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Chapter 19

Chapter 19: People are treasures

 In the late afternoon on a sunny day, I came to Cobalt Street with Shirley .

“T-This is ……”

 Even in the flourishing capital, Cobalt Street, which, by the nature of dealing in antiques, attracts the rich and noble especially .

 Shirley, who just came from a village where there is not even a doctor, was dumbfounded by the buzz of a hundreds of people .

“Don’t be a dimwit and just follow me . ”


 I jumped off the carriage at the entrance to Cobalt Street and walked in with a newly knighted Shirley in tow .

 I wander around at random, looking for treasure .

 There were all sorts of things that caught my eye at a glance, but none of them were flashy .

 The reason I came here is to find a gift for my brother Henry .

 Even though it was ordered by His Majesty, technically he subdued Almeria on my behalf .

 I need to show some sentiments .

 So I’m looking for the treasure to do just that…… . .

“Mmmm, there’s ……”

“What’s going on, Your Highness?”

“Let’s go into that store!”

“Yes . ”

 Shirley followed behind me, wondering .

 I took her into a store .

 I’ve been there before with my brother Oscar .

“Oh, well, well, well . His Royal Highness the Thirteenth, it’s a pleasure to meet you . ”

“Alan Bardsley, right?”

“Yes . This way, please . ”

 The moment we walked in, the owner, Alan, greeted us and invited us into the back of the store, keeping a very low profile .

 We were ushered into a VIP room .

 Immediately afterwards, the shopkeeper brought us our drinks .

 I could tell by the smell alone that it was a pretty good tea .

 By the way, Shirley stood behind me with her hands clasped behind her back .

 There is no seat for a knight when you are with the Lord . Alan, who does business with the aristocracy, of course knows this and treats Shirley as if she were an air .

“Can I help you with something today, sir?”

“I want to give my brother something to thank him for, something good . ”

“Is it His Royal Highness the Eighth Prince?”

“No, it’s my brother Henry . ”

“You mean His Royal Highness the Fourth Prince! I just stocked up on something the other day . Would you please wait a moment?”

“Ah . ”

 I nodded and Alan left the room once .

 We waited for a few minutes, and then he returned with some servants .

 Each of the servants had something with them .

 Perhaps it was a jewelry box, or a picture in a frame, or something big enough to fit in a wagon .

 They probably brought a whole lot of treasures that can be sold in this store .

 In the midst of all this, my eyes were glued to one thing .

 It was placed on a table in a wagon and covered with a cloth on top .

 I was curious, so I pointed to it and asked Alan .

“What’s that? The atmosphere is clearly different from the rest . ”

“Oh, Your Royal Highness the Thirteenth, you saw through it at a glance . ”

 Alan looked half business tongued, half plain amazed .

 He made eye contact and had a servant take a cloth .

 What came out was a statue of a goddess which was transparent .

“Is this …… glass?

“As you said, it’s correct . ”

“A goddess made of glass and not crystal? I didn’t know you could make something like this . ”

” The surprise is understandable . This is the legacy of Lindsey, the master glass artist . Lindsay was the only one who could make a goddess statue out of glass, a now lost skill . ”

“I guess . ”

 I stared at the statue of the goddess .

 I knew – it’s a little bit out .

 A little bit of something similar to that grimoire .

 I saw it, so I asked to be the first to see it .

“It is said that Lindsey herself has few works, and that there are only two goddess statues left in the world . ”

“Okay . So, I’ll take that . ”

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“This will be 10,000 reens……”

“I see”

 I took out a leather bag from my pocket and handed it to Alan .

“There’s more than ten thousand in there . The remainder is my reward for you bringing a gift for my brother . ”

“Thank you very much!”

 Alan received the leather bag with a big smile on his face .

“That goddess statue, later at home–“

“There you are, Noah . ”

 As I was about to say, a man came in from outside .

 It was the Eighth Prince, Brother Oscar, with his trademark gentle smile .


