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Chapter 61

If there was a competition among the top ten, it would be held on the biggest fighting stage, namely the one in the middle of the Hidden Dragon Martial Field.

Qin Yun stood beneath Stage Number 1 as he stared at the exquisite and adorable face of Qi Meilan. He thought back to the many memories of his childhood that he had nearly forgotten … Only when someone poked his waist did he come back to his senses.

"Ah... "It's …" He saw a masked man, but he still recognized that it was Yang Shiyue.

"What are you staring at?!" Yang Shiyue laughed softly. She wore a white mask, white clothes and a bamboo hat, concealing herself well.

Qin Yun only smiled and did not say a word. There were people all around him, so it was inconvenient for him to speak.

After a referee shouted "Begin!", the battle between the two princesses of the Qi Kingdom officially began.

Qi Xue's first move was extremely vicious. If she wasn't scratching her face, she would definitely kick her shady self. Such a vicious move caused many people to furrow their brows.

Qin Yun was alarmed when he saw this. He felt that the hatred she had for her opponent was only so much. Furthermore, they were both Princess Tianqi!

Only he was able to deeply understand that this was a very normal thing in the Imperial Clan. If it wasn't for the Nine Yang Spirit changing his situation, he might have already died a horrible death.

Qi Meili bit her lower lip as she continuously dodged Qi Xue's attacks. Her adorable face was filled with grief. Qi Xue was her elder sister, yet she had actually used such a vicious martial skill to attack her.

"Qi Meilan's martial skills are being suppressed at every turn. All of the martial skills Qi Xue learned are meant to restrain her." Yang Shiyue also felt indignant and snorted in a low voice.

Suddenly, someone shouted, "Qi Meilan's mother is a palace maid, and Princess Qi Xue's mother is the main imperial concubine. That slut Qi Meilian is far inferior to Princess Qi Xue."

"So Qi Meilan is the daughter of a smelly servant. Mother naturally doesn't have any power. No wonder her martial skills are so clumsy."

"It looks like Qi Xue is going to win!"

The people who spoke were all disciples of famous sects. Qin Yun did not need to inquire to be able to tell that they were doing so for the sake of making Qi Xue happy.

Even if she was a princess, if her mother was a palace maid, her status would be very low in the palace.

Besides, Qi Meilien's mother had already died long ago. It was already extremely rare for her to grow up in such an environment!

Hearing so many people talking about her mother, Qi Meilian was in a terrible mood. Furthermore, facing such a vicious attack from Qi Xue, she could only concede, "I …"

However, just as she said that, Qi Xue's palms shot out and released two streams of ice and snow inner force, which were like two ruthless and cold swords, stabbing into Qi Meili's body.

Qi Meilan had already admitted defeat, so she did not have any form of defense. She did not expect Qi Xue to be so vicious as to actually want to kill her.

When everyone saw this innocent young girl sent flying by the fierce ice and snow, they could only inwardly sigh. In the Imperial Clan's battle, no one dared to interfere, otherwise they would only offend powerful nobles.

Qin Yun was infuriated as he leaped up and caught Qi Meili who had flown out of the dueling platform. At the same time, he channeled a warm stream of purple gold fire internal force to help her heal her injuries.

Qi Xue had already flown down from the battling platform and attacked the beautiful lotus in the distance with her palm, releasing a surge of inner strength.

Qin Yun hurriedly blasted out a ball of explosive inner force!

After Qi Xue's inner force was shattered by her inner force, the inner force turned into a flame that enveloped Qi Xue and burned her into a sorry state.

She could only leave hatefully. If this continued, it would be a violation of the rules.

Before this, Qi Meilan had always paid attention to the masked man, because she was very familiar with his gaze.

She was in Qin Yun's embrace as she looked into his eyes up close. When she felt his warm internal energy, she could not help but feel delighted.

"It's you, Big Brother Yun!" Qi Meilan spoke softly before she closed her eyes and fainted.

