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Chapter 537

Qin Yun and Mu Feng walked downstairs and saw the bald head old man screaming at the crowd and cursing those who talked about his granddaughter.

"This is the western inscription palace's vice manager; west wind bald old man, he is a very interesting character. His granddaughter Liu Jingmeng is an extraordinary heaven defying twenty years old martial arts and inscription expert."

Speaking of her Mu Feng can't help but sigh.

At this time, a young girl rushed in with quick step, along the way she bumped into quite a few people.

The maiden has a pair of bright, beautiful, big eyes. Her face is slightly round, beautiful and crisp with a bit of innocence. She looks to be a very simple person.

She was originally wearing a white dress but at this time it was dirty and smeared with some dirt.

Here she saw so many people looking at her and suddenly lowered her head shyly and shrunk behind the bald man.

Everyone immediately guessed that this is Liu Jingmeng.

Qin Yun saw Liu Jingmeng, could not help but think of the lovely Qi Meilian and his heart was filled with thoughts.

"Meng Meng, how did this happen to you?"

When the bald man saw his granddaughter, his face; which had been very evil, suddenly became very kind and his eyes were full of doting.

Everyone secretly despised this bald old man, unexpectedly he was a two faced old man.

"When I came back to town, I met some little children, they asked me to accompany them to play with mud, I play with them for a while! Because it was fun, I forgot to come here."

Liu Jingmeng said in a very low, timid and soft voice.

Playing with mud?

After hearing this crowd could not decide whether to laugh or cry.

A 20 year old Spirit Martial Realm cultivator still plays with mud like children.

"Baldie, is your granddaughter okay? How come we never knew that she is an expert of Dao of inscription?"

A middle aged man from Souther Inscription Palace asked with doubt.

"Why not? My granddaughter is a primary Xuan inscription master!" The bald man suddenly shouted, his face full of pride, "How many hundreds and thousands of old fools you have here who are barely spirit rank inscription master?"

Bald old man finished speaking and touched his dazed grand daughter's arm and said "Meng Meng, bring out your badge."

Liu Jingmeng was a little shy, pouted her small mouth, slowly took out a muddy purple gold badge, although full of mud, it is shining with purple gold color.

The inscription masters here forgot to even talk.

That badge indeed belonged to Liu Jingmeng.

"Meng Meng, this is a very precious item, don't play with it in the future!" the bald old man said gently.

"Since it is beautiful, I took it out to show the children." Liu Jingmeng stuck her tongue out slightly.

Everyone laughed involuntarily. Although they hated the bald old man but his silly granddaughter, they liked her.

The bald old man is full of arrogance as he looked at Chu Binyu: "We first compare the material refining and then compare the finesse of the inscriptions. Let my granddaughter duel all the inscription masters of your southern inscription palace, even the Xuan Rank Inscription masters, as long as you can win once, it is your win!"

These words are domineering and full of arrogance. It made the southern inscription palace feel lots of pressure.

"If we lose, the western inscriptions palace will merge into your southern inscription palace! If you lost, we don't need you to merge into us, just let us open a branch in the Southern District. How is it?"

The condition offered by the bald old man made many people exclaim slightly.

Among the four immortal weapon city inscription palaces, eastern palace was the strongest, then the northern palace, then the south and west was the worst.

If the two inscription palace of south and west merged, that would be the biggest inscription palace of the city.

Chu Binyu could not make such decision for them.

However an old man from southern inscription palace nodded in agreement.

"Then start the competition! First, refining materials, in one hour, forge one jin of low grade Xuan Yuan Steel."

"Whoever can maximize the weight of Xuan Yuan Steel, will win! We only send Meng Meng here on the stage, you can send as many people up there as you want."

The bald old man said proudly with a smirk.

From southern inscription palace side six Xuan Rank inscription masters went forward, in addition to Chu Binyu, two elderly and three middle-aged man.

Qin Yun knew that he was good but this Liu Jingmeng was outrageously heaven defying.

To become spirit martial realm at the age of twenty and then becoming Xuan rank inscription master. Too much.

"Xiao Yun, this little girl has a strong bloodline inheritance and a divine martial spirit... if I did not guess wrong, she is born with the Immortal body of fire, her flame is very strong." Ling Yun'er'er suddenly said.

"Immortal body? What the hell is this?" Qin Yun asked in amazement.

"Immortal body, is the body that will become an Immortal." Ling Yun'er said: "People in the Immortal Weapon city can certainly see her physique!"

"So that's what it is!!" Qin Yun found it unexpected.

"Of course, there are things like the Sacred body and the Divine body but they are even rarer and they have evolved from the immortal body!" Ling Yun'er'er said.

"Xiao Yun, if you work hard, you can achieve heavenly lion's body, even though it is comparatively weaker, it can still give you lots of power and you can evolve to immortal body."

Qin Yun listened to the words of Ling Yun'er and he wanted to give it a try.

