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Chapter 88

After Qin Yun entered the Heaven Punisher Tower, he conjured a ball of fire in his palm. It illuminated his surroundings. It was empty inside, with only a staircase.

He climbed the stairs to the second floor, startled.

On the second floor, there were a few faint golden skeletons. They all looked quite old.

He said in a low voice, "7th level of the Martial Body. Its name is Golden Body. It can cultivate light golden bones. These are all 7th level Martial Body. They might even be 8th or 9th level."

On a closer look, there were many broken parts on the bones. Such strong bones could even shatter.

"Could it be because of the collision with the wall?" Qin Yun was alarmed. The tower had had people sealed up before. Furthermore, they were powerful people.

When he arrived at the third floor, aside from a few faint golden human bones on the floor, there was nothing else. It was still as empty as before.

The fourth floor was slightly different. There were only two human bones, and both of them were sitting cross-legged on the floor, dying. The second and third floors were all over the place.

After stepping onto the stairs leading to the fifth level, the flames on Qin Yun's palm suddenly extinguished, causing his entire body to tremble. At this moment, it was pitch-black and extremely quiet. There was no sound at all.

After a moment of shock, he continued to release flames.

Just like before, it was instantly destroyed as soon as it was released. It was extremely strange!

"Who is it?" Qin Yun was alarmed as he shouted loudly.

There was no one, only his reply.

From the storage space of the Nine Yang Divine Spirit, Qin Yun took out a green stone that emitted a faint glow.

After a bit of light shone out, he used his psychic power to scan his surroundings, and his vision became extremely clear.

He had finally reached the fifth floor.

This was also the highest level. Sitting in the middle was a person wearing a black robe. The wrinkles on his face were layer after layer, and under the dim light, it was slightly terrifying.

"Elder …" At the same time, he turned vigilant.

Those imprisoned in the Heaven Punisher Tower must have made a mistake and had to be on guard.

"Dead!" Qin Yun walked over to investigate it carefully before sighing.

If there was a living person, he would know the situation here.

"Ten years? I can't stay in this damn place for ten years, I'll go crazy! " Qin Yun found a spot to sit down and carefully examined the storage space inside the Nine Yang Divine Spirit.

There was a lot of demonic beast meat inside. The Snow Lion that he had killed during his match with Xiao Lang was enough for him to eat for a very long time.

"Ten over Yuan Dan, I wonder if I can cultivate the Soul Scripture!" He took out the Yuan Dan that he had won in this round's end of term exam. Refining the Soul Scripture required a large amount of mental power.

The Yuan Dan contained a dense amount of Nine Yang energy. By absorbing the Nine Yang Spirit, it could condense a large amount of spiritual force.

He ate a Supreme Yuan Pill and started to cultivate with his eyes closed. With such a quiet place, it was not a bad place to cultivate.

Outside the Heaven Punisher Tower, Yang Shiyue looked up at the top of the tower and sighed, "It might not be a bad thing for him to stay inside for ten years."

Principal Zhang who stood beside slightly nodded his head, "The empress's father, who is the country's foreign minister, has already stepped into the Martial Dao Realm. The conclusion has been made. In half a year, if Qin Zheng Feng and Xiao Yue Lan's engagement was successful, they would most likely hold a big wedding quickly. The Emperor may be the Empress, but he may also be the Crown Prince. "

"The empress and the others are closely related to Blue Spirit Star Palace's Western Palace, Nangong and Northern Palace." Yang Shi Yue let out a long sigh and said: "Their strength increases with each passing day. Even if I'm at the ninth level of the martial body at such a young age, I'm afraid I'm still unable to break free from the shackles of fate."

Principal Zhang said, "Dean Qin said that Blue Spirit Star Palace did not come here to impart martial arts. Instead, they treated this place as their last path of retreat. Because they suffered a great defeat in the martial wasteland, they retreated here to amass resources, recruit troops, and wait for their strength to increase before making other plans. "

Yang Shiyue sneered: "I knew it wasn't that simple. The Cloud Dragon Mountain Range is so rich, they must enslave the people here and help them open up the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range to find resources."

Principal Zhang nodded and said with a sigh, "Exactly so. In short, with Qin Yun inside, he will be able to avoid all the disputes over this period of time!" What are your plans for the future? Do you really want to marry to the crown prince of the Heavenly Roar Empire? "

The crown prince of the Heavenly Roar Empire was also a mysterious figure who was already over thirty years old and rarely showed his face. It was said that he had reached the Martial Dao Realm and was an extremely terrifying figure.

"I don't know. I'll enter the Blue Spirit Star Palace and meditate for a while before I say anything else!" Yang Shiyue sighed and said.

"Let's go, we'll come back in ten years!" Principal Zhang said.

Although the Heaven Punisher Tower had no windows, Qin Yun could clearly hear the conversation between Principal Zhang and Yang Shiyue from inside!

"Prince Tianxiao..." He actually stepped into the martial dao realm. The Heavenly Roar Royal Family was indeed the strongest among the three empires!

"I can step into the Martial Dao Realm too!" Teacher, wait for me. I will definitely help you! "

Qin Yun composed himself and continued cultivating.

He had the Oscillating Martial Spirit, the mysterious Nine Yang Divine Spirit, and the mysterious heart of martial arts. That was why he had such confidence.

Of course, the most important thing right now was to leave the Heaven Punisher Tower as soon as possible.

He couldn't wait ten years, not even ten months.

In about half a year, it would be the grand engagement between Qin Zheng Feng and Xiao Yue Lan. He had to attend it.

After more than a few days, Qin Yun had only consumed five elemental elixirs.

Even though he hadn't cultivated the Heart Sutra, he realized that his comprehension of the Mysterious Yang Tactic had reached a whole new level.

He had long since cultivated the Xuan Yang Tactic to the great perfection stage and was able to draw out the spirit energy within. This was a realm that very few people could touch.

After a few days of meditation and comprehension, he had a strange feeling when he was using his elemental energy. It was as if he was about to reach the acme of perfection.

The mastery of martial arts is divided into initial stage, initial stage, mastery, perfection stage, and the legendary perfection stage. I've already mastered the Xuan Yang Tactic to perfection stage.

Qin Yun was filled with anticipation as he focused all his attention to comprehend the Black Yang Tactic and began breaking through to the Perfection Stage.

Even though the Xuan Yang Tactic was only a high-grade martial art, it also had a stage of perfection.

It was only a conceptual stage. Even the creator of the Mysterious Yang Tactic might not have been able to cultivate it to this stage.

He focused on the last chapter of the [Black Yang Mantra] as he breathed in and out non-stop.

The speed of his breathing became faster and faster!

It rotated rapidly and breathed rapidly, expanding and contracting at a very rapid rate.

In order to maintain this state, Qin Yun had no choice but to consume the remaining five elemental elixirs.

In this state, it required a large amount of spiritual energy to be absorbed. The Heavenly Punishments Tower was isolated from the outside world, and was unable to absorb spiritual energy at all.

Previously, he needed a few days to refine five over elemental elixirs. But now, after a day, he had completely refined all the spirit energy from the five Yuan Dan beads.

He looked into his dantian and was suddenly surprised to find that there was a strange white ball of Qi inside it.

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