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Sun Lingxing let Chen Xiang choose a stone room here, then she left the underground palace to go outside and investigate the situation. Right now, she also needed to grasp the movements of the elders in the Forget-me Divine Race in a timely manner.

Chen Xiang was not worried about her. Although Sun Lingxing had lost her cultivation, she was still very strong, so Chen Xiang felt that she was hiding something.

"This woman definitely has that kind of World Defying Stage Divine Power Pearl on her body!" Chen Xiang thought: "There must be quite a few … She might even have a way to turn her Dao energy into World Defying Stage Divine Power and store it inside the World Defying Stage Divine Power Orb. "

Chen Xiang had once belonged to the World Defying Stage, and had stayed in the World Defying Stage for a long time. Now that she had decided to enter this forest, she would definitely be well-prepared, and might even be able to use the World Defying Stage Divine Power technique inside.

"Whatever, as long as Sijing steps into the World Defying Stage, I can still use the powerful World Defying Stage Divine Power." Chen Xiang was secretly refining the Everlasting Pellet in the stone room. He felt that he had nothing better to do at the moment, not to mention when he was refining, he could shorten the time by using the Time Laws.

Chen Xiang had concocted for a few months and had accumulated a lot of Earth Limitless Pill. Although he couldn't step into the World Defying Stage here, he still ate a lot of Earth Limitless Pill.

He was still a distance away from World Defying Stage, so consuming the Earth Limitless Pill would allow him to increase his strength even more. For example, in terms of his physical body, would allow him to be stronger, and the Six beasts inside the Six souls would also be stronger.

"The Myriad Tao's divine arts are powerful indeed. As long as I have enough Earthen Limitless Pill, my cultivation would advance by leaps and bounds." Chen Xiang had cultivated for more than a month, so he could even more clearly sense the impressiveness of the Myriad Tao's divine arts.

He had spent more than six months refining pills and cultivating, but only six months had passed outside.

"Go out and see if that woman is back yet!" Chen Xiang did not know when Jiang Sijing would make a breakthrough, as it had been a long time since then. He could not wait any longer, and wanted to quickly refine the World Defying Stage Divine Power Pellet, so he decided to ask Sun Lingxing if he had any World Defying Stage Divine Power Pearls in his hands.

When he walked out of the secret room, he saw Sun Lingxing sitting on a chair, one hand on her forehead. Her expression was haggard and haggard, her beautiful face was pale white, and she gave off a very weak feeling.

"Spirit Star, what happened to you?" Chen Xiang anxiously asked, he walked over and realised that Sun Lingxing's Profound Spirit Qi was extremely thin.

"He's injured!" Sun Lingxing said softly before sighing, "I did not expect that the three clans would actually join hands and try to capture me. Fortunately, I was able to make it back in time!"

"Why? Aren't you of no value to them? Why would they bother to capture you? " Chen Xiang did not understand.

Sun Lingxing did not answer, she only shook her head, obviously there were some things that she did not want to tell Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang secretly guessed that Sun Lingxing might have obtained something very important in the Forget-me Divine Race, which was why the three clans had teamed up to capture her.

"Aren't you going to take a break?" Although he was currently with Sun Lingxing, the relationship between the two wasn't really that close.

"It's fine, I'll just sit here for a while. You must not go out, the Divine Grade Venerable Ancestor from the three clans are searching for us in the forest." Sun Lingxing said: "They have already set you as their target, your space will be extremely enticing to them."

Chen Xiang curled his lips and said: "These guys are bandits, relying on their own strength to plunder others' things. Once I become stronger, I will definitely exterminate all of them."

"It's not that easy. They are also waiting for the World Defying Stage Divine Mausoleum to open." Sun Lingxing shook his head.

"They won't get a chance to go in." Chen Xiang snorted, the Forget-me Divine Race chasing after him made him feel a lot of humiliation, making him unable to run up the stairs.

"Spirit Star, do you have the World Defying Stage Divine Power Orb?" Chen Xiang asked: "You must have kept some for yourself!"

"Yes, but I have used up all the World Defying Stage Divine Power inside, so I need to … "It will take some time to gather." Sun Lingxing said.

This was exactly what Chen Xiang had guessed previously, Sun Lingxing knew how to condense the World Defying Stage Divine Power, she was only at the Venerable Ancestor Later-stage level of cultivation right now.

"Can you teach me how to condense World Defying Stage Divine Power?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously: "As long as we have the World Defying Stage Divine Power, I do not need to be afraid of them, there are so many of them, and all of them have fused with the World Defying Stage Divine Power Orb, I am not their opponent, because it is not fair in the first place."

"I would like to teach you, but only I can use this method." Sun Lingxing said: "This is mainly because my physique is different, I am born with a prideful divine body, so even though I am not a World Defying Stage, I can still condense World Defying Stage Divine Power, but it will take a bit longer."

"There's actually such a thing, the Prideful Divine Body!" Chen Xiang didn't really understand the Primordial Divine Body, but he knew how to be very powerful.

"Yes, that's also why they caught me. They seem to be afraid of something … Afraid that I will enter the World Defying Stage Divine Mausoleum. " Sun Lingxing frowned slightly: "Before this, they always told me that the World Defying Stage Divine Mausoleum was extremely terrifying, and told me not to go near it. Before I stepped into the World Defying Stage, they always sent people to drive me.

"After I stepped into the World Defying Stage, they were very relieved, because they thought that I would not enter the World Defying Stage Divine Mausoleum, after all, no one would be willing to give up on the cultivation level of the World Defying Stage."

When Chen Xiang heard about this, he was extremely curious!

It was very normal for Sun Lingxing to have such suspicions. Now, Chen Xiang felt that the Forget-me Divine Race was also afraid of Sun Lingxing entering the World Defying Stage Divine Mausoleum.

"Spirit Star, if you want to investigate the situation outside, you don't need to leave by yourself." Chen Xiang released more than a hundred rats.

Sun Lingxing saw that many mice had suddenly appeared and frowned: "These aren't normal mice right? His physical body looks pretty strong! "

"Hehe, of course, this is not an ordinary mouse. This is called a rat devourer, it's very powerful … I'll teach you how to use it now. "

She didn't think that this type of rat would not only have a strong body, but its speed was also extremely fast. Its concealment ability was also very strong, and it could even become bigger.

"If you have an extra World Defying Stage Divine Power, you can try and see if it can strengthen these mice. These hundred plus are all I give you!"

Sun Lingxing was extremely grateful, and she released more than ten of them. She greatly valued these rats, as she had never seen such a good thing before.



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