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Chapter 72 Hidden Dragon First

Xiao Yue Mei rushed into the fire wave and suddenly felt a wave of inner strength coming towards her. To her great surprise, such strong inner strength was actually created by someone at the fifth level of the Martial Body realm.


Qin Yun punched out with the Meteor Shattering Fist as he released his inner strength. Like two falling stars, it struck Xiao Yue Mei's body, forcing her to take a few steps back!

"Did it work?" Qin Yun's arms were in excruciating pain as he slumped to the ground. As for his surroundings, flames still burned around him.

No one could see Qin Yun amidst the flames. They could only wait for the flames to disperse!

The purple gold flames Xiao Yue Mei released were extremely intense, causing Qin Yun to feel a burning sensation!

Qin Yun cultivated in fire as well. With his purple gold fire martial soul, he could use the fire's internal elemental energy to withstand the flames. If not, he would have been burnt to ashes.

He could not see what was going on outside, nor could anyone see him, for there was fire all around.

Qin Yun's arms were in extreme pain. He no longer wanted to move. He only wanted to sit there quietly and wait for the final result.

With a whoosh, the fire started to shake violently again!

Xiao Yue Mei had attacked again, causing Qin Yun's heart to skip a beat!

Although the attack just now was very strong, it did not injure her!

Inside the flames, Qin Yun looked at the girl in white as she entered. When he saw her face, he could not help but be stunned.

The young girl's mask had been shattered. When she came in, she saw Qin Yun's face. The angry expression on that jade-like face also carried a look of surprise!

Qin Yun's Meteor Shower did not harm her, but it destroyed her mask!

It was a familiar and beautiful face.

Xiao Yueran!

This woman was actually Xiao Yueran!

However, Qin Yun was very sure that Xiao Yueran was not that short and was slightly taller. Other than that, she was exactly the same as Xiao Yueran!

Not long ago, Xiao Yue Lan had secretly entered the Hua Ling Wu Academy and met with him once. That was why he remembered her very clearly.

"It's you!"

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan said in unison!

"You are not Xiao Yue Mei!" Qin Yun took a deep breath and exclaimed in surprise, "You are Xiao Yuelan!"

He could not understand why Xiao Yuelan would appear here.

However, this could explain why even if he did his best, he could not hurt his opponent in the slightest!

Because Xiao Yuelan, who competed against him in martial arts, was a martial artist at the eighth level of the Martial Body realm!

"My sister doesn't want to fight, so I came to see her, and I helped her fight!" Xiao Yuelan coldly replied, "I used the Bone Shrinking Art, so its size is the same as my little sister."

The corners of Qin Yun's mouth twitched slightly. No one knew that Xiao Yuelan, who was at the eighth level of the martial body, had come out to battle in her sister's place, even though she was wearing a mask.

They were blood sisters, and could pass the test of dripping blood on the stage.

"Alright, you win!" Qin Yun sighed helplessly.

Now that he knew his opponent was Xiao Yuelan, who was at the eighth level of the Martial Body, he could only resign himself to his fate.

Xiao Yueran took out another mask and put it on her face, saying: "Take care of yourself!"

Qin Yun found those words inexplicable and fascinating. Just as he wanted to say something, he realized that the flames had suddenly disappeared from his surroundings. At this moment, everyone had seen his true appearance!

Many people present had seen him before, and after seeing his face, they were all shocked!

"This... Isn't that Qin Yun? "

"It's Qin Yun!"

"He's actually dragon slayer! It's Qin Yun!"

The Hidden Dragon Martial Field instantly boiled with noise and surprise. It was evident how unexpected this event was!

Everyone was shocked!

Qin Zheng Feng and Qin Feng looked at each other in dismay!

Especially Qin Feng. While he was surprised, he was extremely jealous because he had suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Qin Yun!

Qin Zhengfeng clenched his fists tightly. He knew about Qin Yun, but he had never seen Qin Yun's strength with his own eyes.

Now that he saw it with his own eyes, he did not expect that the impoverished prince, whose four spirit veins had been destroyed a few years ago, would actually be the "Dragon-slaying" masked man that caused a sensation throughout the imperial city!

"It's this damn guy again!" Wei Xuankun scolded in a low voice.

"Princess Yue Mei, quickly kill him!" Yan Yun's face was filled with anger as she shouted, "Don't give him the chance to admit defeat!"

