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Chapter 90 - Elementary Level

Qin Yun stayed in the Heaven Punisher Tower for half a month. There was still half a month until the start of the next semester.

When he cultivated the Soul Scripture, it could be said that his rate of improvement had increased by leaps and bounds.

His top priority right now was to leave the Heaven Punisher Tower.

"There's something strange about the stone tablets!" When he had released his spiritual energy to cover this layer, he had noticed that the stone tablets were different.

He then took out the glowing stone and shone it on the ground. He discovered that the stone slab in the middle of the floor was different. It was a specially made stone slab.

He carefully examined it for a moment and discovered that there was a five meter wide square diagram here. It was all made up of blocks of stone slabs.

"This kind of stone board can carve spirit inscriptions and form a spirit array?" "The flame that I released earlier was probably absorbed by these stone tablets!" Qin Yun suddenly came up with a plan that could help him leave the Heaven Punisher Tower.

He immediately ran down and picked up all the skeletons from every floor and threw them into the furnace.

"Sorry, I will use your corpses to break this tower." Qin Yun looked at the bones in the furnace and muttered.

Afterwards, he threw in a small piece of Heavy Spirit Jade and all of the demon beast bones.

Qin Yun sent his origin soul out and absorbed a large amount of Nine Yang Energy. He released a strong golden purple flame and poured it into the furnace to burn the various objects.

He had done this often in the Hall of Marking, but it was just that he didn't have that much fused items.

"I need to burn it for a long time. I will take advantage of this time to set up a formation and infuse the internal energy of the purple gold flame at regular intervals to maintain the flame."

He took out his carving knife and a large stack of papers.

He copied that stack of paper when he first entered the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array. The spirit markings inside were the same as the parts of the "Thirty-six spirit markings", so he had mastered the dark markings as well.

He wanted to use the stone tablets on the ground to set up the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array!

"If I release the fire here, it will be immediately absorbed by the stone tablets on the ground. This means that the stone tablets can be used to set up the formation, and once it is set up, the formation can be activated by introducing the Nine Yang Energy into it."

After a few days of carving, Qin Yun had successfully inscribed the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array. It could be channeled outside the tower through the primordial spirit sea and attract Nine Yang energy into the array.

The great thing about the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array was that it could absorb the nine suns' spirit energy and quickly refine it into pure energy.

After the formation was set up, most of the things inside the furnace had also been smelted.

He took out the blueprint of the Giant Spirit King Hammer, and began to hammer and forge according to the shape of the hammer.

The speed at which he landed his hammer was extremely fast. In just a moment, he had hammered several times. In order to forge the materials better, he had even used the Six Forms of Forging Dragon …

Clonk! Clonk! Clonk!

Qin Yun was bare-chested as he executed the first four moves of the six forms of the Dragon-Forging Fist — Thunderclap, Tremor, Flowing Light, and Landslide.

It was all for forging the Giant Spirit King Hammer.

For the next few days, he continued forging hard materials day and night. It was extremely arduous, but luckily, he was able to use his primordial spirit to quickly absorb spiritual energy and replenish his mental and physical energy consumption.

Looking at the hard-earned embryo, he nodded his head in satisfaction.

"I have both the Alchemy Mark and the Strengthening Mark. With the current conditions, I can only temporarily refine the Giant Spirit King Hammer, which is an Inferior Grade Spiritual Artifact!"

The psychic power generated by the cultivation of the Astral Qi was incomparably powerful, capable of allowing him to finish carving the Alchemy Mark without getting tired.

After he finished carving the alchemy patterns, he let out a long sigh. "I'm going to carve a solid seal. This is the first time I'm carving two kinds of spirit patterns on the same artifact!"

When carving the second type of spirit pattern, one would need to use their mental strength to find the most suitable location. It did not conflict with other spirit patterns, and it could not interfere with other spirit patterns.

It was a good thing that he had the blueprint, and it stated how he would do it … Of course, the materials needed for a true Giant Spirit King hammer were not easy to obtain, and there were also many spirit inscriptions.

Qin Yun was currently equipped with the conditions to forge an Inferior Grade Spirit Treasure, the Giant Spirit King Hammer.

It took him several days and nights to carve these two spirit inscriptions onto the black hammer for the first time. It could be said that everything went smoothly.

It was Qin Yun's first time refining it. The conditions were harsh, but he was still able to successfully produce it. It could be said to be very good.

"It's almost school time!" Qin Yun danced around with the low-grade Giant Spirit King Hammer. He had added half a piece of Heavy Spirit Jade.

After being heated up, the Heavy Spirit Jade would gradually become heavier.

Therefore, after heating up the Giant Spirit King hammer, it could also become heavier.

Qin Yun used his strongest flame to heat it. It weighed five thousand Jin!

"Using physical strength to wield the sword is already strenuous, but using inner Qi is still barely adequate. Only by using inner force can it be easily wielded." Qin Yun was extremely satisfied with this.

After resting, he began the final step of his plan.

He walked to the center of the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array and placed the Giant Spirit King Hammer in the center. One side of the hammer was stuck to the ground, while the other side was facing the top of the tower.

Qin Yun stood beside the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array and allowed his primordial spirit to swim out to absorb the nine suns spirit energy outside before channeling it into the formation.

He then used his mind to control it and pour the converted spirit energy from the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array into the Giant Spirit King Hammer.

The Giant Spirit King Hammer absorbed a large amount of Nine Yang Energy and released it through the Alchemy Tattoos, creating a scorching red light that shot straight to the top of the pagoda and continued to shine.

The Alchemy Mark could strengthen the flame by several times, releasing heat.

The amount of spiritual energy released by the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array was equivalent to the amount released by internal force. With such a steady flow of internal energy entering the Giant Spirit King Hammer, the light emitted was extremely scorching.

"It's not enough!" Qin Yun used his mind energy to sense the top of the tower. With a frown, he took out all his crystal and purple crystal coins and poured them into the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array.

In total, it was equivalent to several hundred thousand crystal coins!

Sure enough, the Nine Suns Spirit Convergence Array was able to absorb the spirit energy from the crystal coins at an extremely fast speed. It turned into spirit energy and poured it into the Giant Spirit King Hammer.

The purplish-gold laser suddenly became much thicker.

"I've put in all my effort!" Qin Yun watched as the crystal coins slowly disappeared. He felt a pang in his heart. If he could really get out, it would be worth it.

After several hours, all of the crystal coins had turned into white ashes.

At night, a fist-sized hole appeared on the top of the Heaven Punisher Tower!

The silver moonlight shone through the hole, brightening the pitch-black fifth floor.

"It's a success!" Qin Yun was extremely excited as he kept the stone tablets into his storage space. It was a mini Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array.

He rested for a few hours. After changing into a clean white robe, he jumped up with great force and grabbed the edge of the small hole with his hands. Then, he controlled the bone to shrink the bone, causing the body to shrink.

When Xiao Yue Lan impersonated Xiao Yue Mei, she used this method to reduce her size.

It was only Qin Yun's first attempt, but he had successfully made himself look like a child and drilled out a small hole.

He stood on top of the pagoda and looked at the white belly of the fish on the horizon. He could not help but laugh out loud.

The nine suns slowly rose into the sky, blooming with beautiful morning light. They awakened the creatures on the ground, bringing them limitless vitality.

"A mere broken tower is not enough to lock me up!" Give me ten years, and I'll blast this tower to smithereens. " Qin Yun looked around and did not discover anyone. He jumped down and rushed towards the forbidden zone's gate.

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