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Chapter 91 Vicious Beasts

The guards at the entrance could not help but be stunned when they saw Qin Yun running over. By the time they reacted, they were already far away.

"Um …" Was it really Qin Yun? Isn't he locked up in the Heaven's Punishment Tower? " A middle-aged guard said in astonishment.

"It's Qin Yun. I need to report this quickly!" One of the old guards said and left in a hurry.

A month ago, Qin Yun, who had been imprisoned in the Heaven's Punishment Tower, had actually come out!

The guards didn't know what was going on, they only knew that this matter was extremely important, so they quickly reported it to their superior.

Qin Yun walked out of the Heaven Punisher Tower and noticed the drastic changes that had occurred outside, especially in the atmosphere.

After he came out, he immediately rushed to the bamboo forest residence.

At the Bamboo Woods House, the doors were shut tight.

There was no one inside, and the yard was filled with weeds. With a single glance, one could tell that it had been empty for many days.

"Teacher really left the Hua Ling Wu Academy!" Qin Yun was completely at a loss as he sighed inwardly.

He then hurried over to Principal Zhang's residence, which was a red wooden building.

At the Hua Ling Martial Arts Academy, in a three-story wooden building beside the Martial Arts Practice Grounds.

In a study in Principal Zhang's wooden building, he was reading a book. Suddenly, he saw a grinning Qin Yun dressed in white. He was as alarmed as though he had seen a ghost.

Qin Yun said with a smile, "President, I'm here to handle the entrance exam. A month ago, I defeated Jiang Lang in the final exam. It seems like I still have a hundred thousand crystal coins as reward."

That day, Qin Yun had just received the reward of ten superior elemental elixirs when he was interrupted by the people from Blue Spirit Star Palace.

When President Zhang heard Qin Yun's voice, he confirmed that it was not an illusion. He asked in surprise, "How did you come out?"

"I made a hole in the top of the pagoda and used the Bone Shrinking Art to shrink my body before running out."

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Hurry up and register for me!"

Principal Zhang's eyebrows twitched. Everyone knew that the Heaven's Punishment Tower was extremely sturdy. Even a ninth level Martial Body cultivator would not be able to escape from it, let alone a fifth level Martial Body teenager.

"You always do things that are against common sense." President Zhang could only accept the fact and go through the procedures for Qin Yun to enter the academy in the new semester.

"Ever since that guy from Blue Spirit Star Palace entered the Martial Arts Academy, his tuition couldn't increase at all. It's worth one hundred thousand crystal coins."

Qin Yun frowned. In order to escape, he had exhausted all his crystal coins in the Heaven Punisher Tower. He smirked and said, "How expensive!"

Principal Zhang handed over a new student token and said, "The tuition fee will increase, so the resources will naturally increase as well. There were a total of ten days in the competition for the new semester. It's already been eight days. Do you want to go? "That's a competition hosted by the Blue Spirit Star Palace. Beast Hunting is the main event."

"Of course!" Qin Yun said hurriedly. He felt a sense of regret that he had missed out on so many days.

On the west side of the Hua Ling Wu Academy, there was a huge garden surrounded by high walls.

Qin Yun followed President Zhang to the entrance of the garden.

This garden had existed for many years and was extremely spacious. It was currently being used for competitions and trials.

Principal Zhang said, "The Blue Spirit Star Palace has gathered a large number of vicious beasts. Their strength is equivalent to a fifth level Martial Body. They need a class team to defeat them."

"And the 9th squad only has you. This requires you to hunt and kill the beasts on your own. Those who kill the most will get the best results and be rewarded."

Qin Yun looked eager as he said with a smile, "Can I go in now?"

"You must be careful of evil beasts! There are only two days left, and you can't kill more than a few of them, so don't force yourself … "

After opening the door, President Zhang wanted to say a few more words before Qin Yun charged in. In a blink of an eye, he was gone.

If one wanted to obtain resources in the Hua Ling Wu Academy or other martial arts academies, one must obtain the best results in these competitions or examinations.

