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“You are gay?! Then what did you mean when you were so surprised when the younger brother confessed to me??” The senior suddenly moved.

“I just simply expressed shock at the fact that there was a gay man in general affair division.”

“What about the ex-girlfriend in the General Affair division?” Asked the glasses man.

“It's just the smoke bomb to hide from people’s eyes and ears.”

“…What about that wife of the chairman?”

“It was she herself that climbed into my bed and it didn't matter to me.”

Uncle ignored the shock of the other three men in the elevator. He silently took out a pack of cigarettes from his chest pocket and ignited one in his hand. Even though it was in the elevator, he stood up and smoked.

“My first boyfriend was also a Q Big university. He was good at finance and very excellent. I was five years older. When we were in a relationship, I just barely entered this company. He just passed the university entrance exam at Faculty and Institute of Actuaries and the future was bright.”

“We met under the introduction of friends in the circle. Later, unconsciously we got together. His parents died early but I have an open-minded father who has always known my sexuality. We quite fastly moved together in an apartment we bought in advance in the downtown. The apartment was ready to cohabit after he started to work. Got off work we would be intimate together and was closer than any other couple. He even planned to adopt a child together as proof of love between us. “

“Good oh.” The junior brother sighed with a sigh of relief, and the senior gave him a look.

“What happened afterwards?” asked the glasses man.

“We were really the most intimate at the time. Now when I think about it, I was somewhat scared. At that time, both of us were passionate and turned a blind eye about other thing around us. Just that thing was too horrible.”

“Soon after I got promoted to business division of the company, that thing happened right away.”

The junior brother high toned, "Ah! exactly that one sex affair scandal?”

The uncle flinged the cigarette on his hand because not to know why it was extinguished.

“It was not so much an affair, it was better to say that it was malicious slander. I just sent the drunken lady back to the room that was booked upstairs. In the black letter, it turned into she and I in the same bed, even the angle of the photo that was taken just right, the writing was even more vivid, even I had to question myself whether I was really sleepwalking and playing happy corner with the lady.”

“You have to be careful in the future ah. Especially you Kai Xin little brother, this is a trick commonly used in Business division.” (He used開心 Kai Xin (happy) instead of his name 開新 Kai Xin)

“What about him? Your boyfriend, was he angry?” The junior brother asked.

“No, it’s the opposite.” Uncle sighed, the cigarette in the elevator could no longer be lit up. He had to bite the dry cigarette and looked at the ceiling: “He said he trusted me, he believed I would never do this kind of thing. He also comforted me not to be sad, saying that other people would smear me because of jealousy. He said that I was not wrong at all, and persuaded me to be at ease.”

“This is very good ah.” Said the glasses man.

“Well, but the problem was with me.” Uncle bitterly smiled.

“We were too young at that time. I used to put myself in the center and thought too simple about feelings. I heard him saying this, instead of feeling happy I felt a little angry. Really speaking, the world of sensual pleasures at the company, sometimes I even thought to give it a go, such as harassing a younger brother right at next door division.”

“So he put on a look so trusting me, instead I felt very uneasy. I would rather hope that he was angry, jealous, grabbed my collar and asked me how I could do this kind of thing, better to beat me up… I first went up at the company at that time, and my career was smooth. I suddenly encountered the kind of slander, and I was transferred to the humiliating general affair division. The whole person was in a state of self-destruction. To be honest, he did anything I felt really pissed off.”

“Hey, the general affair division is not so humiliating.” The junior brother ridiculed twice.

“So I made the last regret in all my life. One day I told him that my business with the wife of the chairman was true, I had been tired of men and I didn’t want to be together with him anymore. He looked sad and hurt, slapped me and then quickly rushed out. The next morning, he was hit by a bulldozer and died in front of our company.”



“…I think it should be very sentimental at this time, but why was it a bulldozer…?”

“It should be said, why did the bulldozer can run on the road ah?”

Ignoring the doubts of the three men, the uncle continued to speak.