If he could cultivate that kind of strong physique, it will certainly be very helpful to his future cultivation.

"Begin!" the bald old man shouted.

In the middle of the lobby, there is an empty place and the inscriptionists from both sides are competing inside.

The furnace and forging hammer used are the same.

No one thought that Liu Jingmeng, who looked silly and aloof, actually became very serious and calm when she was forging materials. It seemed that she was engrossed in it completely.

Liu Jingmeng held a forging hammer in her small hand. When it fell, the hammer overflowed with blue flame!

"Blue Fire! Is it a blue martial spirit? That's a divine martial spirit!" Someone shouted.

"I don't know what the Divine Martial Spirit is! In terms of momentum, it's not weak at all."

"This bald old man's granddaughter is really heaven defying."

"The Blue Divine Fire is too strong."

The crowd exclaimed.

Chu Binyu and the others were also shocked and suddenly there was lots of pressure.

The scene was already heating up with banging sound of forging.

One hour, it will soon be over!

And Liu Jingmeng to be able to compete with Xuan Rank Inscriptionists, in their hearts, nobody thought she could have a divine fire.

Of course, even if Liu Jingmeng had the divine fire, if they had lost, they would have lost very badly.

One must know that these inscription masters are all very old.

To lose to a twenty years old little girl is very humiliating.

Now it is time to weigh the small piece of Xuan Yuan steel.

The Xuan Yuan steel after forging have become very small in size.

Even though it has become smaller, if the person who forged it is good, the weight of this small piece will increase by a lot.

The weighing is soon over.

Liu Jingmeng's Xuanyuan steel 2.82 Jin.

As for Chu Binyu and the old inscriptions, the heaviest they produced is only 2.52 jin!

One must know, they're all powerful martial monarch or martial king. In terms of energy stored and intensity, they are far superior to Liu Jingmeng.

In the first round, Liu Jingmeng won.

Those who were just skeptical about Liu Jingmeng's strength were shocked at this time and did not say anything more.

The next round is comparing finesse of Royal Grade Spirit Inscription.

In one hour the same Royal Grade Spirit Inscription needs to be inscribed and then be compared.

Qin Yun, like many people, is very much looking forward to the results and he seriously wanted to look at the spirit inscription inscribed by Liu Jingmeng.

Because it is too far, he can't see the meticulous inscribing process, he can only wait for the final result.

For the competition the carving knife used are same and they will have to inscribe on a unified Xuan Yuan steel plate.

In the blink of an eye, one hour passed.

Liu Jingmeng seems to be done very easily.

Then they started comparing the finesse of inscription!

The result left Qin Yun astounded!

The finesse of Liu Jingmeng's inscription is actually eight.

Chu Binyu and the other old inscriptionists also reached eight level of finesse.

This one is a tie!

"Just with an ordinary carving knife, she can engrave inscription of eighth level finesse?"

Qin Yun also received a mental blow. He felt that he may not lose to Liu Jingmeng in terms of forging materials.

As for finesse, he is only at seventh level, he may be able to reach eighth but not really hopeful.

According to the agreement, the southern inscription palace would win if they won just one round.

If they can't win one round, it's losing!

Several old inscription masters of the southern inscription palace lost to Liu Jingmen in the first round. In the second round, they tied!

It means that they have not won in one round!

"Ha ha ha ... Meng Meng, we won, we western inscription palace can open a branch in the southern district!"

West wind bald old man, laughed happily as he gently held Liu Jingmen.

Everyone looked at Liu Jingmen, now their eyes full of admiration.

A lot of young talents were present here and they all wanted to find such a good wife.

"Damn it!! Southern inscription palace actually lost. Western inscription palace will rise now."

Mu Fend suddenly felt a lot of pressure because western inscription palace will soon become his competitor.

He originally thought these two inscription palace would fight and both side would suffer loss but that is not how it happened.

At this time a young man in golden clothes, walked out with a smile and came to the middle of the hall.

He looked at the bald old man, his thin face had a proud smile, said "I am the son of senior general manager of northern inscription palace, Long Yuetao! Our Northern inscription palace also wishes to advice your western inscription palace on exquisite inscription technique!"

Everyone heard the name, they suddenly became surprised.

"Long Yuetao? Isn't he a inscription master of the medicine immortal valley? Stepping into the spirit martial realm at the age of 50 and also a Xuan Rank inscription master! One of a kind first class genius, I did not expect him to appear here!"

"Fifty year old is still so young and also he broke through quickly! right?"

Long Yuetao himself is a child of the Long clan and his father is the senior general manager of the Northern Inscription Palace. It is indeed extraordinary family background.

"What is the condition?" The bald old man naturally trusts the strength of his granddaughter

"Same condition as moments ago."

"We make bets, as long as you can defeat me, your western inscription palace can open branch in northern district."

"If you lose, marry Liu Jingmeng to me and your western inscription palace will also be merged into mine. How about it?"

Long Yuetao is very confident.

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