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When Fioria says something is 'interesting', most of the time it will turn into a catastrophe.

Cathya's premonition is right on the target.

More than half of the 1st platoon is made up of sons of nobles or so called for sake of good career record and not few had enlisted into the knights. Mostly will serve for 3 years and retire after piling up achievements from exterminating monsters.

On the other hand, the 4th platoon is exclusively made up of female knights and most of the members are commoners. Hence many from the 1st platoon would scorn them, and among them the Canossa duke's second son, Heinrich's attitude is more to the extreme.

"Heh, a female knight like you isn't suited to be cocky. Since your purpose in entering the knights was to catch the interest of the king, no? In that case, let me entertain you when I feel like it, so stay in your room and play with dolls or something."

The females from the 4th platoon glared through him with cold gaze full of scorn. Heinrich then faltered for a moment and started to speak loudly.

"Get out of here right this instant! I am a man who will not hesitate to hit on women, don't blame me if it happens and your face turns out unmarriageable!" As Heinrich sways the wooden sword in his hand in intimidation.

"That idiot son of a…!"

In timing, Cathya reaches the training ground ready to unsheathe her wooden sword and bash it towards Heinrich. As a female, she was unable to stay silent after hearing his statement.

But before she could react

"Oh my, what a coincidence. I too am a woman who won't hesitate to strike down men."

Fioria di Florence appeared in front of Heinrich with a wooden sword in one hand while claded in her jade dress which looks unbefitting for someone who is ready to pick a fight.

"Captain, Fiorineesama is…" Liz's face filled of uneasiness.

In contrast, Cathya shrugged her shoulders as if given in.

"No need for worries, Liz. Rather, look very carefully. Since it's a rare chance to be able to observe something which we can never reach."

"Eh?" Liz was surprised.

Fioria decipted in the novels has swordsmanship far better than an average person, however that is after all just fiction added with exaggeration into it.

But that was wrong.

In times, something real can surpass even reality. (Sorry even I don't understand this)

"Ain't that a cute face you have? Want me to indulge in you? Be grateful for I am the second son of the Canossa duke family."

Or so Heinrich with a arrogant face.

But he had no idea, who this woman in front of him really is.

"No matter. Come get at me. Of course I will hit you back. …. Or maybe a dog who only barks like you don't have the guts to do so?"

"How dare you!!"

Heinrich was easily provoked. He who grew up never having any inconveniences in life was unable to hold off his emotions when something does not go his way.

Even his father, Conrad di Canossa, in effort to straighten his attitude enlisted him into the knights but he did not reflect even till now.

"Women like you, don't try to be cocky!"

His wooden sword swung downwards striking down Fioria's right shoulder and fracturing it… or it was supposed to be.

"Too slow"

Clang! With a sound of swords clashing, the wooden sword flung towards the sky due to Fioria's quick and agile strike. Heinrich's wooden sword fell to the ground, and cleanly broke in two through the middle.

"… Damnit! I was holding off just now! Bring me a new one!"

As Heinrich robbed a wooden sword from a knight nearby and faced towards Fioria once again.

This time he stabbed, and clearly what he aimed was the heart. An direct hit would bring danger to one's life.

"An act of tenacity to win no matter no what… nay, just a reckless one. What a bore."

The result was the same. The second wooden sword was repelled and flung away, broke into two through the middle.

"As if a beast, no, that shameless sight is rude to the beasts. Know your place, pig"

Fioria gripped her own wooden sword with strength and crushed it as so.

The sword crumbled within her hand.

"If you are keen to continue this act, I shall break your hands and feet every 10 seconds. How does that sound?"

"I-I am the second son of the Canossa duke! D-don't think you can get away with this!"

"Oh my, what a coincidence. Since I too am the daughter of the Florence duke."


"A pleasure to meet you, I am Fioria di Florence."

As she stated her name, the members of the 1st platoon flustered. Most of the members were children from noble houses and their parents repeatedly recited the story of a woman called Fioria who accomplished many achievements, and her tragic end of poison. (Though in reality she did not die)

Further, recently she who singlehandedly crushed the Izolte Kingdom and captured the villain Kenneth.

No wonders were they to turn pale due to making a foe out of that said person.

"F-fi-fiora you said?! Impossible, unbelievable…!" while Heinrich shaked his head in fear.

"What was impossible turning possible is what makes life fun though?" Fioria smirking.

Though she had no more malicious intent, but it seems Heinrich had received a finishing blow from it and fainted.

"Well then" Fioria raised her head up.

As she shifted her gaze towards the males from the 1st platoon, all of them deliberately avoided eye contact.

"Training for the upcoming matchings? If you can get a strike on me, victory is very well yours. How about it?"

But there was no reply, they were shivering in fear of a storm like small animals and covering up their breaths. They personally experienced what their parents had recited to them.

Gale Empress.

A title well befitting Fioria.

"Pardon my intrusion! Could you do me a favor!"

From within the deep silence was a refreshing voice resounding. Turning around, a young lad can be seen standing guard beside Cathya. The lad had brown short hair and a cheerful aura around him.

"I am Joshua di Olresia! Pleasure to meet you!"

Olresia, meaning Cathya's son. I heard he looks alike to Jake, but it seems to be just his eyes. His appearance and personality is much closer to Cathya's.

Joshua then rushes to approach Fioria and greeted with a bow.

"You look hyped, and guts to add…. I do not dislike children like you."

"Thank you very much! You were so cool just now! I fell for you! If I win, please go out with me!"

"I see, I will consider it."

"Alright!" Joshua looked cheerful from the bottom of his heart, just like a puppy…, as Fioria smiled bitterly.

Joshua held up a stance with his wooden sword while Fioria did not move from her previous spot and faced him with composure.

Moments before they clashed, "Emergency! A report indicated a huge beast is nearing close to the capital! All knights are to reinforce security immediately!", the messenger stumbled in, full of sweat.


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