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Chapter 111.2
Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2681 characters Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1242 words


Yeah, apart from this guy’s caravan, which was very nice to us, ‌there were also two other caravans . By the way, both of them didn’t like my tea bribes yesterday . So I didn’t give them any tea during today’s break . Naturally, I’m not that stupid .

There’s no doubt that some people were glaring at us, but I was already under the protection of this leader . There’s no problem .

This person would handle the troublesome negotiations with them, so I should accept his request . Also, he would lend me several people to help in the preparation . I asked if Arle and the other kids could help me, and he agreed . It would take too much time to prepare lots of food, so it would be troublesome if he didn’t approve of that .

With 10 carriages, this person’s caravan had over 30 personnel . I didn’t plan to work myself to death .

… Actually, now that I have [Cooking] LV10, I could easily do it if I feel like it . But it’s a hassle…

That’s why I was temporarily hired as a cook . After that, we continued to move, arriving at today’s campsite with no problem .

Starting from today, I left the night camp preparation to everyone else, so I prepared the meal immediately . We had one freshly caught orc, so I wanted to make something from it . This orc was a stray monster that attacked us when we arrived at the campsite .

By the way, the goods in this caravan were food . They brought a sizable amount of wheat or something like that . They told me I could use them as much as I like, so I didn’t restrain myself . That being said, I had to make food for around 40 people including us… What should I make?

I found something familiar when I looked inside the cargo . It was a pasta machine .

Hmm, let’s just make pasta . Pasta was filling, and I was already tired of thinking too much, so I went with this . After that, let’s go with vegetable soup? I asked the caravan’s person in charge of cooking to make the soup .

It’s a pain to make elaborate foods, so let’s go with my specialty meat sauce . I asked those who had nothing to do to make a large amount of minced meat, then I made the sauce . Fortunately, they had dried tomatoes, so I could make do with this . Next, I kneaded a sizable amount of wheat to make the dough, made noodles using the machine, boiled it, then completed . I made the portion for each person slightly bigger, so they couldn’t ask for the second serving . If that’s not enough, please eat your own hard bread, okay?

The dinner ended with great success . Many people unreasonably begged for another plate .

No way, everyone got a big serving of pasta before… The leader scolded them, saying that they couldn’t eat too much of the product, and they finally became quiet .

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The next morning, I made another dumpling soup using the boiled orc bone soup from yesterday as the base . If I wanted to make something that filled the stomach and warmed the body, my options were limited . Plus, the ingredients and the recipes I could use were restricted . It’s annoying… .

We had to hurry during the day, so I made the lunch appropriately and tried cooking Peperoncino at night . As usual, I left the soup to someone else .

At first, many people were dissatisfied that I only added bacon in my cooking . But after eating a bite, they all shoveled it into their mouth silently . Fufu .

The next day, we were attacked by three orcs in the afternoon . However, the escorts were experienced and skillful . We had twelve escorts with us, so they beat the orcs easily after cooperating with each other . Let’s make these orc meats into today’s supper… What should I make?

The leader told me ‌we would arrive at O’Neill tomorrow afternoon, so this was the last supper… Hmm . Maybe I should make a nourishing dish? Should I go with that?

I collected the hard bread from the caravan and grated it to make bread crumbs . Then I cut out the meat from the orc and beat it to soften it . I taught the procedure to other people so I could leave this to them .

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I added some seasoning to the meat and let it rest for a while, then I fried the orc fat to make a large amount of oil .

They gave me permission to use some eggs, even if those were high-class items, so I used the eggs and the breadcrumbs to dress the meat .

When I finished preparing lots of meat, I fried it in turns . Yes, this was a pork cutlet .
For now, I kept frying the meat . I cooked the meat of the three orcs, so everyone could have another serving . I had secured my portion, so there’s no need to worry . It seems like the remaining portion would be sold .

The stomach would hurt if they only ate meat, so I didn’t forget to prepare shredded cabbage . They could eat it as much as they wanted, be it sandwiching it between bread or directly .

Some tough guys insisted on only eating the meat, but it would be painful when they wake up tomorrow… But I didn’t really feel like taking care of them that much . I wouldn’t take responsibility . Let’s leave them alone .

“Is this the specialty food of Harula’s inn? But what I ate there wasn’t so tender . The taste and the texture are also ‌different… What I ate back then was greasy . The taste was more… how should I say this…”
“Oh, oh! Why are you making such a hard face! You shouldn’t eat this delicious food while using your head! Stop thinking so much and just eat it!”

Hmm . From the leader’s mutterings I heard, it seemed like he had eaten this at Harula? Fortunately, thanks to the bearded uncle who was the leader’s escort, he concentrated on eating without making any strange guesses… I guess I should be thankful that he didn’t misunderstand me? But if he asked me anything, I would play innocent .

The next day proceeded smoothly, and we could see O’Neill’s town wall from afar before noon . When we were approaching the branch road going south, I parted with them here .

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“Are you sure? O’Neill is just right there . If you’re tired, we can take a short break here?”
“No, I have my circumstances…”

The leader of the caravan was worried about me, but I refused him . I couldn’t enter the city .

“…Haa . I guess each person has their own situation . It can’t be helped… I understand, we’ll part here . Don’t worry about your friends since I’ll send them to O’Neill . ”

Then I’ll leave them under your care .

Anyway, I received the payment for cooking and left . I crept to the south with my carriage, and when I couldn’t see them anymore, I took a rest for a while . From there, I returned to the branch road on foot, entering the forest northeast of O’Neill .

I planned to take my house out there when I reached the depths of the forest .

I already told Triela and the others that I would camp there . And they would come to tell me about the town every two days, so this was perfect .

Now that my arrangements were complete, I should also prepare myself for the worst…

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