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Based on what I've put together from what Elizabeth and Vyvyan told me, I came to a conclusion. And that was that it was relatively hard for a human and elf to have a child. Though both take the form of a person, they were two different beings. It was hard, but not impossible. In summary, it's like trying to draw a super-ultra rare. It was a matter of luck.

"Your majesty. Your majesty."

Just as I left after speaking with Elizabeth, someone called my name and walked over. I turned around to look at the individual and the individual evidently looked different to those I'd seen. Though this is a different world, it looks likes the development of organisms is pretty similar. The individual with a high nose and feint-blonde hair clearly came from a cold place. The individual didn't look like someone from the south.

He must be a foreign guest I presume. The empress didn't bring any foreigners along though. As this is my city, mom wouldn't invite someone here. Hence, I was curious about this individual who was dressed differently to what I was used to seeing. The individual gave off the vibe that he was from a different city.

I nodded while looking at me and greeted him: "Hello."

"Hello your majesty. I have heard of your great name. It is a great honour to meet you for the first time today. I am the envoy sent here from Socina City. I came here to send you an obituary and was honoured to receive an invitation to attend the ball by her majesty. Please allow me to congratulate you on behalf of all the people of Socina on marrying such beautiful wives."

His tone was neither obsequious nor arrogant. He didn't sound like he was trying to ingratiate himself with me in an obvious fashion like the others. However, his congratulation was indeed sincere. His attitude and casual tone gave me a good impression of him. He made a small bow then raised his head up and continued, "As your wedding collides with the funeral of our previous lord, I would like to ask that you forgive our new lord, Lord Karana Dominique Von Testersmill for being unable to make it."

The hell? The hell? The hell? What was your lord's name again? Your lord's name sure is long. Surely she wasn't allowed to come when she registered because it was too long. You're making this awkward for me man. Logically speaking, I should be showing my respect right now, but you're speaking with a foreign accent and with such a long name, I can't make out what her name is.

"It's alright. Don't mind it. Thank you for your blessings."

I waved my hand. It doesn't matter if she doesn't come since I can't even write her invitation. Can't she just choose a name to get by with? Why does she have to go with such a long name? What sort of chuunibyou name is that? What should I call her? Karana or Testersmill?

"Then with regards to our city's matter……"

"You have to go and ask her majesty about that." I smiled helplessly and cut him off, "I'm just a prince. I don't have any right to help you. If you have a problem, please go and discuss it with her majesty directly. I will not involve myself with your internal affairs. As long as the power balance is maintained, all is well. If there is anything in your city hiding in the dark which threatens your existence, then I shall help you."

"I shall remember your words, your majesty."

He nodded, but I felt like I had just got dragged into something. Have I just become a tank out of the blue?

After bidding farewell to the envoy, I felt the smell of wine in the air become more prominent. Previously, the smell of power and money was more dominant. This ball is but just an interaction between power and money.

They're pretty much done with it now. All those who tried to curry favour with Nier's favour got scared off and I'm virtually going to be living in seclusion here. I remember what Castell told me very well. If I don't want to show that I'm forming parties then do not say one more word to either side or stay one second longer with either side. Otherwise, I'll definitely become targeted.

I walked up to Lucia's side and watched her who was silently eating stuff. I patted her on her shoulder and softly said: "Lucia, how are you feeling? If you're tired, head back and rest now."

Lucia looked at me, giggled softy and replied: "I'm alright. I'm not very tired."

"Don't push yourself, Lucia. There's no reason to act tough for this."

"I'm not, your highness. I know that I can't force myself." Lucia rubbed her belly. She couldn't hold back her smile of bliss. She softly said, "It looks like our child behaves very well. Our child behaved the entire night because our child knows that mommy and daddy have work."

I smiled helplessly. I don't think our child has that much awareness yet. According to what Vyvyan told me, our child still hasn't taken shape. However, seeing Lucia look so lively, she must be very happy tonight I guess. And though she doesn't usually have much of an appetite, she's eaten quite a bit tonight. I'm quite happy about that.


While I was speaking to Lucia, a playful voice came from behind. Before I could turn around to look, my lower-back was attacked. My body almost tilted and smashed into the plate of soup in front of me. Lucia shrieked and then looked at Freya who leapt at me from behind with surprise.


I rubbed my back and called out. If you leapt at me like this before I got together with Nier, I would've only wobbled. But Nier has sapped me of all my strength now. You almost snapped my back. I massaged my lower back but Freya didn't release me. She hugged me around my lower back and kept calling "onii-sama" like she was singing a song.

She must be drunk……

Lucia pulled Freya off, partly out of jealousy and partly due to concern. But just as she was about to pull Freya off me, Freya hugged me tighter and exclaimed: "No. I don't want to leave onii-sama. Onii-sama is the best brother. I don't want to leave onii-sama! I like onii-sama! I don't want to leave! Let go! Let go!"

Say no more! Shut up! Nier won't get jealous if she hears you, but this is Lucia here!! And it's pregnant-Lucia! Freya looked at me with an extremely frightening gaze. I quickly pulled Freya off and said: "Freya! Freya! I'm right here… Don't tell me you drank alcohol……"

"Eh…… I just drank a little… whatever…… It doesn't matter…… Why is my body floating? …… Onii-sama, I'm very tired every day too, but you only spend time with Miss Lucia and Miss Nier. You don't even ask how Miss Luna and I are doing. I'm so mad. I want you to carry me into bed today too, onii-sama. I want to sleep in onii-sama's arms too!"

"Your highness?"

Lucia's gaze was getting scarier by the minute. I was about to break out in a cold sweat from fear. My goodness, don't drink when you're not old enough to yet, woman. Drinking alcohol aside, you suck at holding your liquor. Don't start a ruckus here now. I don't care about the guests so much, but I'm worried about Lucia!

That's what I'm scared about!

"Nier! Nier! Hurry and help me take Freya back. She's drunk……"

"Oh? Is that so? …… It looks like the child really likes you too, your majesty. How about you go with the flow? Isn't that what our playboy-prince likes most?"

Nier looked at me coldly too. Nier seemed to revert back to the Nier I first knew……

What are you two even jealous about….? Please. Spare me……


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