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When I reached the gates, I tapped my school ID on the machine to enter. While I walked, the girl was still following me.

"Um, miss, is there a problem?" I asked.

She smiled and nodded, "I'm lost. Could you help me find my room?" She showed me her schedule, we had the same one so that meant that she was my classmate.

"Just follow me. Oh wait, are you a transferee?"

She nodded again. "Yup. I really have no—,"

"Okay, let's go. We're gonna be late," I said while I showed her my phone. My clock was there since I got used to using it as one.

"Sige[1]. I'm Kalie, by the way," She was still smiling while she offered a handshake. Sus[2], so she could speak tagalog[3]!

"Alzeah, Zeah for short," We shook our hands then walked to the class.

When we reached the classroom, other boys had drooled. Of course it was not because of me. I was old fashioned, I admit. The girl beside me wore a simple dress, she was beautiful and sexy(with big boobs), not bad. Not bad for the boys to drool over in class. I was surprised that even Tyrone seemed to be startled and also drooled. Look at that, he was also a pervert.

"You should sit there, no one is occupying that space," I said. I was seated at the first row but she was beside the window.

"Make me known to your seatmate," Miggy whispered. Even this nerd, had also became a pervert; to think that I presumed him to be polite. Well, all men were, they all had their own secret perversion. Anyone that would oppose, I’d cut their finger.

"Pervert." I whispered back then looked at—what was her name? "What is your name again?" I asked the girl.

"Kalie. Kalie Delicana."

I nodded. "Ah, okay. Kalie, this is Miggy. Miggy, meet Kalie."

They greeted each other then talked a bit. Tsk. If I knew, Miggy was already flirting with Kalie. Oh, well. That was just how life was.

It was good that the teacher suddenly came and of course, the everlasting self introduction on the first day of students in school, pitiful Kalie. After that, we had a recitation and as usual, I answered.

Not to brag about it, but I also didn't know what mind I did have. My photographic memory was keen and most of the time, I used it to memorize things. I would listen to the teachers when they were discussing then I would still recall it just by imagining the scenario of their discussion. Kalie was also called and she had answered. Nice, nice!

"What percentage of Earth is covered by water?" Ma'am Sunshine asked, our class adviser. "Mr. Dela Cruz?"

I looked back for Tyrone was seated at the far end.

Croo. Croo.

He's sleeping. K!


[1: Sige is the Filipino word for okay or alright]

[2: Sus is an interjection and a contraction of the word Jesus]

[3: Tagalog is a most used native language of Filipinos]

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