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Chapter 87 Heaven Punisher Tower

Jiang Lang possessed a legendary martial spirit and was at the sixth level of the Martial Body realm. Yet, he was actually defeated in a single blow. It could be said that he had been defeated in a single stomp!

In the quiet training field, the people from Blue Spirit Star Palace and the Jiang family rushed up to the stage.

"Both his internal Qi and Martial Spirit have dispersed …" The head of the Jiang family said with a trembling voice and a sobbing tone.

Those from Blue Spirit Star Palace also had ashen faces. They were filled with endless grief!

Below the dueling platform, the Queen looked at the extremely calm Qin Yun and felt her heart shudder. An inexplicable sense of fear overwhelmed her.

The River Wave that she had thought highly of had been destroyed by Qin Yun with a single strike!

"This is the Xuan Level Martial Arts' Qi Explosion Technique, and it is also at the Great Perfection Stage. The Qi is as explosive as lightning, where did you learn it from?" An elder from Blue Spirit Star Palace glowered at Qin Yun and roared.

Qin Yun was alarmed when he saw his Qi Explosion Technique was seen through. However, he remained expressionless and said coldly, "No comment!"

Just now, he had used the Oscillating Martial Spirit to release the Oscillating Inner Qi which flowed through every part of his body.

When the sound wave attacked, it was completely repelled by the vibrating power, which was why it was completely unharmed.

The vibrating power completely restrained the sound wave of the river!

"Do you know what you did?" The old man from the Star Palace shouted in anger.

The student who possessed a legendary martial spirit had their martial spirits and inner qi dispersed!

Qin Yun grunted and said, "Such a tournament like this is a matter of life and death. Didn't Jiang Lang kill a few students earlier?" Why can't I see your anger and regret? And Jiang Lang is still alive! "

"Jiang Lang possesses a legendary martial spirit!" If not for President Zhang beside him, he would definitely have attacked Qin Yun.

Qin Yun said with a sneer, "The survival of the fittest is a cruel competition." Jiang Lang was extremely ruthless. In a sparring match, his actions were ruthless and merciless. He had never given anyone a chance to do so! He himself had always said that being weak meant death, and now I was simply returning the favor."

"But I'm not as vicious as him, so I gave him a chance to live!"

Even if Jiang Lang was still alive, it would still be more painful than death!

"If he can't even beat a trash of my bloodline, what's the use of having a legendary martial spirit? You all actually think of him as a treasure, truly ridiculous! "

The people from Blue Spirit Star Palace and the Jiang family were furious. Their hearts were aching and they had been mocked by Qin Yun.

Everyone could see that even though Qin Yun had defeated Jiang Lang with overwhelming strength, he was still looked down upon by the Blue Spirit Star Palace because he only had a bloodline!

President Zhang hurriedly walked over and announced loudly, "The final examination of the freshmen has ended. Qin Yun has won and he has received the rewards of ten or more elemental elixirs. He will be able to stay in the Qi Gathering Courtyard for two months and reduce his tuition fees for the next semester."

The reward was not bad, especially since it allowed him to stay in the Qi Gathering Courtyard.

Inside the Qi Gathering Courtyard, there was a Qi Gathering Great Formation. It was a place where teachers trained in seclusion, and the principal was also inside.

After Qin Yun took the ten plus elemental elixir pills, an elder from the Blue Spirit Star Palace shouted, "He destroyed the only student of the Hua Ling Wu Academy who had awakened a legendary martial soul. He must be punished.

"You should know that most of the martial arts in the Hua Ling Martial Arts Academy were provided by our ancestor, Lan Xiao. Do as I ask!"

The few elders wanted to capture Qin Yun but they were stopped by President Zhang.

"We must punish him, or else we will close down the entire Hua Ling Wu Academy!" The Star Palace elder's attitude was very unyielding. It seemed that he had the ability to do so.

Suddenly, an ethereal voice came from nowhere. Layers after layers of voices sounded out, giving people quite a shock.

