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Chapter 57 Hanshan Style

After Shi Yue passed the two booklets to Qin Yun, she continued, "This is the Hanshan Style. According to the techniques in it, it can strengthen one's inner Qi. If the cultivator is strong enough, he can shake the gigantic mountain."

"This is the Thousand Horse Palm. I heard that it was learned to the point of perfection. Combined with a cultivation at the 9th level of the Martial Body, it is like the power of ten thousand horses. Its might is like ten thousand horses galloping. It is quite famous among high level martial arts."

For Qin Yun, it was relatively easy to master a high-grade martial skill. It was the perfect time for him to learn it.

With his perception of martial arts, he would be able to master the Initial Stage within a month!

The Black Yang Tactic was also a high-grade art. He had learned it to the great perfection stage.

Yang Shiyue suddenly thought of the fact that she had not taught Qin Yun for two months and had immediately entered the state of a teacher. Her pretty face suddenly turned serious as she said, "Let's begin learning now!"

Qin Yun nodded and, as usual, listened attentively to Yang Shiyue's explanation.

After six hours, Qin Yun had reached the entrance.

Yang Shiyue was only slightly surprised. She was no longer surprised by Qin Yun's heaven-defying perception.

When the time for truce came, there would be a challenge. Qin Yun immediately headed to the Hidden Dragon Martial Field.

The moment he entered the martial arts arena, Qin Yun began his challenge to raise his ranking.

He could also try out the battle techniques that he had just learned.

Yang Shiyue also came to the Hidden Dragon dojo. She wore a robe and mask, concealing her identity.

In the Hidden Dragon Martial Field, there were also a lot of people who wanted to conceal their identities.

Duan Gan had just learned of Qin Yun's anonymous visit to the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Competition.

This was what Yang Shiyue had told him in order for him to conceal Qin Yun's identity at a critical moment.

Qin Yun challenged a square-faced middle-aged man in his forties who was at the sixth level of the martial body. He was dressed decently and it was obvious that he was very wealthy.

At the beginning, the square-faced man had performed an excellent lightness skill. Like a dragonfly touching the water, his toes tapped the water a few times. After that, he leaped above Qin Yun. Raising his thigh, he cleaved down fiercely like an axe!

His perfectly straight and powerful thigh looked like a mountain axe as it cleaved through the air, emitting a whistling sound as it came sweeping down.

Such smooth attacks caused many of the audience to clap and cheer.

Qin Yun quickly moved a few meters away.

The square-faced man had also expected him to move as he changed his agile body in mid-air. Like a fish leaping in joy, he caught up to Qin Yun, who was fleeing. His thigh plummeted as though a giant axe was chopping down on a tree.

"Thousand Horse Palm!"

Qin Yun harrumphed in his heart. He raised his palm and struck at the thigh that looked like it was being chopped down. A gale of palm winds stirred as the roar of a healthy horse whistled through the air.


The two forces collided, causing a muffled blast.

The confident square-faced middle-aged man was caught off guard as he was flipped upside down by Qin Yun's palm strike. He fell off the stage in a very comical manner.

"Dragon-slaying victorious!" the referee shouted.

He was at the sixth level of the Martial Body realm, but he had actually lost to an anonymous martial artist called 'Dragon Slaying'!

This caused a small sensation.

Those who were ranked lower paid close attention to Qin Yun.

Although Qin Yun had won, he did not feel satisfied. Therefore, he continued challenging those ranked in the top ten.

He didn't challenge those at the front because he needed to practice martial skills. That way, he could challenge even more people.

Just like that, he fought more than ten matches in a row without losing.

At this time, there were also people who recognized his martial skill and began to discuss about it.

From the discussions of the crowd, Qin Yun knew that the Myriad Horse Palm was a high-grade battle technique that was difficult to master.

The Ten Thousand Horse Palm was sold in many places for around two to three hundred thousand gold coins, but it wasn't too expensive. Some small families could afford it, but it was too difficult to learn, so very few people would buy it.

Qin Yun used the Thousand Horse Palm to attack as well. He wanted to use the Hanshan stance, but there was no suitable opportunity. The Hanshan stance was mainly used against people with extremely strong defense.

He had won more than twenty matches in a row and was ranked 800th.

After being challenged, they finally obtained six hours of truce time.

During his rest time, he hurriedly returned to his suite in the Mysterious Pattern Palace and continued practicing martial skills.

In the spacious practice room in the suite, he fought with Yang Shishi. This could train him even more, and allow him to release and release his Qi when he was using martial arts.

Yang Shiyue said: "You need to hurry up and enter the top 100. The people that are ranked in this range all have relatively high standards."

Four hours after her battle with Qin Yun, the remaining two hours for Qin Yun to rest.

In just a few days, Qin Yun had constantly gone through the challenges. Along the way, he had won a series of victories. He had finally reached the 101st place.

Now, he was going to start challenging the 100th place!

It had been many days since anyone had made it into the top 100.

Therefore, the moment Qin Yun challenged the one hundredth rank of the Hidden Dragon Rank, it immediately attracted the attention of many people!

On the second floor of the Hidden Dragon Martial Field, there were many luxurious suites. Only the very rich could afford to stay there.

Most of the top ten were in the second level of the Sky Number Suite.

"Interesting. A guy in the fifth level of the Martial Body actually beat him up from the very end to the hundredth in a few days." A tall and sturdy young man with a stubble on his face said. His voice was rough like thunder.

He was Ye Chanlei, who was ranked fourth.

"This fellow can't be Qin Yun, right?" She was the princess of the Qi Kingdom, and her name was Qi Xue. She was ranked seventh on the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

Xiao Lang said disdainfully, "Qin Yun is best at using the Flaming Cloud Steps and Flaming Fist. He does not have any." Of course, even if Qin Yun were to come, he would definitely not be our match … If Yan Qingyu were to seriously compete with Qin Yun, he would not end up in such a state. "

Qi Xue looked at a handsome young man drinking wine and smiled tenderly: "Qin Feng, aren't you going to watch the match? Very much attention! "

Qin Feng glanced at Qi Xue indifferently, and looked quite proud of himself. He said: "Nothing much to look at... You're only in seventh place right now. When did you get to fifth place? The sixth is your Princess, Qi Meilan, and the fifth is Meng Feiling.

"This bitch, Qi Meili... When I get better, I'll definitely hit her down and make her lose very badly! "

Qi Xue gritted her teeth and said, "As for the demon woman, Meng Fei Ling, that's a little difficult. In the group competition, I was almost killed by her. "

Qin Feng continued drinking, looked at Xiao Lang and asked: "Have you talked to Yue Mei yet? With her personality, she's definitely going to get first place. "

On the Hidden Dragon Rank, Xiao Lang was ranked first while Xiao Yue Mei was ranked second.

Xiao Lang sighed helplessly and cursed a few times. He said with a bitter smile, "This girl is really a headache. Although she isn't as cold as her elder sister, she has the same bad temper as her elder sister. If she wants to challenge me, she might as well not fight."

If the top ten students were to fight, it would definitely cause a huge ruckus and attract the attention of others, needless to say, the duels between the first and second rankers!

After an explosion, a cry of surprise came from outside the window.

"It's the Hanshan Style!" Ye Chen looked down at the battling platform and was slightly shocked.

The person fighting Qin Yun was a 2.5-meter-tall middle-aged giant. He had a cultivation base at the sixth level of the martial body. The martial arts he cultivated was Iron Cloth Robe, which allowed his body to become extremely sturdy.

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