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Chapter 875: Another Micro Brain

“Perhaps, our attack was too fierce.”

Lu Siya tried to explain, “First, the railway guns bombarded the area. Then, my grandfather and the others rushed into the monster’s lair. The mastermind didn’t have enough time to react. It didn’t have time to destroy its own brain.

“This raises a new question. Why is the Hidden Mist Domain’s defense so weak? Even the final lair deep in the sinkhole didn’t pose any decent resistance. It was as if the monster mastermind had given up on resisting.”

Meng Chao said, “Yes, while we explored the Hidden Mist Domain, we entered the illusion that was created by the Supernatural Entity, the Tree of Wisdom, and experienced a rather thrilling adventure. However, such an adventure on such a scale was still too shabby for the final battle in the Monster War that had lasted for half a century. It was too beneath the monster civilization’s dignity.

“Could it be that the war potential of the monster civilization has been exhausted long ago, and even the dying struggles can only reach such a level?

“It’s not like that!

“We have found a lot of evidence in the Hidden Mist Domain. The green algae, which can replicate and move around terrifyingly, can gather into a Green Tide and surround the war machines of human beings, forming a terrifying green giant!

“A lot of immature ‘ultimate bodies of Apocalyptic Beasts.’ As long as half of the resources were transferred to the other half, a few mature bodies with explosive combat ability could have been born!

“In fact, there was no need for complicated operations at all. As long as the remnants of the beast horde scattered throughout Monster Mountain Range were retracted back into the Hidden Mist Domain and hidden in the underground crevices, why couldn’t they last for another ten days to half a month and cause a great deal of damage to human beings?

“Let alone ten days to half a month, even if the monsters are a little stronger and can last for another twenty-four hours, isn’t it enough for the monster mastermind to destroy the brain that contains a large number of its secrets?”

Lu Siya was speechless.

As his mind became excited, Meng Chao’s face gradually turned from pale to red.

On the other hand, Lu Siya’s face turned from red to pale.

“We are sworn enemies!”

Meng Chao, who was fully immersed in the exhilaration of his mind, did not notice Lu Siya’s change. He waved his fist heavily, “When humans encounter a beast horde and run out of ammunition and food, they will definitely die. They know that they would rather die than give their precious flesh and blood to the monster.

“Since the monster mastermind has intelligence that surpasses humans, why would it give its living brain to humans unharmed?

“One must know that billions of years ago, it was the mother. It was a powerful existence that was on par with the ancient civilization. In its eyes, the people of Earth today should be a relatively low-level creature. They were no different from ants.

“Losing to a group of low-level creatures in the Battle of survival is already depressing enough, and you have to let these ants take away your brain, slice it into pieces, and steal your memories. To the monster mastermind, this is a hundred times more humiliating than total destruction!

“In any case, if I were the monster mastermind, I would have thought of a hundred ways to self-destruct. I would never let the human beings take away my brain and take away all my memories!”

“…That makes sense.”

Lu Siya could only say, “So, what’s your conclusion?”

“My conclusion is…”

Meng Chao took a deep breath and looked at the continuous lightning in the sky. His tongue was like thunder as he enunciated each word clearly, “There is such a possibility—the so-called ‘victory of the Monster War’ was guided by the monster mastermind step by step. It deliberately lost to us.

“Similarly, the micro brain that seems to contain a large number of ancient mysteries and the origin of the monster civilization is not a trophy that we seized, but a gift that the monster mastermind gave us—a ‘gift’ like the Trojan Horse!”

Lu Siya shook her head slightly.

She smiled somewhat helplessly.

“Are you kidding me?”

She tried her best to control the extremely weak trembling in her voice. “It’s possible to feign defeat in a small-scale battle, or even lose a battle on purpose. However, how is it possible to lose the entire battle on purpose and lose all of your army, nest, resources, and brain?”

“Under normal circumstances, it’s indeed impossible.”

Meng Chao’s voice was as sharp as a razor, “Except for one situation—unless the monster mastermind used its extraordinary intelligence and powerful computational ability to deduce the outcome of the monster war and realized that no matter what I did, I would definitely die.

“Sister Ya, let me ask you a question. When do you think the monster civilization went from prosperity to decline and headed for defeat?”

“The battle at the periphery of Dragon City a year ago?”

Lu Siya pondered for a moment and shook her head, “No, it’s too late now. It should be the Northern line attack, which is when we stopped the Red Radiance Jade tide from erupting underground on Raging Waves Mountain Range. From then on, as long as Dragon City doesn’t make fatal mistakes, the monster civilization has no chance at all.”

