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Urusai Urusai Urusai! -Braja di Izolte

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"Noo, It's the end of the world!"

"I don't really understand, but it's super shiny!"

Some thinks of the sight of the light as a blessing, some considered it a bad omen, some was captivated by the beauty, and each had their own opinions

"… You finally woke up, Fioria"

The current king, Vincent di Tristan slowly combed up his hair.

His calm face had silently bring up a smile.

Vincent is the third prince of the country and 3 years ago after the death of the king, and after stopping the faction supporting the second prince, Marth, he ascended the throne.

Currently the young king is 27 of age and still single.

A king would have made haste in welcoming a bride and producing heirs, however the king had rejected all marriage proposals.

For he had never forgotten his first love.

"Hieeeeeeeeeee, Forgive me! Please forgive me! Uwaaaaaaa!"

As the first son of Marquis Canawan, Saimon screamed in disarray.

20 years ago, he had done an evil deed where he tried to rape a certain viscount's daughter. His actions was sniffed out by Fioria, beaten down and was striked by a minimum powered 'Divine'.

The trauma from back then had resuscitated, his fear brought him to cower and tremble beneath his pillow. Incidentally he is now kept in the house like a pet and is unable to inherit the Marquis house.

"Have a look, that is definitely onee-sama who had been revived!"

"So beautiful…"

A mother and her son was entranced.

The mother's name is Leonora. One of Fioria's fanatic fan and used her as a model for her series of novels. The novels then boomed not only within the nobles, but the commoners as well and became a historical best seller.

"Let us depart towards the Florence Dukedom right away! Begin the preparations right away, SIeg!"
"Yes, mother!"

Leonora's only son, Siegfried.

A 16 year old young man with blazing short red hair. With a handsome face and a gentle personality, he is popular in the noble academy and not just a few noble daughters had their feet swept away.

But he had continued to reject each and every approach that came his way, for since young, Siegfried had been told of 'Fiorineesama's stories' countless times from his mother and that had become his ideal type of woman.

He can meet the real Fioria now, as he held his expectation with excitement.

The radiance of the divine punishment had brought others to take action as well.

Such as the previous principal of the noble's academy who had his unjust deeds exposed by Fioria, or the drug dealers' leader whose headquarters was burnt to bits by Divine, or the male followers of Annerose, as well as the potential capture candidates from "The Deep Sleep of Amnesia" and their children.

The impact did not just reach humans.

In the dark forest of the East, amidst the miasma filled clouds are the monsters, scared, quivering and cowering. They had 22 years ago tried to attack the Florence Dukedom, and Fioria had caused a devastating catastrophe towards.

" Awuuuuuuuuuuu—- "
All but one exception.

A beast of white fur howled in great joy.

The dragonslayer greatwolf, the four-legged beast king, that beast is known and feared by different names by the Easterners. His name is MofuMofu, originally Fioria's pet dog.

He had stepped into the dark forest in search of a special cure for his comatosed master. He became a huge beast due to the influence of the miasma, but never had he forgotten his loyalty to Fioria.

As he perceived the revival of his master, he went straight and ran towards the west.

Now then, let us focus back to Fioria.

She is currently raiding the Izolte castle and is going to shift to peaceful negotiation (OR at least she thinks) after using Divine.

"Well then Baron of Izolte, it's not bad to die once you know? Humans can come back to life if they wish to."



"Uwaaaaa! Don't come closer! Stay away! You, you, you should have been killed by Annerose! Why are you alive?!"

"I was just sleeping. Supposingly I had died physically, but well, it's seems to be an error. I'm alive though, that is the one and only truth. … Then Baron, can I have your reply now?"

"S-shut up! Shut up shut up shut up! How dare a duke's brat like you try to defy me! Moi here have your family's secret here! You want that leaked out?"

"Do what you want. No matter what rumors stand in front me, it will have no effect on me."

"Kuu, don't you forget this!"

As King of Izolte, Braja tried to run off after he shook off Fioria's hands.

"I see, negotiations have broken down then."

Fioria shrugged her shoulders and did not seem to be chasing after Braja.

Instead, she gazed deeply upon the soldiers and nobles in the audience room.
"You lot, would you capture the Izolte Baron."

As if a queen is naturally ordering her vassals, and so she spoke.

Of course there is no relationship between Fioria and them, moreover, both parties has been in a long-term war. In conclusion, Fioria is nothing more than an enemy from the opposite country.

"What's wrong? Are you lots fine with this person acting as king? Are you proud of it? Can you boast about it to your lover or children? If you wish to live with your chins high then follow what I said."

Fioria's words have caused their hearts to waver.

After seeing the destructive power of Divine just a while ago, this country does not have a future anymore. Then isn't it better for them to follow Fioria, and beg for their lives to be spared?

But before that. Upon seeing the cowardly Braja in contrast to the dignified Fioria, it is clear which one of them is suitable of their loyalty.

"S-stop it! You scums! You dare to betray me!"

The Izolte kingdom's own king was captured by none other than his own vassals.

There is but one person here that did not move any steps. It was the female soldier Elenamaria.

"Aren't you going to do anything? If you do, it will be easier for me to remember you."

"… I am a soldier. No matter what of king he is, I am unable to betray my own country."

"Is that so."

Fioria had slightly smiled. She took a liking to Elenamaria's seriousness.

"I am the Florence duke house's daughter, Fioria di Florence. And you are?"

"Captain of the third platoon of the Izolte Kingdom knights, Elenamaria di Lizlett."

"You have a beautiful name. Come by to visit me sometime."

"… Err"

Elenamaria was astonished, since she had defied Fioria and thought that she will be killed. She named herself since she thinks it's going to be a souvenir to the underworld but it seems to be wrong.

"I don't dislike people like you. If you don't mind, would you like to be my friend?"


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