The voice said, "Qin Yun ignored the severity of the matter and crippled the precious student who possessed the legendary martial soul. "But Jiang Lang's crimes are unforgivable. His methods are cruel and vicious, and he is a killer addict."

"I will send Qin Yun to the Heaven Punisher Tower for ten years to repent. Is it possible for me to punish him like this? "

Although the person who spoke did not show up, everyone knew that he was the mysterious dean of the Hua Ling Wu Academy, Qin Yonghe!

The Heaven Punisher Tower was a tower that no one could open except the principal.

There was no spiritual energy in the cave. After being locked in for ten years, it was equivalent to wasting ten years of cultivation time.

"If we don't let him out within ten years, we accept." The old man from Blue Spirit Star Palace spoke. He could feel the aura Qin Yonghe exuded, and his tone had also softened quite a bit.

"The rules of the Heaven's Punishment Tower were set by Grandmaster Lan Xiao. If he could escape, he would be able to regain his freedom. Therefore, within ten years, Qin Yun will be able to leave the Heaven Punisher Tower on his own.

Qin Yonghe still did not show himself. He used his internal energy to send a sound transmission over.

Even those from the Blue Spirit Star Palace were secretly shocked by such a deep level of inner strength.

Qin Yun gritted his teeth. He was extremely unwilling to accept the punishment.

"Qin Yun, I know that you are unwilling to accept this, but this is all for the purpose of allowing the entire Hua Ling Wu Academy to continue operating!"

"I, Qin Yonghe, guarantee that after ten years, when you leave the Heaven Punisher Tower, as long as I am still alive, I will definitely compensate you for all the losses you've suffered during these ten years." Qin Yonghe's words made the empress and the others uneasy.

Qin Yonghe was mysterious and strong, he would definitely keep his word. If Qin Yun came out ten years later and obtained compensation, he would also be able to rise to prominence in a short period of time.

"With our Blue Spirit Star Palace here, this area will surely be turned upside down in ten years." The old man from the Star Palace sneered.

Qin Yun gritted his teeth. President Zhang was already behind him. He said with a sigh, "Qin Yun, I'll bring you to the Heaven Punisher Tower!"

Just like that, everyone watched as Qin Yun was taken away towards the Heaven Punisher Tower.

The people from Blue Spirit Star Palace, the Jiang family, the empress and company were worried. They followed him because they wanted to see Qin Yun imprisoned in the tower with their own eyes.

The center area of the Hua Ling Wu Academy was surrounded by high walls, heavily guarded.

The Martial Arts Library, Heaven's Punishment Tower, and the Qi Gathering Courtyard were all located in this area.

The Heaven's Punishment Tower wasn't too far away from the Martial Arts Pavilion. It was only five stories tall, and its exterior was a deep green. It was covered in rust, as though it was made of ancient bronze. It was dusty and cobwebbed, and had not been opened for some time.

The group of people followed behind President Zhang and Qin Yun to the entrance of the Heaven Punisher Tower. The door automatically opened and it was pitch black inside. Waves of a sinister wind that carried an obsolete aura blew out, causing one's hair to stand.

"Qin Yun, if you have the ability to destroy this tower from the inside, you will not have to be locked up for ten years!" Qin Yonghe's voice drifted over, becoming clearer, as if he was in the vicinity.

The old man from the Star Palace sneered. "The Heaven Punisher Tower is a king level spirit artifact refined by our Blue Spirit Star Palace. It is incomparably sturdy. How could it be so easily broken?"

Qin Yun secretly took a deep breath. He never expected the tower to be a King grade spirit artifact.

After a moment of shock, he asked, "Dean Qin, if I can really come out, can you give me some compensation?"

After a moment of silence, Qin Yonghe replied, "Yes, but the compensation is up to me!"

"Alright!" Qin Yun strode into the tower as the door slowly closed behind him.

"There's no spirit energy inside, and there's no food. I can't even say if he'll live for ten years. He actually wants to destroy the Heaven Punisher Tower and come out! Dream on!" Seeing Qin Yun enter, the people from the Star Palace vented their anger.

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