“In fact, when he knew my scandal, his heart was always afraid. He was afraid that this thing was true. He was afraid that he would be abandoned. So he chose to use such an attitude of not thinking and unconditionally believing. As early as we were in a relationship, his attitude had been like this. He had no confidence in my feelings, but he never dared to take the initiative to fight for the one he deserved. Now, in retrospect, I said those things to infuriate him. Just now I can come to a conclusion, that kind of thing is too late for regrets.”

Uncle sighed.

“I think he was trying to retaliate against me, so he would not go anywhere but he would die in front of the company to show me. Anyway it was no wonder he would resent a man like me for a lifetime, I deserved it.”

“The person you said, shouldn’t it be Li Bowen Li Senior of Q Big Finance Department?” The senior suddenly said.

Uncle’s cigarette fell. “You knew him?”

The senior “hmm," high toned said, “I knew, he was senior in the same department two years above me. Later, he died unexpectedly. The senior's older sister at the dormitory also helped to handle a memorial service. Because he was handsome, he was quite famous in the department, I knew he was in a relationship with a man who was a lot older, and I didn’t expect that man to be you.”

“It's only five years older.” Uncle was a little dissatisfied.

“But if it is Bo Wen senior, I remember…” The senior was a little hesitant, as if he didn’t know whether to say the thing.

The glasses man asked: “What happened?”

“I remember that the police later sent the relics of Bo Wen senior to the dormitory. Because his dad and mom both had passed away, the police sent the relics over there. There was something inside, it was a box with a ring, it was said that he died precisely in order to take that box, so he was run over by the bulldozer.”

“The box with the ring?” Uncle opened his mouth slightly.

“Well, that’s the kind that people bought when they got married. The police told us that the man went to the jewelry store to buy the pair of ring before he died. Later he got off the bus in front of the company, full of joy and expectations to go straight ahead clashed the ladder…”

“Stop, don’t say it!” Uncle suddenly shouted. He put his hands on his ears as if to escape and seemed to lower his head. “Don’t say, I don’t want to hear…”

“You said that I am afraid of ghost, as a result you are also afraid?”

The senior said, he continued to speak.

“I later listened to surname Su senior. Bo Wen senior was to propose to the lover, he specially bought the wedding ring. He said that his lover had encountered the most embarrassing difficulties in life, so he wanted to propose to marry him in front of the whole company. So to make the lover from then on could become a person who was upright and frank.”

“So he rushed to the lover’s company with a wedding ring. He didn’t expect the wedding ring to fall off when he ran up the ladder. It fell to the construction site next to him. In order to pick up the wedding ring, Bo Wen senior did not see the oncoming bulldozer… …”

The senior did not say anything again. Uncle’s elbows supported his knees and he slid into the corner. He wiped his face with his palm and finally put his forehead against the cold elevator wall.

“I haven’t thought over, it would actually be like this…” He seemed to want to laugh twice, but the mouth was open and the laughter turned into a whimper: “I didn’t think about it… I really didn’t think about it… Why could be like this?… Why? Why not early to tell me first…”

“The senior said that Bo Wen senior seemed to want to give you a surprise. He said that his lover had always been active. Only that time he wanted to take the initiative. He unexpectedly did not afraid to do that. He had to rise his chest and became worthy lover of the man.”

The senior, holding his arms, overlooked the uncle in a condescending manner.

“Bo Wen senior was not timid at all, and you were timid. You were always impetuous to grab the initiative, eager to show your mind, and arrogantly judged him in your heart. Isn’t this a kind of timidity?” He glanced at his junior brother.

The elevator was in a dead silence, and the uncle still buried his face in the palm of his hand, but contrary to one might expect the glasses man suddenly raised his hand.

“But I think…” Seeing the three men in the elevator looked at him, the glasses man suddenly cowered a little, but continued to say: “…I think Mr. Chief was not wrong.”

Uncle did not answer, the senior raised an eyebrow: “Oh?”

