath of Seven Gods burns out all the evil! Seven Gods’ eyes are watching over the world! Seven Gods’ blood sweeps over all the scorched earth! Saint Word: Seven Gods’ Victory Journey!”

As Faria shouted, a illusory shadow with a decayed face appeared, wearing ancient armor as if they were ghosts from hell . They were summoned by the power of Faria’s Saint Word . they drew illusory long swords and gave out a roar, before charging towards Ye Chui like an army stempeed .

Debbie and Alfea were stunned at this point . When they saw Faria using this powerful Saint Word, they were surprised . Debbie couldn’t help but warn loudly, “Hammer, look out!”

She had unintentionally exposed Iron Swordsman’s identity, but Faria did not pay attention to what Debbie had said at this point .

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Ye Chui looked at the Ghost Army that was rushing towards him . He was a little frightened at first, but soon, the fear in his heart faded . That Saint Word earlier had proven that he had mastered the Power of Faith . Looking at the phantom army that was charging at him, Ye Chui took a deep breath and was ready to try another Saint Word . He held the Bible in his left hand, raised his right fist, and shouted, “Saint Word: Alpaca!”

The invisible Power of Faith, immediately took shape transforming into an army of… alpacas .

Saint Word was a power that was affected by the user’s personal emotions . Saint Words of the Church was made by Seven Gods . Seven Gods, as the Faith Bearer, could directly decide how to use the Church’s Power of Faith .  

As for the Power of Faith that Ye Chui created, Ye Chui was the bearer, so he was equivalent to the Seven Gods in the Church, and he could freely decide how this Power of Faith could be used . It meant that he could create any Saint Word by his own will .

The power in Ye Chui’s Saint Words would be manifested in the form of symbols, so when Ye Chui cursed ‘Alpaca’, a herd of alpacas appeared immediately .

The alpacas, as Ye Chui swung his fist, immediately ‘chirped’ and rushed towards the army of ghosts summoned by Faria .

The ghosts and the alpacas soon fought against each other .

It was an illusory collision . Both ghosts and the alpacas were semi-transparent, but the collision of each attack could not have been more real . The sound of ‘bang’, ‘bang’, ‘bang’ rang out one after another . Debbie and Alfea were both flabbergasted . After all, the herd of alpacas soon overwhelmed the army of ghosts and rushed towards Faria .

Faria was knocked away by the group of alpacas and crashed heavily into the statue of Seven Gods, screaming . The statue of Seven Gods shook a few times and collapsed on the ground… Faria spat out blood and picked himself up from the ground . At this time, he felt frustrated .

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Ye Chui looked at Faria and took another look at the booklet in his hand . He was satisfied with the power of Saint Word .

“What was that?” Debbie was finally able to speak, though, still looked stunned .

Alfea asked, “What did you summon? Is that a Magic Beast? Why have I never seen it before?”

“That’s not Magic Beast . ” Ye Chui said with an inscrutable look on his face, “That’s a Divine Beast . ”

“A Divine Beast…” Debbie and Alfea were both struck by this magical word . There was no such thing as Divine Beasts in this world . Only Magic Beast .

“This is the Power of Faith!” Faria finally understood, and he looked at Ye Chui with anger . His voice was trembling, “You… you stole the Power of Faith! You copied the power of the Church!”

“Stealing? Copying?” Ye Chui snorted and looked at Faria . He said with a cold voice, “I saved the citizens of Stan City, and fought for glory with my life on the line . Citizens of Stan City worship me as their belief so that I could gather the Power of Faith from them . They spontaneously abandoned their belief in church and started to believe in me . How could you say I stole or copy the Power of Faith?”

“No… That’s impossible!” Faria screamed . He had never thought that someone could use the Power of Faith without the Church . He grabbed the Bible in his hand and turned to a certain page, “I’m going to punish you in the name of the Seven Gods! Saint Word: Blade of Morson!”

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A few daggers appeared in front of Faria, floating in the air . As Faria’s finger pointed at Ye Chui, the dagger shot at Ye Chui with unparalleled speed .

“Saint Word: Huh? Huh?”

Ye Chui, held a pamphlet in his hand, thought, [The best way to refuse others is to act as though you don’t understand them . ‘Huh? Huh?’]

An invisible wall appeared in front of Ye Chui . The daggers shattered into pieces when they met this wall .

Ye Chui sneered as he walked towards Faria, “Haven’t you noticed it yet? Both the Power of Faith that you use and the Power of Faith I use are from the citizens of Stan City . When you attack me, It represents the citizens who believe in the Church are against the citizens who believe in me . Do you think you have more Followers than me in Stan City? You should already know the answer, right?”

This was Ye Chui’s first time using the Power of Faith . Therefore, he was not used to it . If he battled with a Bishop from another city, Ye Chui would most likely lose (if this was strictly a battle between the Power of Faith) . However, in Stan City, Ye Chui’s Power of Faith was greater than Faria’s .

It was no longer a battle of personal strength, but a battle of the citizens’ belief .

Faria’s body trembled with fear as he found Ye Chui was approaching . “You… What are you doing? I’m the Bishop of Stan City . If you try to kill me, you are claiming war against the Church! You will be hunted by the Church!”

“What a joke . You have already decided to kill me, haven’t you? The Church attacked me and my companions numerous times already . Now I’ve even learned how to use the Power of Faith . Do you expect me to believe that I would be left alone if I let you live?” Ye Chui said with a mocking look on his face . He stretched out his right hand up in the air and clenched it into a fist . His middle finger extended, aiming to the sky .

“Saint Word: F*ck!”

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