"There are only two days left. I have to hurry and find those evil beasts and try my best to get some rewards. I don't want those 100,000 tuition fees to go down the drain." Qin Yun thought to himself.

"Walla ~ ~ ~"

The sky was overcast and overcast with gray clouds. The rain began to fall heavily, and the weather suddenly changed.

The forest in the trial garden became dark and cold, full of mud.

The rain was pouring heavily, washing away all traces of the evil beasts. It would be even more difficult to track down the evil beasts.

Qin Yun focused his mind to sense the weak aura of the demonic beast …

Evil Beasts were also a type of Monstrous Beast. Because they were affected by the resentment, they became even more ferocious and brutal. Their bodies and auras were different from normal Monstrous Beasts, so it was very easy to distinguish them.

"I got it. I'll try using the Inner Spiritual Rotation skill!" Qin Yun's heart stirred as he released his primordial spirit.

The primordial spirit had a very close connection with the mind. It could unleash a stronger mind energy through the primordial spirit, allowing one to have a better control over it.

Suddenly, Qin Yun discovered something. He rejoiced in his heart, "The primordial spirit is indeed powerful. It allowed me to sense the vicious beast and it was extremely clear!"

The ruthless ferocious beast constantly exuded a ruthless aura. This was a type of mental energy wave that was caught by Qin Yun's primordial spirit.

Moments later, Qin Yun arrived beside a bush …

Suddenly, a grey boar that was overflowing with black gas rushed out!

"Bastard!" Qin Yun roared as he quickly took out the Giant Spirit King Hammer and struck the boar's head with the Thunderous Tremor Style!

The angry thunder roared, followed by the hammer piercing through the wild boar's head, shooting out a fiery red flash!

The wild boar howled and fell to the ground dead!

"Isn't it very strong?" Qin Yun looked at the dead wild boar and curled his lips. He kept it in his storage space and continued searching for the next beast.

He could take down this beast in one strike! If any other student were to see this, they would definitely be shocked by such strength!

One must know that a few days ago, even if the students of both classes joined forces, they were still unable to defeat this wild boar!

Although the evil beasts were savage, they were not stupid at all. They would try their best to avoid more people, and they would not even meet anyone. Thus, catching them was extremely difficult.

However, through his primordial spirit, Qin Yun could easily sense the aura of an evil beast.

When he approached, the beast would discover that there was only one person, and it would immediately jump out, only to be smashed down by his hammer.

Two days had passed, and many people had gathered in front of the entrance to the garden.

There were teachers, officials from the imperial city, and even a few old men from the Blue Spirit Star Palace.

They had come for Qin Yun!

The moment the news of Qin Yun's escape from the Heaven Punisher Tower spread, it shook the entire Heavenly Qin Empire.

Many people knew how terrifying the Heavenly Punisher Tower was. It had imprisoned people at the 9th level of the Body Tempering Realm to death before.

They had originally thought that Qin Yun would be locked up for ten years or even be imprisoned inside.

The scariest thing was that after confirming, the top of the Heaven's Punishment Tower had indeed been burned out from the inside by someone's burning flames.

Qin Yun possessed a purple gold fire martial soul, so the flames he released were extremely terrifying. It was a well-known fact, so he could only believe that fact!

Almost every class had heavily injured students, which showed how powerful the beasts were.

Qin Yun did not come out, but he had already begun counting the various classes' achievements. It was overseen by President Zhang.

The teachers would lend the storage spirit artifacts to their class and let them enter to store the evil beasts.

Now, the class leaders had taken out the beast corpses from their storage spirit artifacts.

After a short while, they finished counting. The group that killed the most were the eight squads, which had a total of nine ferocious beasts.

"Not bad at all. The strength of these evil beasts are so powerful that you can kill one almost every day. It's not easy at all." A middle-aged teacher wearing a blue robe proudly laughed as he patted the head of Class 8's class monitor.

This class monitor's name was Zhao De. His appearance was similar to the old man in the blue robe. It was clear that he was father and son.

The blue-robed middle-aged man was also a disciple of the Blue Spirit Star Palace. He was assigned to be a teacher here, and his name was Zhao Guangwei.

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