"Get rid of him!" Qin Tianyi also scuttled to the side of the martial stage and shouted loudly: "It was this fellow that severely injured Xiao Lang. Quickly, take revenge for your royal brother!"

"Yue Mei, hurry up and finish him off. This man cultivates a demonic art, he's a disaster!" Qin Feng shouted: "Moreover, he was once your sister's fiance. If you don't kill him, he will be a stain on your sister's life!"

Many of the disciples of the famous sects were originally jealous of Qin Yun. Now, in order to curry favor with Skyhowl and Tianqin, they shouted loudly for Xiao Yue Mei to quickly kill Qin Yun!

Qin Yun sat on the ground as though he was a cripple. The skin on his arms was cracked as it fell to the ground, injuring him severely.

He didn't have any strength left, he couldn't even speak, and was waiting for Xiao Yuelan's next attack.

The seniors were extremely shocked. If they had not seen it with their own eyes, they definitely would not have believed that Qin Yun possessed such strength!

Especially when he had competed with Xiao Lang in the previous matches, all the beast skin talismans that he had thrown out must have been crafted by him. Also, that hammer technique was unfathomable. It was capable of defeating Xiao Lang!

Such talent was comparable to many of the students who were specially recruited to the Black Level Martial Arts Academy!

Xiao Yuelan stood proudly as she stared at Qin Yun, who was sitting on the ground, with her eyes beneath the mask …

Everyone thought it was strange. Why was she not attacking for so long?

With just a casual move, he would be able to kill Qin Yun and make a name for himself!

Of course, only Qin Yun knew that she was Xiao Yuelan!

Suddenly, she made her move!

Everyone immediately boiled with excitement as they saw her grab Qin Yun by the neck. It was very easy for her to lift up the scarred Qin Yun.

"If you don't want to die, don't tell anyone about me replacing Yue Mei!" Xiao Yuelan's voice was as sharp as a thread. It traveled into Qin Yun's ears before he put him down. She then turned around and walked down from the dueling platform.

Xiao Yuelan actually walked down the stage!

This caused everyone to be dumbstruck. They couldn't believe their eyes!

Going down the stage meant admitting defeat!

She actually gave up the victory that was right in front of her!

Just why was this happening? Everyone was stunned by her actions!

Even Qin Yun could not believe that it was true.

He had always thought that Xiao Yue Lan hated him to the core.

Because he was once Xiao Yuelan's fiancé, and women really wanted to have a good reputation. Moreover, his previous bad reputation could be said to be a stain on her, the daughter of heaven!

But at this moment, Xiao Yue Lan had actually given him the first place!

Qin Feng and Ye Chonglei clenched their teeth as they looked at Qin Yun. They were so jealous that their eyes turned red!

It was because they had heard many people discussing in hushed tones about how Xiao Yue Mei admired Qin Yun. That was why they had given up the first match …

"Dragon-slaying victory, advancing to the first rank of the Hidden Dragon Rank!" The referee shouted after a moment of shock.

A person at the fifth level of the Martial Body realm actually fought to the number one on the Hidden Dragon Rank!

Now, the second was the powerful Xiao Yue Mei, no one dared to challenge her.

As long as she continued like this, it would be difficult for anyone to shake the position of first place.

Yang Shiyue was astonished as she walked up to the dueling platform and helped Qin Yun off!

The old officials from the Heavenly Qin Empire could only watch helplessly as Qin Yun was taken away.

Back then, the crown prince that they had crippled with their own hands was now as talented as Qin Zhengfeng and Qin Feng.

This meant that, in the future, there was a great possibility that he would become a martial arts grandmaster with unparalleled strength, or even a grandmaster with mystical prints. This caused many people to be worried!

"Could it be that Xiao Yue Mei has set her eyes on Qin Yun?" Although Qin Yun's strength is inferior to hers, his talent is not bad either. He is still the youngest Symbol Master and possesses a purple gold fire martial spirit! "

"It's not bad for Xiao Yuelan to marry the crown prince and Xiao Yue Mei to marry Qin Yun!"

"This is going to be fun, the Heavenly Qin Empress definitely won't be able to sleep well!"

Everyone was talking about it.

Qin Zhengfeng, Qin Feng, and Qin Tianyi, the three princes of Tianqin, all had extremely ugly expressions on their faces.

Especially Qin Feng. He wished to obtain Xiao Yue Mei's heart, but Xiao Yue Mei did not look at him directly!

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