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Chapter 162: Exalted Immortal, Exalted Immortal, I Have a Shocking Secret To Tell You

Ye Ping opened his eyes.

He rubbed his forehead.

He looked rather depressed.

The art of telepathy was simply a man’s nemesis, but Ye Ping felt that he was not to blame because she was just too seductive.

Sitting cross-legged in front of Xiao Muxue, Ye Ping did not dare to think nonsense anymore.

“Little Junior Brother, listen to what I say next carefully.”

Xiao Muxue looked at Ye Ping and lectured seriously.

“Please teach me, Senior Sister.”

Upon hearing her pointers, Ye Ping immediately perked up.

“Little Junior Brother, you should know that there are seven great realms of immortal cultivation, right?”

Xiao Muxue asked.

“Yes, Qi Refinement realm, Foundation Establishment realm, Golden Core realm, Nascent Soul realm, Essence Soul realm, Tribulation Transcendence realm, and the Mahayana realm.”

Ye Ping had a clear understanding of the realms. Besides, he had also read the books in the Kṣitigarbha Pavilion of Jin Nation and roughly knew how powerful each realm was, but of course, the books there described the first few realms in great detail.

The descriptions of the later realms were not detailed and were mostly vague. They were just said to be unparalleled and incredible.

“The seven realms of immortal cultivation were collectively known as the three major realms in ancient times, mainly the Shangqing Realm, Yuqing Realm, and Taiqing realm. Do you know why?”

Xiao Muxue introduced the story of the seven realms.

“I don’t know.”

Ye Ping was a little surprised. He was really unaware of that as it was not recorded in the Kṣitigarbha Pavilion either.

“The three realms were known as so in the ancient times. At that time, the spiritual energy was abundant, and hence, the cultivation speed was extremely fast. Each realm is divided into ten grades.”

“This realm is very vague and the path to Immortal Ascension is also extremely bizarre. A system could not be formed and that resulted in great trouble.”

“However, later on, there was a peerless existence who created his own cultivation method on an unprecedented path and redivided the realms, so there we have these seven realms.”

“This peerless existence divided the Shangqing realm into the Qi Refinement realm, Foundation Establishment realm, and Golden Core realm. The Yuqing realm was divided into the Nascent Soul realm, Essence Soul realm, and finally, the Taiqing realm was divided into Tribulation Transcendence, and Mahayana realm.”

Xiao Muxue seriously recounted the story while Ye Ping listened attentively.

“Hence, the three great realms of Qi Refinement, Foundation Establishment, and Golden Core, are all considered the most basic realms. Therefore, the difference between each realm is not too drastic.”

“A genius-level Qi Refinement cultivator can defeat an ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivator.”

“Peerless geniuses at the Foundation Establishment realm can trump ordinary Golden Core realm cultivators.”

“However, even the elite of geniuses cannot defeat ordinary Nascent Soul powerhouses.”

“Because it involves a great realm distinction.”

“Ye Ping, there were differences between all cultivators. Some are ordinary cultivators and some are geniuses.”

“You must differentiate between them. Sometimes, realms don’t mean everything, but if it’s a big realm distinction, you mustn’t act precariously.”

Xiao Muxue gave a detailed explanation of the realm.

She was mainly worried that Ye Ping would act recklessly just because he thought that he was strong. After all, the later realms of immortal cultivation were terrifying.

Ye Ping nodded, and at the same time, he couldn’t help but think that Xiao Muxue was right.

Although he was an early-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator, he felt that he would be able to challenge and even defeat a Senior Brother at the Golden Core realm.

However, once he met a genius-level Golden Core realm powerhouse like Han Mo, he would have a hard time as he would almost get hunted.

In particular, there was a division in realm.

Han Mo was a genius, and in fact, he was close to being a half-step peerless genius. However, he was like a dog compared to the Great Purgatory Resentful Demon of the Nascent Soul realm. He would be thoroughly suppressed.

There was barely any resistance.

That was the division between great realms. Even the weakest of Nascent Soul realm cultivators were not what Golden Core realm cultivators could compare to.

The difference between the two was just too large.

It was just like how if one was given one or two taels of silver, it wouldn’t be too hard to earn ten taels of silver in a month.

However, if one was given 10 million taels of silver, it would be very difficult to earn 100 million taels of silver in a month.

Essentially, it was a ten-fold difference but not entirely so.

The same was true of the realms. The difference between a Qi Refinement cultivator and a Foundation Establishment realm cultivator was not great because those two realms were meant for building the foundation in the first place.