“I… I don’t know very well, just, when I like someone, I will have become very impatient, very suspicious, and uneasy. I always wish to get more and more promises from each other. Even if I hear they say "I love you" every day, I still feel that it is not enough. If I ask for a promise but the other party still hesitant and holding back, naturally I will get angry.”

The glasses man said, he was scratching his head felt embarrassed.

“Well, to say… say this kind of thing. In fact, I don’t have much love experience. Simply, I think that when this happened, Mr. Chief must be sadder than anyone else, regret more than anyone else, and then blame him that would be too pitiful.”

The senior was so angry that he couldn't think of a reply. Instead, the uncle suddenly looked up deeply toward the glasses man, and once again lowered his head to wipe the face.

The elevator was silent again. The four people each occupied the corner of the elevator. The fluorescent lamps were still flickering, and there was no sign of anyone coming to save them.

The senior sat back to his corner and changed his posture. He uneasily stood up and again sat down holding his knee.

“Xiaoxin?” The junior brother found the abnormality of the senior and couldn’t help but asked: “What’s wrong?”

“Shut up, don’t care about me!" The senior said coldly.

“But the senior looks a little uncomfortable.” The junior brother hesitantly stood up.

“I don’t feel uncomfortable! My health is very good! I just want to go to the bathroom, that's all”

The senior’s face turned red. Again changed his posture, he stretched his leg straight. The glasses man looked at his wrist watch at once.

“Right oh, it has been three hours."He said.

“Is it this long?” The junior brother was shocked.

“It feels hotter and hotter.” Uncle interrupted hoarsely.

“Don’t stare at me all the time! I have said you don't care about me! And again it’s nothing to hold in urine for three hours!”

The senior saw three men gazing at him and quickly turned his body to face the wall.

“Xiaoxin, you haven't holding in from the beginning of the elevator until now, right?” The junior brother asked.

The senior's face blushed and his forehead was coldly sweating. “How about that?! I was too busy to go to the toilet. Actually I wanted to say that when I got off work, I would borrow a toilet then returned home. Who knows this happened? I also don’t want to ah!”

“Hold in urine is bad for the bladder. As you get old, you will get bladder cancer.” The glasses man said.

“It is said that it is not good for the kidneys.” Uncle butted in.

“Xiaoxin, don’t bear it, just pee it out. We are all men here, no one will care.”

The junior brother said softly and the other two men also nodded in agreement.

“Nobody cares, my ass! No one cares, but I care! Who will pee when there are three men watching… and two of them are gay! The idiot will pee in this situation!”

“Oh, actually, I…” The glasses man raised his hand silently.

“You shouldn’t say that you want to come out of the closet now?” The senior widely opened his eyes.

“No, I just want to say that I also want to pee.” The glasses man shyly said.

“Oh.” Uncle sighed with regret.

“In short, Xiaoxin you don’t try to be strong, ah, or I help you? If the urine doesn’t come out, my mom has taught me a whistle method. The people hear it at once and it has a desired effect right away oh. I remember it seems like this, xu ~~ xu ~~ “

“Not accurate blows! You are… ah..ah.”

The effectiveness of the whistle seemed to be immediate, and the senior showed a painful expression. He glanced at the junior brother with a warning, used his hands to guard and recited: “I don’t urinate, I absolutely don’t urinate…”

“Ah, if you want to pee, I have a container here.” The glasses man looked like recalling something, rummaging through the coat for a while, and quite a while taking out a box of things, impressively it was a king-sized condom.

“It is possible to pee in it, right? I heard that this condom is super-flexible, no matter how big the things are, all can be contained, furthermore it will not break if it bears any impact. Surely it is not a problem to pee in it.”

“…Why are you carrying this kind of thing with you?”

“Hey, Wang zong asked me to buy it. He told me to buy it and gave it to him in his private office. He still said that it is better for me, I don’t know why.” The glasses man said.

“…” Uncle.

“…” Senior.

“…” Junior brother.

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