After Qin Yun landed with Qi Meili in his arms, he rushed out of the Hidden Dragon Martial Field and returned to the main hall of the Mysterious Pattern Palace. Yang Shiyue had also returned with him.

"I'll take good care of her. You must enter the top ten as soon as possible and teach that bitch Qi Xue a lesson!" Seeing the delicate and charming Qi Meili getting injured, Yang Shiyue was also filled with anger.

Qin Yun's expression was dark as he nodded. His fists were clenched so tightly that creaking sounds could be heard.

In the Hidden Dragon Martial Field, everyone was discussing the relationship between the masked man and Qi Meili.

When Qin Yun arrived, he heard many rumors and felt even more infuriated. It was all spread by Qi Xue and her intention was to make a bad impression on Qi Meilan.

When the crowd saw that the masked man had arrived, they immediately shut their mouths and stopped talking. They were afraid that if they met the masked man in the arena, they would be attacked by him.

As soon as Qin Yun arrived, he immediately issued a challenge. The challenger was a disciple from the Empire of Tianzi. His name was Du Han, and he was a twenty year old man!

He remembered that Du Han, in order to gain Qi Xue's recognition, had spoken all kinds of slanderous words about Qi Meilian beneath the battling platform!

Du Han went up on stage and sneered, "Masked man, what is the relationship between you and that little bitch Qi Meilan? I must take off your mask … "

Without waiting for him to finish, the referee loudly shouted, "Begin!"

Qin Yun accumulated his internal energy with his fists and instantly charged in front of Du Han.

"Trash!" Qin Yun roared angrily as he punched out with both fists. In an instant, he had punched out more than ten times, causing sparks to fly.

In just a blink of an eye, Du Han was completely disfigured by this explosive punch. His entire body was burnt severely, and his internal Qi was also dispersed.

Everyone watching felt their scalps go numb. Du Han was fine a moment ago, but in the blink of an eye, he was crippled!

Everyone knew that this was an attack from the masked man.

After Du Han was carried off, Qin Yun immediately issued a challenge and specifically selected the heirs of the Empire of Tianzi.

Once challenged, one had to go on stage. If one didn't want to fight, one had to admit defeat immediately upon going on stage.

If they didn't go on stage, they would be considered as abstaining and disqualified!

After being challenged by Qin Yun, the young nobles of the Qi Empire were almost beaten to death the moment the sparring began without even having the time to say the word "admit defeat"!

More than a dozen of the sons and disciples of influential nobles were crippled by Qin Yun in a single day. They were unable to climb down from the stage!

This was a huge blow to the young generation of the Qi Empire.

These Empyrean descendants were people who had previously insulted Qi Meili. This resulted in the Empyrean descendants to directly give up when they encountered him. They would rather withdraw than face Qin Yun!

Qi Xue was furious as she watched, because those Heaven's Qi disciples had all been lured over by her, and now because of her, all of them had been crippled!

After a few days, Qin Yun, who was filled with anger, had finally reached the eleventh position.

Today, he issued a challenge to the top ten rankers. He was finally going to enter the top ten!

The person ranked tenth was a member of the Heavenly Roar Empire's Lin Family. His name was Lin Yang.

Although Qin Yun was anonymous, his code name, "Dragon Slaying", could be said to shake the entire imperial city. It was because he had defeated many famous sixth level martial body!

At that moment, Qin Yun had stepped onto the largest main fighting platform. He attracted the attention of everyone!

A masked man at the fifth level of the Martial Body was able to defeat many people at the sixth level. Yet, he had never been defeated. That was inconceivable.

Many people realized that besides being unable to use inner strength, the strength of the masked man's inner force was comparable to the sixth level of the martial body!

In this situation, most martial spirits would possess a high grade martial spirit, or at least a Platinum grade martial spirit!

Lin Yang walked onto the stage, wearing a dark blue tight suit. His long and thin face was filled with a relaxed expression.

He looked at Qin Yun and smiled faintly. "I have watched your battle and it is indeed strong. The strength of your internal force is at the sixth level of the Martial Body realm." But you are still far from it! "

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