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Published at 6th of November 2020 10:17:05 AM

Chapter 5

i Ling Xue nodded, in front of Mo Xiang she didn't need to act foolish, helping Mo Xiang up, she held her hand smiling, "Thank you Mo Xiang, if it wasn't for you, I don't know what would have happened to me . "


Mo Xiang shook her head, "Princess had saved this servant's life, this servant has engraved that in her heart, this servant had one swore, to pledge her life and loyalty to princess . "


Ji Ling Xue smiled, she really was a great maid! 


When she was a child she was poisoned and turned into a fool, she had gotten married to Xiao Yi Chen out of politics, the day before Ji Yu Qing married Xiao Yi Chen, she had gone to find Ji Ling Xue to show off, and took out a bottle of poison and poured it into Ji Ling Xue's mouth . . .


The poison however did not take Ji Ling Xue's life, because when the female lead left the Ji residence to marry the male lead, her personal maid Mo Xiang had constantly been looking for a way to cure the poison in Ji Ling Xue, thus Ji Ling Xue  through trying hundreds of poison gained immunity, and the poison counteracted to make her thinking more clear .  


Ji Ling Xue said: "Mo Xiang I vow we will no longer be bullied by anyone . "


Mo Xiang nodded viciously, a drop of tear fell from the corner of her eye .


After washing up Ji Ling Xue sat in front of the mirror, sizing herself up in the mirror .  


Full black eyebrows, her very classy goose egg face was currently wasted away to skin and bone, her skin was yellow, a little rough, looking malnourished .


Seeing herself in the mirror, Ji Ling Xue couldn't help shake her head, she was at least still pleased with this pair of eyes, as clear and charming as a stream of autumn water, under the light they shined resplendently .

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Behind her, Mo Xiang held a comb leisurely taking care of Ji Ling Xue's long hair, brushing out the knots, she was in a very good mood, a trace of a smile on the edge of her lips, especially as she thought about Ji Ling Xue causing trouble for Ji Yu Qing, she guessed she was crying right now inside the bridal room, thinking of this scene she felt even happier .


Ji Ling Xue asked Mo Xiang somethings about what was happening in the residence, the things her white lotus younger sister Ji Yu Qing had done, she smiled through everything, on knowing she only had two liangs for her monthly living expenses her mouth couldn't help twitch, 2 liangs couldn't even fill the gap between her teeth, this really was too much bullying, it seems her previous self didn't have much of an existence in the Chen residence .


Ji Ling Xue rested her chin in her hand, eyes blinking quick-witted, this couldn't carry on, she ought to plan and prepare for her future properly . . . .


The next morning, in prince Chen's study .


Chi Feng walked into the courtyard, at this moment the doors of the study was open, Xiao Yi Chen was wearing a relaxed white set of clothes as he walked out from the study, the two ran came across each other .

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"Prince, why did you sleep in the study yesterday?" Chi Feng was somewhat surprised to see Xiao Yi Chen here, wasn't yesterday his and Ji Yu Qing's wedding, he wasn't in the bridal chamber with the bride, why was he only in the study, leaving the bride alone?


Recalling that ruined matter, Xiao Yi Chen was enraged, in his mind was the image of Ji Ling Xue acting foolish and crazy, seeing it made him burn, especially those shameless words spoken by that woman yesterday . . .


Chi Feng was good at reading body language, seeing Xiao Yi Chen's unhappy expression, he didn't say anymore with his head .


Xiao Yi Chen took a deep breath, "You coming here, did something happen in the army?"


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Chi Feng cupped his hands together, respectfully saying: "Prince you really are very clever, recently there's been movement on the Dai Yan side, this is the information from there . " As he spoke he offered up the small bamboo tube sealed with beeswax .


At this moment, a housekeeper in black clothes rushed over, Chi Feng turned his head, smiling: "Housekeeper, so early this morning, did something happen in the residence, causing you to be so anxious . "


The housekeeper was around fifty years old, he wasn't very good looking, he was well-known for his stoic face, he cupped his hands and nodded at Chi Feng, immediately paying his respects to Xiao Yi Chen: "Prince, princess asked this servant to come invite prince to the reception pavilion to have breakfast . "


Even though he said this, it was very clear there was a hidden meaning in his words .


Chi Feng intervened in doubt, "Which princess?"

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