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Once his HP fell, it would become zero!

sun yong's body heavily sank down, and he kneeled onto the ground. His eyes stared straight at Long Fei, and then, with a bang, he fell to the ground.


"Congratulations to the player 'Long Fei' for killing 'sun yong'. Do you wish to absorb his cultivation?"

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'One second grade Holy Source Stone, five first grade Holy Source Stones'!"

The system sounded out a few times.

Long Fei did not bother about him, but walked to Zhao Dahan and helped him up, "Third brother, are you alright?"

Zhao Dahan replied, "Me, Me, Me, I'm fine."

His entire body was injured, and his head was nearly stomped on until it exploded, not to mention that he was fine.

Long Fei felt a burst of depression in his heart, and said while looking at Baili Tianhai: "Are the two of you still taking me as your big brother? Do you two still have me in your hearts? "

"Why didn't you tell me such a big thing had happened?"

"Have you forgotten our oaths from the beginning?"

If he had not been on guard, both Zhao Dahan and Baili Tianhai would have died here.

Baili Tianhai's gaze darkened.

Zhao Dahan muttered: "Big Brother, it's all my fault, I made Second Brother not tell you."

Long Fei said: "Don't talk."

Baili Tianhai stood up, lowered his head, and said: "Boss, I thought I could take care of him. I didn't think that this guy would bring an even more powerful person today, if not …"

Long Fei said, "So what? Even if you can handle it, you should at least tell me. "

Baili Tianhai said: "It's my fault. Next time, if there's anything, I'll definitely tell you."

Long Fei also understood in his heart what he was thinking, it was because he did not want him to become embroiled in this conflict as well. This sort of thing was impossible to avoid.

If anything happened to Baili Tianhai and Zhao Dahan, he would be the next.

It was only because he did not display any talent during the selection that Ma Dongchao and the others did not find him immediately.

At this moment.

Ma Dongchao cowered and continuously retreated.

sun yong had already been killed instantly, he could only wait to die.


That strike just now … Too terrifying.

The aura he felt was the same as sun yong's, as though a colossal monster was standing behind him and could rip him apart with a single strike.

He didn't dare to move from that feeling.

The injured minions also staggered as they tried to get up and escape.

Long Fei's eyes turned cold, and he said: "Did I let you leave?"

Ma Dongchao stopped in his tracks, not daring to take another step forward.

The group of minions were the same, all of them shivering.

They were afraid that they would be the next to die.

Long Fei turned around and walked forward, saying, "Who allowed you to come?"

Ma Dongchao hesitated.

Long Fei glared at him, "Speak!"


Ma Dongchao immediately knelt down in fear, and said anxiously: "Yes, yes, it's the inner sect's Senior Brother Lin, he asked me to deal with you all."

"sun yong was also sent by him."

His soul almost shattered from the shock.

He didn't dare to hide anything.

"Lin Yuan?" Long Fei's gaze tensed up.

Ma Dongchao said: That's right, it's Senior Brother Lin Yuan, I do not dare to disobey his orders! He is an inner sect Senior Brother, dealing with us is as easy as crushing ants.

"Junior brother …" Oh no. Brother, I was really forced into a corner, and I didn't even think of killing you. "

Long Fei said: "The reason you did not kill us is because you are afraid, afraid that Lin Yuan will abandon you."

"You want to mess with me during the preliminaries?"

"Why are you still not letting us off when we're in the outer court?"

"Lin Yuan, oh Lin Yuan, you've succeeded in attracting my anger!" Long Fei squinted his eyes, his eyes filled with killing intent.

Ma Dongchao did not dare speak, it was as though the killing intent in Long Fei's eyes could burst out and kill him at any moment.

It stopped for a moment.

Long Fei said faintly, and said: "Do you know how to report to Lin Yuan now?"

Ma Dongchao replied: "I know, I know, nothing happened."

Long Fei replied: "Reporting as usual."

"Also, tell him that if he wants to kill us, he's still too inexperienced."

"In addition!"

Long Fei looked at sun yong's corpse and said: "Deal with him for me."

sun yong was one of the ten strongest warriors in the outer sect, if he was suddenly killed, the outer door presbyter would definitely hold him accountable, and if they found out about Long Fei, it would definitely cause unnecessary trouble.

Ma Dongchao did not dare to refuse, he could only bite the bullet and agree. If he did not agree, then perhaps his little life would also end here, and he said: "Don't worry Big Brother, I will definitely take care of this properly.

Long Fei nodded, and said: "Very good!"

"Seeing that you're so obedient, I'll let you off this time."


His voice was firm.

Ma Dongchao's body trembled slightly, "If Big Brother has anything to say, feel free to ask me. I'll definitely do my best."

Long Fei smirked: "Let me tell you this straight. From today onwards, whenever you see me and my brothers, you must call me grandpa, if not, I will beat you up every time I see you, understand?"

"Understood, understood!"

"Grandfather, grandfather …" Ma Dongchao continued.

The minions behind him also kept on calling him grandpa.

Long Fei waved his hand, saying: "Clean up the corpses for me, then you don't have much else to do.

"Yes, yes!" Ma Dongchao ordered the two minions to carry sun yong's body and ran out of the courtyard without the slightest hesitation.

After Ma Dongchao and the group left.

Long Fei looked at Baili Tianhai, and said: "You don't need to care about this in the future."

Baili Tianhai did not dare to say more.

He was like a child who had done something wrong.

He still had some lingering fear from the scene just now. If Long Fei did not come, then Zhao Dahan's head …

Under that kind of situation, even if sun yong's foot did not crush his head, there would still be a second move, which would be hard for the idiot to escape death.

He had miscalculated.

Long Fei said: "Alright, you guys rest well at home. I'll go register first."

"I have to enter the inner sect within three months."

"If you don't get revenge with Lin Yuan, you will not be a human!" Long Fei said harshly as he walked out with large strides.

Long Fei hated people who refused to let go the most.

Once, he had to endure it!

Once again, he couldn't tolerate it!

You're fucking me?

I will definitely kill you until you become a cripple!

Long Fei walked out of the courtyard and looked at Zhao Dahan.

Zhao Dahan scratched his head and said: "Second brother, I'm fine. Even if he stepped on me just now, I would have been fine."

Baili Tianhai let out a heavy breath, and said: "Big idiot, have you discovered that big brother is much stronger than yesterday?"

Zhao Dahan was startled for a moment, then said: "I feel it, every day is getting stronger and stronger, Boss is a complete monster."

Baili Tianhai said: "We can't drag boss into this, if not we will become his burden during the assessment in three months."

Their gazes sharpened.

It was clear that they were the ones with higher cultivation than Long Fei, but they felt that Long Fei was countless times stronger than them. This feeling grew stronger and stronger …

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