There was an obvious difference between the Foundation Establishment realm and the Golden Core realm, but it was still possible to bridge the gap by relying on inheritance and the supreme Mystical Abilities.

However, the Golden Core realm was completely different from the Nascent Soul realm.

Nascent Soul realm powerhouses could be considered ancestors who could overthrow a country.

In the entire Jin Nation Kingdom, there were many Golden Core powerhouses, but the Nascent Soul realm powerhouses were few and far between.

Those in the further realms were even rarer.

“Eldest Senior Sister, I understand.”

Ye Ping nodded solemnly.

Seeing that Ye Ping had clearly been enlightened, Xiao Muxue nodded in satisfaction too.

‘This is a good student.’

Sometimes, the aptitude of the learner did not matter. As long as he could understand, it would be enough.

“By the way, I heard from Junior Sister that you’ve gone to the Jin Nation Academy. Is that true?”

Since Ye Ping had already understood the division in realm, Xiao Muxue did not have to continue explaining. After all, many things had to be understood by seeing with one’s own eyes. Any additional explanation would be pointless.

“Yes, that’s right.”

Ye Ping nodded. He did not feel proud about the Jin Nation Academy at all. Instead, he would rather return to the sect and listen to his Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters preach the Dharmic Dao.

He thought that that was a hundred times better than staying in the Jin Nation Academy,

“Yes, it’s not bad, right? Little Junior Brother, you have to remember, the Jin Nation Academy is only your starting point. Since you’ve gone to the Jin Nation Academy, you ought to find out more.”

“Your goal can never be just the Jin Nation Academy. It extends to the Ten Nations, the Great Xia Dynasty, and the entire world. A true powerhouse is not only capable and competent. Having broad horizons is important too, do you understand?”

Xiao Muxue continued to teach.


Ye Ping nodded solemnly.

At this moment, Xiao Muxue stopped looking serious and continued speaking smilingly.

“Now that we’re done with the serious matters, it’s time to talk about the other things. Ye Ping, did you meet any girl during your trip out this time?”

Xiao Muxue asked.

Ye Ping was speechless.

‘There she goes again.’

Ye Ping was a little confused as to why Xiao Muxue could be serious one moment and playful the next.


Although he was not willing to answer, Ye Ping nonetheless answered.

“No? That shouldn’t be the case. To be frank, Junior Brother, you’re very handsome and you have a good temperament too. You’re sophisticated, literate, and powerful. Logically speaking, you should have been surrounded by hundreds or even thousands of women.”

“Little Junior Brother, I’m asking you a serious question. You have to answer me seriously. Did you figure it out?”

Xiao Muxue was extremely serious at the mention of this as her eyes were filled with expectation and curiosity.

‘Figured it out?’

‘Figured what out?’

‘Eldest Senior Sister, what are you talking about? I don’t understand you at all.’

“Senior Sister, I don’t get what you mean.”

Ye Ping shook his head and answered resolutely.

“Tsk, Ye Ping, do you think you can hide it from me? Hurry up and tell the truth. Otherwise, don’t blame me for testing you.”

Xiao Muxue took out a gourd from her lapel and poured a mouthful of wine into her mouth while staring at Ye Ping, as if she was threatening to test it herself if he didn’t tell her the truth.

‘She’s going to test me herself?’

Ye Ping was a little confused as to what she meant, wondering how she would test him.

“Eldest Senior Sister, I don’t dare to mess around.”

Ye Ping cried and answered honestly.

“Ah, what a pity.”

Xiao Muxue could tell that Ye Ping was telling the truth, but she was really finding it a pity for him.

He was handsome and capable. Yet, he was still single.

“Tell me then, why did you bring a woman back for no reason? Is she a ravishing beauty?”

Xiao Muxue was overwhelmed with curiosity.

“Oh, she’s just an ordinary fellow Daoist.”

Ye Ping knew that Xiao Muxue was referring to Xia Qingmo, but he couldn’t state Xia Qingmo’s identity.

“Ordinary Fellow Daoist? Let me ask you a question then. Who do you think is prettier, me or her?”

Xiao Muxue looked at Ye Ping with curiosity in her eyes and asked that question.

All of a sudden, Ye Ping started thinking about it.

‘If I say that they each have their own strengths… To be honest, women definitely don’t like hearing that.’

However, if he were to pick, Ye Ping would feel like he was going against his words.

At the thought of this, Ye Ping couldn’t help but look at Xiao Muxue.

