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Although the fight against the Three Eyed Tiger members was over quickly, Peppers having a panic attack caused a lot of delays which meant that Jin had roughly five minutes to reach the amphitheatre. "Hahaha, if only I had learnt more movement techniques similar to the Blind Bat style, then I would have been there by now." Jin could only blame himself for not learning the Panda Tumbling movement technique in his cultivation manual.

Jin knew that the zoo's amphitheatre was within reach when he heard announcements of the fight arena about to take place from the surround speakers. He knew that there would definitely be another battle in the fight arena later in the afternoon but he wanted to open his store on time.

Doing the fight arena now would allow him to save more time as well as complete the baby panda mission. Jin slowed his running to a jog due to the crowd going into the amphitheatre. He was rushing because this was not the first time he had come to the Zoo of cultivation arts. He knew the unspoken rules of the fight arena since he had been part of the audience with his grandfather.

In this kind of fight arena, if you were late, your chance to fight would be forfeited. This was because discipline was one of the core values of cultivation. If you were tardy, it was generally assumed that you were not strict with yourself, hence the forfeit. That was why Jin tried to walk through the masses and run whenever possible...until he saw a precarious looking man in a white suit.

Jin sensed that this man was trouble so he tried to manoeuvre away from him if possible but eventually he realised that the white suit man was walking towards him no matter how hard he tried to shake him off,

Eventually, the white suit man had enough and performed a spectacular high jump, which briefly stunned the masses for a moment before landing right in front of Jin. "Is this him?" The man with the white suit spoke in a low voice and pointed the camera of his phone towards Jin.

"Yes, Senior Wai! That's him! He stole your relic of life and caused me to lose my arm!" Jin realised it was Kao Peng shouting through his phone via a video chat.

"Return the relic of life to me along with your head, or I shall make you taste suffering that is worse than death for trifling with the Three Eyed Tiger." Senior Ku Wai spoke in a deep voice as he took his suit off and tore his shirt into pieces to show his strength and superiority.

Right in front of Jin, Ku Wai's body seemed like a monsterity. Six packs with bulging muscles that had two tigers tattooed on each side of his arms. Every onlooker began to move away from the main source of conflict in order to give the two cultivators space to duel.

"I am busy right now, how about this. You let me finish the fight arena first and then you can deal with me in whatever way you want?" Jin looked at his watch and saw that there were only a few minutes left before the Fight Arena officially begins."

"What if I don't?" Ku Wai went into his fighting stance and stared intensely at Jin.

"Then I shall announce that the commencement of the first fight to occur right here and right now." An old lady's voice blurted out from the masses and Jin realised it was Grandma Yuan.

"What are you looking at? You didn't know that I was one of the Zoo's honoured cultivation masters?" Grandma Yuan smirked as she said that and with a snap of her fingers, a defensive barrier appeared around Ku Wai and Jin.

"However, unlike the usual Fight Arena, you two will be fighting until both of you resolve your differences." Grandma Yuan said.

"Excellent, that means I can still collect the baby panda picture for Princess while I'm at it." Ku Wai cracked his knuckles and shouted, showing his cultivation of five tiger silhouettes roaring in the sky. However, Jin managed to notice that one of the tiger's silhouette was simple, indicating that his opponent was either an average Grade 5 cultivator or that he had just reached Grade 5.

While there was still a power gap between Grade 5 and Grade 4 Peak, Jin thought that he might be able to win if he was careful enough. "I will give you one last chance. Relic of Life and bow down so I can cut your head cleanly." Ku Wai said fiercely.

After Jin quietly took out Bam from his storage watch, the watch immediately turned back into four bands of living armour, ready to move around Jin's body whenever needed. There was no stance Jin could adopt as he didn't know any so he instead drew his sword out and tugged his scabbard at the side of his waist with the help of his belt.

"Jin, Dungeon Supplier. Panda Style." In every duel, it was more respectful for each side to announce their names before they started to fight.

"Ku Wai, Senior Member of the Three Eyed Tiger, Member of the Crouching Tiger. Terrific Tiger Style." Ku Wai did not waste any more time as he dashed forward with no weapons in hand.

"Quan Fa?! He uses martial arts?!" Jin realised he might be in more trouble than he thought he initially thought he was in. Ku Wai's fist was easy to predict but the speed it swooped in was lightning fast. If not for Jin's Perfectly Normal Parry Slash, which managed to block the fist, Jin might have suffered a mortal blow to his chest.

Ku Wai was initially smirking when Jin used his sword to block the attack, but he was shocked when his Tiger Fist of Suffering was not only blocked but he found some blood on the side of his rock hard fist.

"Guess you are not to be underestimated after all. Now I understand why Kao Peng was so badly defeated by a normal looking guy like you." Ku Wai commented but he was actually buying some time for his chi to control the bleeding on his fist.

To be able to cause a wound on his fist raised some alarms for Ku Wai. Either Jin had some really good inscriptions that allowed his attacks to pierce through the defence of his Terrific Tiger martial art or he really had the skill to do so just with his own strength. "That means he's at least a Grade 4 cultivator." He thought to himself.

"I did not use the Relic of Life or whatever you called it. That friend of yours who you talked to just now used it. If you do not believe me, you can check the Zoo's CCTV cameras." Jin refuted the earlier accusation as he entered a defensive stance. He knew that if he attacked outright, he would lose, but with the Perfectly Normal Parry Slash, there might be a chance for him to defeat Ku Wai. Of course, that was the most ideal situation.

Jin knew from his title as a member of the Crouching Tiger Sect, a direct sect under the Royal Zodiac Tiger Sect, that he was not an easy opponent. He probably had some secret technique that could overpower Jin instantly. "Well, I have my own trump cards too…"Jin thought to himself.

"Does not matter, I will deal with that friend of mine later. But since you dissolved his hand away, at the very least I will repay that debt." Ku Wai rushed in once more.

Meanwhile, Grandma Yuan was in total shock as she thought that Jin would be defeated in one go and that would teach him a lesson. She remembered that just weeks ago, Jin was only a pathetic Grade 3 cultivator. When did he have the ability to…

"Unless he has the thing that Old Ming had…" Grandma Yuan had her suspicions and decided to confirm it when she had the chance.

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