 I stood up and gave a quick bow to Oscar .

“I heard Noah was here when I went into the store . Found some good treasure–or ……”

 Oscar looked at the glass goddess statue and froze in place .

 He looks as if he has seen something unbelievable .

“What’s the matter with you, brother?”

“This is the Statue by Lindsey . Is it real?”

“Yeah, probably . ”

 Me, who replied, as if that wasn’t enough, Oscar looked at Alan .

 Alan nodded, puzzled .

“I-It’s authentic . There’s no way I would offer your highness a fake …… something poorly done . ”

“Hah . ”

 Oscar sighed and sat down in a nearby chair .

“Damn, so I guess that means there are only two of them and they’re both coming out at the same time . ”

“Do you know about the other one?”

“I have it . ”

 Then, Oscar, this time with a wry smile .

“It’s a glass statue of Lindsay, I know it was made in two, but I didn’t see it here on Cobalt Street, so I thought I had the last one in the world . I didn’t know there were any more of them .

“I see . ”

 I can understand why Oscar laments .

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 The fewer the number of treasures, the more valuable they are in their rarity .

 Among them, “there is only one” is of tremendous value .

 When there are two, if the value of each is 1, the value of one is more than ten times higher than the value of the other .

 This is what treasures – antiques – are all about .

“Brother . ”

“Yeah, what is it?”

 I silently approached the glass goddess statue, lifted it up – and smashed it to the ground .



“Y-Y-Your Royal Highness!”

 As Alan panicked, I took out another bag of about 100 reens from my pocket and gave it to him .

“Don’t worry, you can keep the money for what I paid you for earlier . And here’s your wages . ”

“What, wage?”

“The second statue came out, but it broke . I want you to spread the word, but only in Cobalt Street” .

“… . . I’m impressed”

 Oscar nodded with an impressed look on his face .

“Wow that’s amazing, Noah . If you broke it and even shed the fact that you’re the one who broke it, the statue I have will certainly increase in value . ”

“The sooner the treasure is found, the better . And if only brother Oscar have it, it would be worth more . ”

“I’m surprised you knew how to do this, and even more so that you actually did it . Amazing . I only reached this point after I came of age and entered the fiefdom . ”

 Oscar stood up and gave a glimpse of the cracked statue .

“I’ll thank you, in due course,”

 With that, Oscar walked out of the store .

 After telling Alan to clean up and choose the next treasure to present to the house, I left with Shirley .

“Oh, uh, your highness ……?”

 After leaving the store, the busy Cobalt Street .

 Shirley called out to me as if she were afraid .

“What’s up,”

“Why would you do that?”

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 I looked around .

 Everyone around me is a stranger, and I don’t have to worry about being heard .

“It’s just a thing, after all . ”

But it’s a very expensive treasure?”

“A real treasure is not like that . ”


 Shirley was puzzled .

 I saw my status, always visible in the corner of my vision .

 My own personal status with a “+” behind my normal status .

 I have this one .

“A real treasure is not something like that, it’s people . ”


“People who are loyal to me . Like you . ”

“L-like Me!”

“Yeah . ”

 I nodded .

 Yes, to me, the real treasures are people .

Breaking one of those glass goddesses is a small price to pay for a happy memory of brother Oscar .


“What’s up Shirley?”

“I’m impressed! You’re saying the same thing as the great men in the story . ”

“I see . ”

“It’s amazing, Your Highness . …… I’ll follow you forever!”

“Ah . ”

 I broke it down to make Oscar’s memory a happy one, and as a bonus, Shirley’s favorability seems to have increased .

 I took Shirley with me out of the junk-covered Cobalt Street .

 Somehow, I remember what Oscar said .

 Becoming an adult, entering the fiefdom .

 The time will come for me to join Almeria .

 In the Empire, it’s usually when the royal family comes of age .

 Until that time, I had a clear goal in mind to collect more treasures .

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