She was beautiful, petite, and had a great aura. She was just like a fairy who was not tainted by the world. At the same time, she was so attractive that she would make one’s heart skip a beat.

Ye Ping gave her an answer.

“You, of course.”

Ye Ping meant it from the bottom of his heart.

“Hah, good, I didn’t dote on you for nothing. Come have a sip of wine.”

Hearing Ye Ping’s praise, Xiao Muxue’s smile grew even wider as she picked up the gourd and handed it to Ye Ping.

“Sect Leader said we’re not allowed to drink.”

Ye Ping shook his head to refuse. Firstly, it was because the Sect Leader had indeed instructed that they were not allowed to drink alcohol. Secondly, Xiao Muxue had drunk from that gourd, so if he did too, it would be an indirect kiss.

“Don’t listen to that old guy, just drink. This wine is precious, it can warm your body and also strengthen your physique.”

Xiao Muxue grabbed the gourd and made Ye Ping chug a huge mouthful without caring about anything else.

For some reason, there was some sweetness in the wine.

Soon, it seemed to turn into blazing flames that burned him and made his Qi and blood surge.

All of a sudden, Ye Ping moved his Immortal Apertures and refined all the spiritual energy into energy to stabilize his realm. He even ascended a little.

He had just taken a sip of wine, and yet, he had already advanced a little. If he drank an entire gourd, wouldn’t he achieve a breakthrough?

“Don’t be greedy.”

Xiao Muxue soon took the wine gourd back. It was not an ordinary wine. She let Ye Ping take a sip, not to allow Ye Ping to break through the realm, but to stabilize his current realm.

She noticed at a glance that Ye Ping’s realm had been completely stabilized because of that sip of wine. Hence, it could save him a few months of hard cultivation and meditation.

However, he couldn’t drink much because it would be harmful to his health and also because she didn’t have much left.

Gulp. Gulp.

After she took back the gourd, Xiao Muxue also drank a large mouthful, without the slightest regard for the fact that Ye Ping had just drunk it.

“Okay, Ye Ping, hurry back to that little lover of yours. Remember not to teach others what I have taught you.”

“Now that you have cultivated to the second chapter and crossed the foundation, you have to think more sometimes. Don’t just follow the cultivation method. See if you can come up with a different path, or the path that suits you best, okay?”

Xiao Muxue hid the wine gourd and then sent Ye Ping away. While leaving, she repeatedly admonished him too.

The slightly tipsy Ye Ping nodded. The sip of wine was indeed very intense as it made it hard for him to withstand even though he was a Foundation Establishment realm cultivator.

Ye Ping had an unsteady gait.

Xiao Muxue, who was behind Ye Ping, stared at him while muttering something in her heart.

“I wonder if Little Junior Brother is willing to inherit that position. If he is, it’ll save me the hassle.”

She then vanished on the spot.

Two hours later, Ye Ping was in his room and had already refined all the essence of that wine.

At this point, his cultivation level was stabilized at the Foundation Establishment realm.

After being refreshed, Ye Ping also began to think about what Xiao Muxue said.

The first chapter of the supreme cultivation method he cultivated was the first chapter of Qi Refinement that would require him to recast it 36 times.

Now that he was at the second stage, the Foundation Establishment realm, his focus had to be put on stability.

He had to strengthen his foundation.

However, with Xiao Muxue’s reminder, Ye Ping suddenly understood that he could not cultivate as he wanted.

At the thought of this, Ye Ping got even more interested. He tried to cultivate, only to realize that he could cultivate as he wished.

He didn’t have to follow the cultivation method of swallowing spiritual energy step by step.

Various ideas popped up in Ye Ping’s mind.

The Qi Refinement realm was to guide the heaven and earth spiritual energy into one’s body, and then refine the impurities.

In the Foundation Establishment realm, one had to open up the dantian and stabilize their realm before changing the quality of the Dharmic powers.

There were three realms to Dharmic powers.

‘Can I have a few more?’

‘Like having the Golden Core realm power at the Foundation Establishment realm?’

That way, he would be able to possess Golden Core realm combat power and have an easier time when he met a Golden Core realm cultivator.

At least, he wouldn’t have to flee after meeting one.

All of a sudden, Ye Ping had more and more thoughts.

Two full hours passed.

Ye Ping already had a general idea.

He would first cultivate to the Foundation Establishment realm and then constantly change the quality of his Dharmic powers and see if he could break through the upper limit to have the power of the Golden Core in the Foundation Establishment realm.

