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Published at 30th of December 2020 09:54:38 PM

Chapter 20

Ji Yu Qing looked like she was going to spit out blood, her entire plan had been ruined by this beggar woman who appeared from nowhere, how could Ji Ling Xue give her clothes to someone, and had given them to a lowly person, was she insulting her intelligence?


That's right, she thought that was the fool Ji Ling Xue, being duped by a fool, this feeling was not good .


"What is actually going on?" Xiao Yi Chen's face sank, he turned to look at the late arrival Ji Ling Xue, he could not admit Ji Ling Xue was dressed appropriately and in good taste today, even though the materials were not gorgeous they couldn't conceal her fresh and pure temperament, if only her eyes were not so slacken and without sense .


Ji Ling Xue put on an innocent expression: "Oh, yesterday Zi Su came to deliver clothes, she told me young sister didn't want it, I don't like the colour, so I gave it to a beggar on the streets, see, don't you think she looks stylish wearing something younger sister doesn't want?"


Three black line simultaneously appeared on Ji Yu Qing and Xiao Yi Chen's foreheads, seeing Ji Ling Xue's foolish expression, then that beggar's panic-stricken and wronged expression, he thought it was just some clothes, if he really blamed her, it would not be good if this got out .


Xiao Yi Chen stared at the happily smiling Ji Ling Xue, turning to Ji Yu Qing he said: "From now on just give the clothes you don't want to the servants around you . " Don't cause more trouble by sending it to the fool, let's not talk about the fact it's a waste of kindness, but it caused even such an unexpected mishap .


The woman beggar quietly raised her head, the first person she looked at was Ji Yu Qing wearing clothes as extravagant as a peacock, she was immediately stunned by Ji Yu Qing's lucid and elegant appearance, however, disappointment flashed through her eyes, this clearly wasn't the princess who gave her the clothes yesterday, what exactly was happening?


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Having heard what was said Ji Yu Qing violently nodded, pitifully pulling on Xiao Yi Chen's arm, leaning on his shoulder .


Ji Ling Xue completely ignored this pair of man and woman making public display of affection, turning she said to Mo Xiang: "Xiang Xiang, we have a lot of money in the residence right, we won't be broke from feeding another person right?"


Mo Xiang nodded, line of sight deliberately falling on Xiao Yi Chen for a moment, saying: "In response to princess, our prince is the brother of the current emperor, of course there's no shortage of money . "


The veins on Xiao Yi Chen's forehead throbbed a little, what does she mean by if his residence has enough money, what was that crazy woman Ji Ling Xue saying?

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Having heard what was said Ji Ling Xue happily clapped her hands saying, "Then that's good, let her be a maid in the residence . "


The woman beggar hearing Ji Ling Xue's words was so happy, she looked at Ji Ling Xue with gratefulness in her eyes, when she saw clearly she was the princess who gave her clothes yesterday, she was flabbergasted, she very quickly retracted it, lowering her head she pretended to have seen nothing .


Mo Xiang said: "Why aren't you thanking princess, you need to work properly from now on . "

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The mishap at the gate passed like this, after the beggar was left with the housekeeper, the three of them left the residence and entered a carriage heading to Ji residence .


Inside the carriage, Ji Yu Qing and Xiao Yi Chen sat opposite Ji Ling Xue, watching with distain as Ji Ling Xue took out a worn out and peeling drum-shaped rattle from her sleeve to play with, the dong dong sound emitted within the carriage suddenly .


Ji Yu Qing kept an eye on Ji Ling Xue's actions, a trace of doubt flashed through her eyes, that day at the reception pavilion, the JI Ling Xue she had heard was not like this?


Ji Yu Qing turned to look at Xiao Yi Chen, "Prince, the rashes on your face was cured by miracle doctor Bai?"

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