“That’s right. The northern front attack is indeed very crucial.”

Meng Chao suddenly changed the topic and said, “But what if I tell you that even if we can’t stop the red brilliant jade tide from erupting, even if the red dragon army is completely wiped out on the northern front battlefield, even if Dragon City suffers a heavy blow and can’t recover its vitality for several years, we can still achieve the final victory in the Monster War?”

Lu Siya was stunned. “What?”

“Humans are an extremely tenacious race. We did not rely on luck or the efforts of a few lone heroes to survive all the way to this day in the other world. I believe that even if we suffered a heavy defeat on the northern front, we would never be unable to recover and sink into oblivion. Instead, we would erupt with a hundred times more courage and fighting strength in the face of an even more terrifying threat to our survival.”

Meng Chao said seriously, “The monster mastermind woke up too late. It suffered too much damage during the ancient war, and it lost too much power during its trillions of years of sleep. No matter how crazily it stretched its tentacles and plundered resources, it was impossible to repair more than 10% of its active cells and turn back into a terrifying ‘mother.’

“Both of them are evolving crazily.

“They are becoming stronger and stronger in the bloody battle that has lasted for a long time.

“However, with the enhancement of spiritual energy training, rune machines, and genetic modification technology, human beings are evolving faster than the monster civilization.

“No matter what, we will win the final victory of this survival battle.

“Even if it is a miserable victory of killing 1,000 enemies and losing 800 to ourselves, it is meaningless for the monster mastermind that has been annihilated.

“Since the humans have won the northern offensive, at the latest, the battle at the periphery of Dragon City will be over. The monster mastermind should be very clear that it will definitely die.

“Since it will die either way, what’s impossible for it to deliberately lose a war that it will definitely lose in exchange for a chance to survive?”

Lu Siya hesitated and said, “How else do you think the monster brain can survive after surviving?”

“I don’t know.”

Meng Chao said, “Perhaps, it has abandoned most of its body and only a small part of its living cells to escape in a way that we don’t Know?”

“That’s impossible.”

Lu Siya shook her head, “The entire nest of the monster is made up of a giant ancient creature. The computational ability and combat ability of the monster mastermind depend on the operation of the entire body. After leaving a small part of the living cells of the body, even if it can survive, its computational ability and combat ability will plummet by a hundred times. It will be even worse than an ordinary monster

“But at least, it’s still alive.”

Meng Chao said, “If it’s alive, there’s hope. If it’s alive, it’s everything.”

“Your imagination is too rich.”

Lu Siya frowned deeply and said, “Do you really think that an ordinary piece of the flesh of an ancient beast can leave its body and live on its own?”

“In the field of investigation, one does need to have a rich imagination, right? Perhaps, it’s not ordinary flesh, but…”

Meng Chao paused for a moment and took a deep breath before he said, “It is a brain.”


Lu Siya’s pupils constricted for a moment before she burst into laughter. “Hasn’t the monster mastermind’s brain become our spoils of war?”

“That’s right. One of the brains has indeed become our spoils of war. But who said that there is only one brain in the monster mastermind?” Meng Chao said.

“The brain of the monster civilization was divided into the giant brain that occupied hundreds of meters and was responsible for thinking at the executive level, and the micro brains that were smaller than a fist and connected in an array were responsible for thinking at the decision-making level,” Meng Chao said.

“In the ancient war, the mother at its peak had hundreds of micro brains that formed a matrix of micro brains to carry out highly complicated analysis and decisions in order to compete with the ancients

“However, the micro brains were all destroyed

“All of them were destroyed by the space-based orbital weapons of the ancients. Only the last micro brain was hidden deep underground and survived,” Lu Siya said.

“Who said that? Who made such a judgment—that only the last micro brain was left in the control of mankind?”

A frightened smile appeared on Meng Chao’s face. “It was the micro brain that told us that it was the only one left.”

Lu Siya fell into silence again.

Meng Chao was silent for a long time, too. He listened carefully to the sounds of the mountain torrents breaking rocks, breaking trees, and filling up the ravines.

“I think that we have found the reason why the monster civilization did not destroy its brain and gave us the intact micro brain as a gift.”

Meng Chao’s voice sounded like it came from the deepest part of the Ten Thousand Year Ice Cave. “What if there was another micro brain?

“What if, when a micro brain was discovered and analyzed by us.

“When countless elites of Dragon City went into the ruins to cultivate crazily.

“When all the major forces of Dragon City were fighting over the heritage of the monster civilization.

“There is another micro brain lurking in the deepest part of Ruins No. 2, staring at us coldly.”

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