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Chapter 55 Hidden Dragons

Qin Yun was the fifth prince and Qin Tianyi was the fourth prince. The first prince had died when he was a few years old. The current crown prince of Tianqin was the third prince.

As the Second Prince, Qin Feng did not have bad aptitude — he had a Four Solar Spiritual Pulse.

Qin Feng did not know what his martial soul was. Qin Feng had studied in a martial arts academy in another empire, so he did not know much about it.

"Among the top five, there seems to be only one person who isn't familiar with them, Meng Fei Ling!" Duan Qian said.

"The fifth, Ye Chonglei, is also in the same group as them?" Qin Yun suddenly thought of the Ye family. The empress was a member of the Ye family, but he had never heard of such a figure in the Ye family.

"Ye Chenlei possesses the Thunder Axe martial spirit, the Four Suns Spiritual Pulse, and Qin Feng has the Snow Wind martial spirit. They went to the Heavenly Roar Empire's Martial Arts Academy very early on. It's normal for you not to know them." Duan Gan said, "They also went there to befriend the Heavenly Roar Empire's forces."

Tianxiao, Tianqin, and Tianqi had good relations with each other, especially with the princes and princesses.

"What about Xiao Yue Mei?" Qin Yun suddenly felt that the princes of the Heavenly Qin Nation were too weak.

"She is Xiao Yuelan's younger sister. This girl is only fourteen years old and is already at the sixth level of the Martial Body realm. I don't know what Martial Spirit is. It shouldn't be too bad. The young people of the Heavenly Roar Empire are incredible!" Duan Gan sighed. He looked at Qin Yun and said with a smile, "You're about where you should be. You're much stronger than them. You have a high level of comprehension over the mystical prints."

"Chief Steward, the three from the Black Level Martial School are already in the living room. They want to see you. They have something to discuss." The middle-aged man said.

"Alright, I'll go right away!"

After Duan Qian left, Qin Yun came to a training room.

Every day, he would arrange time for his martial technique practice. After learning that the Empress's power was growing stronger, he needed to work even harder to increase his strength.

"Qi Explosion Technique!"

He threw out a punch, and it was accompanied by a surge of inner force that exploded outwards and caused a shockwave that shattered all the rocks in the surroundings.

"Qi Explosion Technique has reached the Small Success Stage, Qi Explosion is like a Shock Wave!" If I use concussion inner force, I will definitely be stronger! "

Qi Explosion Technique was a low-grade Profound Rank martial skill that Qin Yun rarely used in the martial arts competition. However, he had managed to cultivate it to Minor Accomplishment.

The Fiery Cloud Steps had also reached the pinnacle of the small success stage.

The biggest improvement was in the Flaming Light Fist.

That was because he often came to the furnace to take out the scorching materials and used the Flame Light Fist. Now that he had cultivated to mastery, if he were to use his full strength, his fist would be as hard as spirit steel and as hot as iron.

In the blink of an eye, another month passed!

In order to wait for Yang Shiyue to return from the Tianxuan Martial Arts Academy, Qin Yun stayed in the Mysterious Pattern Hall and did not go anywhere.

For the past few days, he had been forging low grade bone steel. If he could train himself this way, he would also receive a decent reward.

Every day, he would release his internal energy to the limit, so his Bone Meridian gradually stabilized and became extremely sturdy. Even if the inner strength were to violently impact the body, it would not injure the muscles and bones.

Qin Yun had two internal energies. If he were to instantly use his internal energies to erupt his internal energies, his body would not be strong enough and would not be able to withstand a powerful eruption of internal energies!

"I should be able to cultivate the Heart Sutra now!"

Cultivating the Heart Sutra was extremely difficult. Rumor has it that a large amount of resources or a certain amount of fortuitous opportunity was required.

"Young Master Qin, Miss Meng is looking for you!" An old man's voice came from outside the door. He was one of the stewards.

"Take her to my living room." After saying that, Qin Yun tidied up his attire and walked into the hall.

