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Chapter 84 Drum Measurement

Yang Shiyue's words also showed that she would enter the Blue Spirit Star Palace in the future. With her talent, she could easily become a disciple of the Blue Spirit Star Palace.

Qin Yun did not have a good impression of Blue Spirit Star Palace. The main reason was because he had encountered a disciple like Du Yayuan.

"Teacher, I will definitely strive for the best results and obtain the best resources in the end of term exam." Qin Yun was very confident.

"If I can perform exceptionally well, it is said that I will be able to obtain the personal guidance of the Principal. I can even obtain a martial arts technique!" Yang Shiyue also had confidence in Qin Yun. Amongst this batch of new students, he was the strongest.

Qin Yun suddenly recalled something that Yang Shiyue had mentioned before. He asked, "Teacher, you said earlier that Blue Spirit Star Palace would be stationed in the Martial Academies?"

Yang Shiyue nodded: "Blue Spirit Star Palace gives each Martial Arts School a lot of resources, so each Martial Arts Academy agrees to move in. If everything goes according to plan, there will be people from the Blue Spirit Star Palace at the beginning of the next semester. They will be holding important positions in each of the Martial Academies. "

You don't have to worry. The headmaster told me before that the Blue Spirit Palace is divided into four palaces. The four palaces are at odds with each other, and there are fights between the two palaces.

The heavy spirit jade, flying spirit stone, and ethereal stone that they had obtained had flown out during the battle.

Qin Yun thought of starting the final exam in a month's time and immediately going into seclusion to cultivate. He had to cultivate in depth before he could condense his Soul Scripture.

If one's martial arts was improved, their strength would also increase by a lot.

The reason why he had the advantage in numerous martial arts competitions was because he had a very good grasp of martial arts.

Although other people's martial skills were of a high rank, they were at most at the initial stage or initial stage. They could not display the power of their inner strength more.

His martial arts were not of a high level, but he could grasp it to the great perfection or even great perfection. He could dig up the potential power of inner force and burst it out with a very strong power.

Many students were preparing for the final exam. If they couldn't pass, they would have to leave the Hua Ling Wu Academy.

One must know that many students consume a large amount of family resources in order to enter the Hua Ling Martial Arts Academy. If they were expelled from the Hua Ling Martial Arts Academy, they would be despised by the clan behind them, and would never be able to lift up their heads again.

A month passed by quickly, especially for those who were cultivating all day. They were completely unaware of the passage of time.

Over the past month, Qin Yun had cultivated his explosive force to Perfection.

The power of the perfect Qi Explosion Technique was very terrifying. The energy of the Qi Explosion was like thunder!

In this period of time, he had sparred with Yang Shi Yue many times, so his battle prowess had greatly improved.

"Jiang Lang just returned from the Blue Spirit Star Palace. His progress was very fast, going from the fifth level of the martial body to the sixth level. There were many people who questioned the strength of the Blue Spirit Star Palace before, but now they all want to enter."

"It looks like the Blue Spirit Star Palace has also used Jiang Lang as their name and nurtured him well."

Yang Shiyue returned from outside and told Qin Yun the latest news.

Jiang Lang possessed a legendary martial soul and his spirit vein wasn't bad either, so it was natural for him to be valued.

However, no one had expected the Blue Spirit Star Palace to have the ability to help Jiang Lang break through to the sixth level of the Martial Body realm within a month!

Qin Yun was at the stage where he cultivated the Soul Scripture. Only by passing this stage could he attempt to break through to the sixth level of the Martial Body realm. Therefore, it was extremely difficult for him to advance to the sixth level of the Martial Body.

Yang Shiyue patted Qin Yun on the shoulder and said with a chuckle, "Stay calm and don't feel too pressured! Xiao Lang is also at the sixth level of the Martial Body, but he is not your opponent! The power of Jiang Lang lies in his Sound Wave Martial Spirit. Just pay attention to one thing. "

"If I were to compete with him, I would need to be extremely careful of the sound waves." Qin Yun nodded. The powerful sound waves were able to create tremors.

The sound wave also relied on vibration to spread. He felt that his vibrating strength should be able to resist the sound wave.

Within the Hua Ling Martial Arts Academy, the largest training field was located in the front of the Martial Arts Academy. It was extremely spacious and bustling with noise and excitement early in the morning.

Yang Shiyue and Qin Yun were dressed in simple white attire as they came to the training grounds together.

Many students were here, preparing for the final exam.

When they saw Qin Yun, they whispered to each other.

"There will definitely be a martial arts match in the end of term exam! Amongst the freshmen, Qin Yun and Jiang Lang were the strongest, so the final battle would definitely be between them. "

"Qin Yun is still at the fifth level of the martial body, right?" Although he had defeated Xiao Lang before, he had only used weapons and a large number of talismans. These things are not allowed to be used in the Martial Arts Competition of our Hua Ling Martial Arts School. If Qin Yun did not use weapons or spirit runes, he would definitely be crushed by the waves of the river. "

"The Sound Wave Martial Spirit is a legendary martial spirit, but it is also an extremely violent martial spirit. It is said that anyone who had fought with Jiang Lang before would have extremely miserable injuries and deaths."

"Jiang Lang has trained in the Blue Spirit Star Palace before. He must have mastered a profound sonic wave martial art and is even stronger!"

Once Jiang Lang defeated Qin Yun, he would be able to make Blue Spirit Star Palace even more famous. Therefore, he would definitely put in a lot of effort for him!

The freshmen gathered together and began the first round of the end-of-term assessment.

The first round of the exam was to test the strength of one's inner strength.

The rule was that the students who took the exam had to heavily strike a custom-made beast skin drum.

A special stone was placed on the surface of the leather drum.

The stronger the inner force, the stronger the drum sound. The special stone on the leather drum would rise higher and higher to determine the strength of the inner force.

"The vibration caused by your drum beats requires you to raise the rock to a hundred meters before it is considered qualified."

"If you enter the top three, you will be rewarded with elixirs or crystal coins, starting now."

An old man came and announced loudly.

Qin Yun and the other students began to queue up, waiting to beat the drum.

There were at least three lines, and Jiang Lang was in another row.


A student hit the drum, producing a dull sound. The rock on the drum immediately rose up and then stopped in the air.

On the old referee's shoulder, a parrot that could speak human language immediately flew up to measure.

The parrot was a spirit bird. Not only could it speak human language, it could also determine the exact height.

After the parrot flew down, it shouted in a hoarse voice, "95 meters, 95 meters, not qualified, not qualified!"

The expression on the student's face suddenly changed. He was extremely dejected and almost cried out.

Upon seeing this, the other students started to worry secretly in their hearts. This was because they were the same as the other student. They were both only at the fourth level of the Martial Body realm, and were most likely unqualified.

Amongst the freshmen, there were only a few that were able to step into the fifth level of the Martial Body realm.


Drum beats sounded out as batches of students tested the strength of their inner strength. After testing over a dozen of them, only half of them passed.

Boom! A loud sound suddenly rang out. The specially made stone on the giant drum rose up high, definitely exceeding a hundred meters.

With a single glance, he knew that the person was at the fifth level of the Martial Body realm.

"800 meters, 800 meters!" The parrot and the spirit bird flew down from above and said.

This made many of the freshmen envious!

Many students at the fourth level of the Martial Body realm could only barely cover a hundred meters. It could be seen that the strength of the inner strength at the fifth level of the Martial Body was much stronger than that at the fourth level.

"It's the Jiang!" A person suddenly shouted in shock.

Jiang Lang was at the sixth level of the Martial Body. His inner strength was definitely not weak. Everyone was looking forward to seeing how strong he was.

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