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‘The dragon slaying white wolf'

'Four legged demon king'

Many magic beasts are known by their nicknames, and among them, within their habitat in the dark forest lies one great existence.

Fenrir, the highest ranked wolf type magic beast is commonly known for their blackish fur. Incomparison, this white-furred Fenrir seems to have been some kind of mutant or a whole new race. And his nature is known to be battle-crazed, only aiming for strong looking monsters while avoiding any contact with weaklings like humans.

"That dog has some praiseworthy taste. His yearn for challenge is of value, though why is it here in Tristan kingdom? There is not many significantly strong monsters around."

"….Though the one beside me is far more dangerous than a ancient dragon."

Cathya let out a sigh in FIoria's interest in this certain 'white wolf'. And speaking of it, "Then let me encounter it. In case, the knights are to tighten the security behind."

"But you are not associated with the knights? We couldn't let you fight it."

"No worries. I am just taking a stroll outside the capital and coincidentally a big naughty dog came out. A quick spanking to discipline it and I will be back."

"…Good grief." Her second sigh. Fioria's essence basically ignores other's advices.

No matter how hard you convince her, she will fling them off in the end. Even so, she is not a selfish ojou-sama and in her own way, is considerate towards the knights.

"You really have not changed a bit, Fia"

"Of course I'm not, I was just asleep for 20 years."

"Well, that's true enough."

Cathya smiled bitterly. Fioria is alike to a tornado, opposing it will only hurt oneself, if so then the best way is to accommodate to it.

"The role of backup is in our hands. Since this is a rare chance, make this fight with the magic beast worthwhile to watch for the little knights."

"Leave it to me, Cathya."

Thus the subjugation of the magic beast by Fioria begins. But…

"Gawr! Gawr gawrrr!!"

The battle ended in a second.

As the white wolf encounters Fioria, it approached her vigorously and started licking her cheek.

"… You, are you perhaps, Mofumofu?"


Mofumofu, the name of Fioria's pet dog 20 years ago, a male. In search for a cure for his master, he went off alone to the dark forest. After going through several fights, he evolved into a whole new species of magic beast.

"You really have grown a lot. Are you doing well?"

"Gawwwwrrr!! Awoooo!" as he replied cheerfully, the while wolf who howled… Mofumofu.

In an instant, -Awoooo!

Another howl can be heard aside from his and from within the forest, another black-furred wolf appeared.

Cathya and the knights shuddered in fear, for that is none other than the existence which destroys any village and countries wherever they appear. Classified as 'Disasters' rather than 'monsters' by the adventurer's guid, a monster unlike any other, Fenrirs.

"Gauuu!" As the Fenrir nestles close beside Mofumofu, it then bowed down its head towards Fioria as if giving a greeting.

"Mofumofu, don't tell me you…"

Fioria voice was trembling unusually. After repeatedly blinking, she asked. "Don't tell me, is that your wife?"



Both nodded in response, Mofumofu had no intent to fight Fioria in the beginning.

"Did you come to meet me to introduce your girlfriend?"

"Gauuu!" Nodded Mofumofu.

The unexpected development made Fioria slowly turn over towards Cathya and spoke, "Cathya, the flow of time really is something."

"So much that I got married and even have a son… For now, as its owner, don't forget to bring it on walks and feed it."

As if making a joke out of it but in her heart, Cathya's admired Fioria. Since long before, she had known Fioria was something else and always surprises her.

As always, you are a heck of a woman, Fia.

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