Wearing a black tight suit, Meng Fei Ling was sitting on a chair with his long legs crossed, eating an apple.

When she saw Qin Yun come out, she hurriedly stood up and said with a chuckle, "Greetings, Master Qin!"

"Senior sister, stop laughing at me." Qin Yun gave a self-deprecating laugh.

"Of course not, you are a genuine master … I wonder how much more powerful he is than that Wei Xuankun. " Meng Fei Ling smiled playfully as she stuck out her tongue and tossed an apple to Qin Yun.

"Senior, congratulations on entering the Black Level Martial School." Qin Yun took the apple and took a bite.

"What's there to congratulate me about? You can also go in the future. I'll go to the Star Martial Arts Academy, and you can come in the future. I'll continue to be your senior. " Meng Fei Ling chuckled as she gently caressed Qin Yun's face with the back of her hand.

Qin Yun sensed the wild fragrance emanating from his body and found it difficult to control himself. He chuckled dryly as he ate the apple.

Meng Fei Ling saw him blushing, so he didn't tease him and asked, "Brother Yun, do you have any of those fire talismans? I want to buy it! "

"Yes!" How much do you want? I can give it to you! " Qin Yun felt that Meng Fei Ling was a good person. She was not afraid of the Queen's faction. She dared to be so close to him, and she was also very strong.

"Give me twenty! I don't want you to give it to me, so I want you to sell it for as much as you can. Meng Fei Ling said with deep concern as she rubbed Qin Yun's head.

"Five hundred crystal coins for one piece, twenty pieces, for a total of ten thousand crystal coins. How about it?" Qin Yun did not stand on ceremony with Meng Fei Ling. After all, she was a very straightforward woman.


Meng Fei Ling took out ten purple coins and passed it to Qin Yun.

Generally speaking, over ten thousand transactions would be settled in amethyst currency.

"Senior, don't you have a spirit storage artifact?" Qin Yun saw Meng Fei Ling place the fire talisman into a bundle.

"No, that thing is expensive. It's not for sale often, and even Xiao Lang doesn't have it." Meng Fei Ling smiled sweetly and said, "If you can refine it in the future, you must sell it to me first. I will store the crystal coins right now."

"I'll give it to you when the time comes!" Qin Yun said with a smile. There were spatial spirit inscriptions within the thirty-six spirit inscriptions that allowed him to forge a storage spirit artifact.

Meng Fei Ling was extremely happy. She kissed him on the cheek, causing his face to blush slightly, making the smile of the witch even more beautiful.

"Have you consolidated your Bone Meridian? It's going to be a bit difficult to start cultivating the Heart Sutra now. I actually took a whole year to get it out. "

Qin Yun sighed. It would indeed take a lot of time.

Meng Fei's eyes flashed. He suddenly thought of something and said, "Brother Yun, you can participate in the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Competition and enter the Hidden Dragon Ranking. As long as you get first place, you will be able to obtain the Profound Heart Grass!"

"The Mysterious Heart Grass will not only help you cultivate the Heart Sutra, it will also be of great help to you in the future."

"Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Competition?" Qin Yun knew nothing about this.

After that, Meng Fei Ling told him about the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Competition …

It was jointly organized by the three Profound Rank Martial Academies and was under the charge of the Qi Pattern Hall. The location was in the Qi Pattern Manor.

Both the sixth and fifth level of the Martial Body realm were able to participate. Meng Fei Ling was also participating.

Meng Fei Ling said: "Currently, the one ranked first is Xiao Lang, Xiao Yue Mei is second and I am fifth. It's been over a month since the competition, and there's still two more months until the announcement of the results! "

Qin Yun recalled that a month ago, someone had suddenly come to look for Duan Qian. It was very possible that they were discussing this matter.

"I am only at the fifth level of the Martial Body realm? Is that really possible? " Qin Yun also felt that there was no hope. After all, the ones on the ranking were all very strong. If not, Duan Gan would definitely let him go.

"How would we know without trying?" Meng Fei Ling laughed, "You can participate if you want, but it won't matter even if you lose."

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