While Ye Ping was rejoicing, a voice suddenly sounded.

“Exalted Immortal, are you there?”

Someone knocked on the door, and a two-meter tall figure appeared in front of Ye Ping.

He knew without looking that it was the Great Purgatory Resentful Demon.

“Come in.”

Ye Ping stopped feeling gleeful as he was prejudiced against the Great Purgatory Resentful Demon.

He was a complete villain who was scheming and despicable. If not for the Band Curse, he would have long created trouble.


The door of the room was pushed open.

The Great Purgatory Resentful Demon walked into the room with a serious expression. He then closed the door cautiously.

He walked towards Ye Ping agitatedly while looking at Ye Ping seriously.

“Exalted Immortal, I found out something, and this matter is related to you, but I don’t know whether I should say it or not.”

The Great Purgatory Resentful Demon sat in front of Ye Ping, making him curious.

“Go ahead.”

Ye Ping was curious about what the Great Purgatory Resentful Demon had found.

‘Did he discover a secret that I haven’t?’

It was very likely. After all, the Great Purgatory Resentful Demon was a Nascent Soul realm powerhouse who should have found some details that Ye Ping hadn’t.

“Exalted Immortal, I have found a shocking secret. The things that I say later will definitely change everything that you know. You mustn’t tell anyone else or get too excited.”

The Great Purgatory Resentful Demon sounded even more mysterious, repeatedly emphasizing for Ye Ping not to get excited and not to make a sound.

That made Ye Ping even more curious.

“What exactly is it? Tell me.”

Ye Ping’s eyes were filled with curiosity.

“Exalted Immortal, I don’t mean anything else, but this matter will definitely affect your future. However, I have a small request. Can you agree to it?”

The Great Purgatory Resentful Demon said slowly.

“What is it?”

Ye Ping frowned a little.

“I have a small request, and that is to remove the golden hoop on my head. Of course, I guarantee that the secret is worth it.”

The Great Purgatory Resentful Demon pointed to the golden hoop on his head.

“Do you think you are qualified to negotiate terms with me?”

Ye Ping frowned and said.

“Exalted Immortal, I know what you mean, but this secret concerns a lot of things. If you don’t agree, I’d rather kill myself.”

The Great Purgatory Resentful Demon had a firm attitude.

He felt that his information was definitely of great use to Ye Ping who wouldn’t be at a loss if he removed the golden hoop on his head.

If Ye Ping did not agree, then he would rather not say anything. Anyway, Ye Ping would be the one at a loss.

Ye Ping was curious after hearing his words.

Since the Great Purgatory Resentful Demon could say that, it was definitely a huge secret.

“Tell me first. If it’s really useful, I can remove your golden hoop.”

Ye Ping answered after some thought.

“No, Exalted Immortal, just take it that I’m a villain. You just have to answer me first. As long as the secret I tell you is worth this golden hoop, you must swear that you will remove it.”

The Great Purgatory Resentful Demon said seriously. He needed a definite answer from Ye Ping and demanded that Ye Ping swore.

Ye Ping hesitated for a moment.

He then gritted his teeth and nodded.

“Okay, as long as the secret you tell me is really useful, I can remove the golden hoop on your head.”

Ye Ping said.

After all, with Su Changyu, Xiao Muxue, and the others in the sect, there was nothing the scheming Great Purgatory Resentful Demon could do.

“Okay then, Exalted Immortal, hear me out.”

Upon hearing Ye Ping’s agreement, the Great Purgatory Resentful Demon got excited.

He took a deep breath, then lowered his voice and said with extreme seriousness,

“Exalted Immortal, after a thorough observation, I found that all these whatsoever Senior Brothers and Sisters of yours, including the Sect Leader, are all… good-for-nothings!”

The Great Purgatory Resentful Demon’s voice was very soft, but he looked extremely calm.

After hearing his words, Ye Ping couldn’t help but freeze in shock.

‘Just with this?’

‘Shocking secret?’

Seeing that Ye Ping seemed to be stunned, the Great Purgatory Resentful Demon got even more energetic.

“Not only are they all good-for-nothings, according to my careful observation, but they are all the most incompetent good-for-nothings, especially your Second Senior Brother. Calling him a good-for-nothing is an insult to that word.”

“Exalted Immortal, are you shocked?”

“Exalted Immortal, say something.”

“Exalted Immortal, don’t get too excited.”

“Exalted Immortal, Exalted Immortal.”


“Exalted Immortal, what are you chanting the incantation for?”

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