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Chapter 54 Genius of the Group

Since Duan Gan had already said so, Qin Yun would naturally take note of it.

He was currently in a very good state. After eating a piece of dried beast meat, he felt even more energetic.

Duan Qian also fulfilled his previous promise and began to give him pointers on refining.

First, he needed some common sense, and then he needed to refine the quintessence of a half spirit artifact. This was all based on his own experience.

The lecture continued into the night as Qin Yun listened with rapt attention.

His terrifying comprehension ability also caused Duan Qian to be shocked. For example, in some more difficult places, with just a slight explanation, one would be able to understand everything.

"Grandpa Duan bestowed everything to me, this kid is truly grateful." Qin Yun bowed to Duan Gan and expressed his deep gratitude.

Duan Qian laughed, "It's just a small matter. Moreover, you are also a talented person, and you don't have the arrogance of other youngsters. You have an extremely good temperament and disposition." I have taught him a few times, and not only has he been absent-minded, he has never thanked me for it. I even thought that I should teach him, that I am a genius, and that everyone should follow him. "

He patted Qin Yun on the shoulder and gave him a comforting smile. He continued saying, "In my eyes, you are more outstanding than all the so-called geniuses." For the past five years, it has been difficult for you to climb out of that bottomless abyss, which has allowed you to have a calmness that no one your age could have! "

"Grandpa Duan, what happened to the group of heroes?" Qin Yun suddenly thought of the matter and was somewhat curious.

"Just like that, a group of bad-tempered so-called geniuses are going to come together and fight to the death." Duan Gan smiled, "This isn't something you need to be concerned about. You have to consolidate your cultivation before learning how to refine more than one and a half spirit weapons. "By breaking through the basics and stepping into the sixth level of the Martial Body realm, one would have sufficient Spirit power to forge a true Spirit Treasure!"

A good half spirit weapon was also very expensive. The two sabers that Qin Yun had forged were each sold for at least 20,000 crystal coins.

A top quality half spirit artifact could even be sold for a hundred thousand crystal coins, for example, being refined from Class 4 beast bones and low-grade spirit steel.

If one wanted to become a good refiner, one must also be proficient in the manufacturing of materials.

Qin Yun helped Duan Gan forge Class 4 Monster bones and low-grade spirit steel into pieces of low-grade bone steel in the Hall of Wonders.

Each piece of bone steel was only the size of a palm, yet it weighed several dozens of kilograms.

After over 20 days of forging, he had become more and more proficient in it. The low-grade bone steel that he forged was comparable to the ones that Duan Qian forged.

Low-grade bone steel was the main material needed to refine a low-grade spirit weapon.

Helping the Hall of Wonders paid him well. With his twenty-odd days of work and selling a few sabers, Qin Yun had earned more than a hundred thousand crystal coins.

He currently had over 200,000 crystal coins, which was already considered very rich for a 15 year old.

"Next, I want to refine some good half spirit artifacts for myself!" With Qin Yun having a knife, he did not need to forge any weapons for the time being.

He felt that the hammer was not good enough, so he decided to use low-grade bone steel to refine a good hammer.

One needed to carve two different kinds of inscriptions in order to forge a true spirit artifact.

In order to not interfere with another type of spirit pattern while carving, he needed extremely strong psychic power to control it.

Although Qin Yun's spirit force was strong, it was not enough. Forcefully forging it would result in mental injuries. Therefore, he could only forge a half spirit artifact to build a good foundation.

It was much more difficult to carve spirit inscriptions on low grade bone steel than it was on spirit iron.

At this time, the purple gold fire martial spirit also played a great role.

The power of the Blood Soul that was formed by the fire energy was extremely scorching. It could easily cause lines to appear on hard bone steel.

Qin Yun had been taught by Duan Gan for nearly a month. His progress was extremely great, especially when it came to forging half a spirit artifact. It was already at an extremely high level.

In order to keep the high-grade spirit tattoos that he possessed a secret, he would not sell the half spirit weapon used to carve high-grade spirit tattoos.

"The forging hammer and furnace are both finished. They're both forged from bone steel. Once I can carve the second type of spirit pattern myself, I'll be able to turn them into true spirit artifacts." Qin Yun was filled with joy as he looked at the things he had painstakingly forged.

With better hammers and furnaces, forging low rank bone steel became much easier.

He even planned to create an offensive half spirit artifact, and especially consult Duan Qian for that.

After a thorough discussion with Duan Qian, he came up with a general idea and then hurriedly went back to refine it.

After more than ten days of fiddling around, Qin Yun had finally finished forging this semi-spirit artifact.

It was an exquisite light gold lightning bracelet.

There were lightning engravings on it that could store inner strength. At critical moments, it could use the wrist guard to unleash powerful thunder and lightning energy to attack and defend the body.

Duan Qian took it over and played with it. He injected his inner force into the bracelet, and after using his wrist guard, he released a violent lightning bolt.

He praised, "This Lightning Mark Bracers are very good. It is equivalent to the eruption of inner strength from a person who is at the sixth level of the Martial Body. Furthermore, they are lightning attributed inner energy. However, they can only be used once."

"One strike is enough to deal a fatal blow to the enemy!" Qin Yun said with a smile. As long as he activated the lightning energy from the Lightning Patterned Bracer, all of the internal energy would be used up and would need to be replenished.

Qin Yun had stayed in the Hall of Wonders for more than a month. Yang Shiyue had yet to return, which made him somewhat worried.

"Grandpa Duan, do you know where Teacher Yang comes from?" Qin Yun had always wanted to know more about Yang Shi Yue.

Duan Qian stroked his long, white beard and frowned, "It's hard to say … …In short, she's in a bit of a predicament. Since she didn't tell you, I can't say much about it. You have to work hard to improve yourself. Only by mastering powerful strength can you change many things."

"En, I will definitely work hard!" Qin Yun did not question further. Yang Shi Yue possessed a Moon Martial Spirit and with such outstanding talent, she definitely came from a prestigious family.

Most of the disciples from the famous sects were unable to control themselves.

For example, Xiao Yuelan, the daughter of heaven, was restricted, and even her own marriage could not be decided.

Thinking of this, Qin Yun secretly rejoiced that he had escaped from such a predicament!

A middle-aged man knocked on the door and walked in. It was Duan Qian's follower.

"The result of the group of heroes has been announced. Xiao Yue is first, Xiao Lang is second, Qin Feng is third, Meng Fei Ling is fourth, Ye Chenlei is fifth … The top ten are all accepted by the three Xuan Wu Academies. " The middle-aged man said.

"He actually recruited ten people at once. In the past, only the top three have been taken away." Duan Qian was a bit surprised. After thinking for a while, he smiled and said, "No wonder. This time, the foundation is really good."

Qin Yun was alarmed. Xiao Yue Mei was clearly a princess of the Heavenly Roar Empire. She was actually number one!

From the name, it was definitely Xiao Yuelan's sister.

He knew Qin Feng, who was ranked third, as well. He was the second prince of the Heavenly Qin Empire, and the second prince's mother was an imperial concubine. She was also the empress's cousin.

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