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Chapter 85 - Strongest Freshmen

Jiang Lang was wearing a set of blue brocade robes that were a bit similar to those worn by the disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace.

He walked over with an arrogant expression, his entire body exuding a sense of pride.

Amongst the new students, he was the one with the highest cultivation. Everyone felt that he had the ability to be arrogant.

Jiang Lang struck out with his fist with great strength and ferociously smashed onto the huge drum!

The deafening sound of the drum exploded out. Those who were slightly closer to the drum could feel their blood roiling within their bodies.

Everyone's eardrums suddenly buzzed as they looked towards the sky!

The stone on the drum was knocked flying very high, and the human eye could no longer see it clearly.

Only people with good eyesight would be able to see a dot!

The parrot immediately flew up and only descended a short while later.

"Five thousand! Five thousand!" cried the parrot, and seemed very surprised.

All the students were stunned!

Even the older students, who were at the fifth level of the Martial Body realm, were deeply shocked by the strength of this inner force!

"This is the power of the sixth level of the Martial Body realm!"

"I've heard that there were people in the 6th level of the Martial Body realm who tested it before. At most, it would only be three to four thousand meters."

"Truly terrifying, this is simply a monster! If the rank 6 beast were to face him, it would probably be solved in a single move! "

"It seems that the Sound Wave Martial Spirit has given Jiang Lang a powerful strength!"

As everyone was discussing in surprise, they suddenly heard someone shout, "Qin Yun is about to take the test too!"

Qin Yun was only at the fifth level of the martial body, but with his purple gold fire martial soul, his internal force was definitely not weak.

So, everyone was also looking forward to it. Especially the old students who were at the fifth level of the Martial Body. That was because they were able to see the difference in strength.

In the eyes of the old students at the fifth level of the martial body, Qin Yun was very strong.

Especially his performance at the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Tournament; it could be said that he had shocked three great empires, and his reputation was well-known everywhere.

Qin Yun walked over and channeled the internal energy of his purple gold fire martial spirit. He slammed it into the gigantic drum with a loud bang.

The stones on the drum also flew very high, but it could still be seen that they were not as high as the ones on the river.

After the parrot had flown up for a while, it shouted, "3,700 meters!"


The older students cried out in surprise. This height was not as high as Jiang Lang, but it was above all the older students who were at the fifth level of the Martial Body realm!

It was even higher than those who were at the sixth level of the Martial Body realm in the past.

Qin Yun was only at the fifth level of the martial body. His internal force was already so strong. If he were to reach the sixth level of the martial body, he might even surpass Jiang Lang!

Qin Yun did not use Oscillating Inner Force. Otherwise, he would have definitely surpassed Rivers and Rivers. If they were to use it here, it would be very easy for it to be exposed.

"If I were to use Shock Inner Force, its strength would not be any weaker than Jiang Lang!" Qin Yun thought to himself. At that moment, he had a good idea of Jiang Lang's strength.

Jiang Lang looked at Qin Yun from afar. His eyes were filled with a dark ruthlessness.

He possessed a legendary martial soul, so he was supposed to be the most dazzling freshman in the Hua Ling Wu Academy. However, Qin Yun had been trying his best to steal the limelight.

Now that he had stepped into the sixth level of the martial body, he finally received attention. However, he felt that it was not enough. He had to destroy Qin Yun in order to be able to lift his eyebrows and take back his glory!

Empress, West Palace of Blue Spirit Star Palace, Profound Sky Academy … They all hoped that Jiang Lang could destroy Qin Yun completely. If he could do so, he would definitely receive a generous reward.

By noon, the first round of examination had already ended. Half of the freshmen had actually failed the examination, and these students had all gone back to pack their bags in despair.

The students who passed the first round of examinations would be competing in the afternoon!

In the first round of the internal force strength test, Jiang Lang steadily sat at the first place and received the reward of two Upper Yuan pills. Qin Yun was number two. He had obtained a Superior Yuan Pill and his third was 20,000 crystal coins.

Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue sat together on a bench at the side of the plaza to rest.

Yang Shiyue crossed her arms with a cold expression as she looked at the distant Jiang Lang. She said coldly, "Qin Yun, Jiang Lang has an extremely bad character. He is the most vicious person you have ever faced!"

"I'll be careful!" He had long known of Jiang Lang's notoriety, and he was in cahoots with the Queen.

He looked at River Wave that was far away from the Martial Arts Practice Hall and noticed that there were two old men from Blue Spirit Star Palace. They should be from the West Palace. There were also a few people from the Jiang family.

"The empress is here!" Yang Shiyue looked in the direction of the plaza and said softly.

The Queen wore a simple purple dress, and she only brought a few old officials, including the Duke of Yan.

This was not the Imperial Palace, and their authority had to be restrained here, so there was no such grand display.

"It seems like they are extremely confident in Jiang Lang. Even this wicked woman did not come when Qin Feng was sparring with me last time." Qin Yun said coldly.

"In the future, when Qin Zheng Feng ascends the throne to become the emperor, he will need the assistance of a talented martial genius like Jiang Lang. She is also trying to win over people, and she wants to see if you will lose miserably at Jiang Lang's hands." Yang Shiyue sneered.

The Queen's expression was ice-cold. She exuded an icy arrogance as she looked at Qin Yun. Her eyes could not hide the monstrous killing intent as a sinister light flashed in her eyes. It was filled with hatred.

The second round of the assessment began. It split into two groups to compete. Qin Yun and Jiang Lang were not in the same group.

They would compete on two different arenas.

It was a competition between freshmen. Against Qin Yun and Jiang Lang, they had no hope of winning.

Fortunately, this round of the exam was only for the comprehensive exam. No matter who won, they would not be kicked out of the Martial Arts Academy.

The only difference was that those who competed with Qin Yun only suffered minor injuries. They could even obtain some pointers.

As for the two who had fought against Jiang Lang, they were both heavily injured. Later on, as long as a student stepped on the stage, he would immediately admit defeat. Otherwise, he would definitely be beaten into a cripple by Jiang Lang.

At this moment, everyone had a good impression of Qin Yun. They felt that he had the demeanor of a martial arts expert. While sparring with others, he gave pointers and pointed out their flaws.

The students that had competed with Qin Yun were no longer afraid of forces like the Empress. They thanked him for his advice in front of their faces!

Compared to him, Jiang Lang, who had attacked viciously, was definitely superior.

The empress and senior officials were all itching in their teeth as they watched.

And when Jiang Lang heard everyone secretly praising Qin Yun, he wished that he could kill those people.

After six hours of sparring, the final victors of the two teams were Qin Yun and Jiang Lang. They were going to engage in a final duel!

When they came up on stage, Duan Qian and President Zhang advised Qin Yun not to go up.

This was because they could all see that in order to raise their prestige, the Blue Spirit West Palace had spent a month to nurture Jiang Lang, all so that he could achieve a complete victory in this exam!

Qin Yun was the most outstanding youth among the three empires. As long as he was young, everyone wanted to defeat him and raise their reputation. It was the same even for Jiang Lang, who possessed a legendary martial soul!

There were more and more people in the Martial Arts Practice Grounds. Everyone was filled with anticipation. Who was the most outstanding freshman in the Hua Ling Martial Arts School? It all depended on this battle!

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