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Chapter 536

Mu Feng ordered a lot of good dishes to entertain Qin Yun.

"Fatty Mu, in the lobby just now, what are so many people doing?" Qin Yun asked.

"HUH!! It is the war of south and west. western inscription hall and southern inscription hall are fighting. I am here for the fun!!" Mu Feng laughed.

"So you are not from South Inscription hall!" Qin Yun ate delicious foods as he spoke.

"I'm from eastern inscription hall, I came here to fan the flames, make them fight to death so both parties suffer. Then our eastern inscription hall will gets lots of business and it will be much better for us!!" Mu Feng said with a treacherous smile.

There are internal struggle within Divine Inscription Palace, Qin Yun is not surprised by this. This kind of vast power have many capable people inside. Not everyone can quietly obey others, it would be weird if they had no conflict.

"I'm here to meet the villa master of our Saber Sword Villa. I'm not sure why we must meet here." Qin Yun said.

"Your villa master seems to be a guest elder of southern inscription hall. It is normal to meet you here. It seems your villa master will let you fight three strong martial dao realm cultivator to gain some face." Mu Feng laughed and shook his head. "It is clear that southern inscription hall is weaker than western inscription hall, they will most definitely suffer a loss."

Qin Yun heard this and realized that villa master asked them to meet here for some other reason, not for simple meeting.

"Well who told us to be Saber Sword Villa disciples? villa master wants us to help so we can't do anything about it."

As long as it is not a life or death situation, Qin Yun doesn't care much.

"Qin Yun, i just recently obtained some information. It is about that Inscription Spirit."

Mu Feng also wanted to talk about this matter with Qin Yun.

"What news?" Qin Yun asked.

"The name of the Inscription Spirit is 'Star Lord'. As long as you have this, you can inscribe Star Inscriptions very easily." Mu Feng said, "This is a moon spirit that absorbed the power of the stars for many years."

"This Inscription Spirit fell into the remote moon mountain range. But...but it was obtained by Yang Shiyue and currently many powers are searching the mountain range for Yang Shiyue." As Mu Feng said this Qin Yun excitedly stood up.

Yang Shiyue obtained the Inscription Spirit but the situation is not good.

"Yang Shiyue is not Spirit Martial Realm yet, it is amazing she got the inscription spirit." Mu Feng sighed, "This kind of thing is so important to us Inscriptionists yet she is the one to get it."

"What is the situation inside the moon mountain range?" Qin Yun yarned to quickly go there.

"The remote moon mountain range is quite dangerous. There are enormous mountains inside, half of these enormous mountains are submerged in water. As if it is a combined mountain and water entity. There are very powerful mountain beasts and then there are also powerful water beasts." said Mu feng. "If you really want to go, it is not yet time."

Qin Yun sat down, secretly worried and he asked "Why not?".

"Yang Shiyue is definitely hiding very well, you don't have to worry. Moreover she is still a disciple of the Nether Moon Palace." Mu Feng gave Qin Yun a glass of wine and continued "What is important for you now is to get inside Immortal Sect."

"Entering the immortal sect is the most important thing for you, it will help you reach Spirit Martial Realm faster. Do you remember that guy Liu Chongsheng? He is now a Spirit Martial Realm expert and has become a main sect disciple."

"I also know the importance of entering the immortal sect but it is not easy." Qin Yun knew how difficult it was to be able to enter immortal sect.

"Qin Yun, currently there is a great opportunity. This immortal weapon city is unlike others. Sometimes they openly screen cultivators to join as disciple."

Mu Feng grabbed food with chopstick and said "Five great immortal sects are currently joining forces with our Divine Inscription Palace and opening up a new desolate domain."

"This desolate domain is special, only martial dao realm can enter it."

"I heard it's a nest of ancient heavenly beasts. Inside there are beasts such as Heavenly Lions, Dragons, Phoenix, Kirin etc. Furthermore, there are treasures related to the beasts."

Qin Yun had his eyed opened wide in astonishment as he looked at Mu Feng.

Mu Feng continued "Immortal sects want these treasures, that is why they are sending powerful martial dao realm cultivators inside."

"If your villa master recommends you and you can get some good thing for Immortal Weapon City, maybe you can directly enter immortal sect as a disciple."

"Your villa master is a guest elder in Sword Immortal pavilion and southern inscription hall here in immortal weapon city, he must have a way to get you into immortal sect as a disciple."

Qin Yun nodded, this is indeed a great opportunity.

Mu Feng and Qin Yun were eating and drinking in a private room upstairs while in the downstairs lobby, it was very lively.

Mu Feng who originally wanted to see the two halls tear each other apart seem to forget about the matter.

Jian Lang stood beside Tian Ruoleng and Yue Wulan. He whispered "Is there a way to contact your junior brother?"

They shook their heads.

"The villa master is here" as Jiang Lang said that, he walked toward a white robed old man.

The old man in white robe is quite tall with a sturdy face and benevolent look, he had a short sword wrapped around his waist.

This seemingly kind old man is the villa master of Saber Sword Villa, Chu Binyu.

Yue Wulan and Tian Ruoleng quickly went over and greeted him politely.

Chu Binyu nodded with smile.

"Chu Binyu, i see you are here. Did you bring your Saber Sword Villa's Qin Yun?" a gold clothed old man suddenly asked in an angry loud voice.

"Who are you and what do you want with him?" Chu Binyu asked with a doubtful face, his voice was hoarse but still gentle.

Yue Wulan and Tian Ruoleng felt a bit odd, they did not think villa master would be so charitable.

"I am Yang Qiongjin from Sword Star Sect. Yang Yanxing is my son!! Qin Yun captured him using a Dao Tool. I came to you precisely to get him back."

Yang Qiongjin's robust white bearded face was full of fierce and imposing look as he spoke.

Chu Binyu smiled and said: "That's really unfortunate. When I see Qin Yun, I will definitely discuss this with him!"

"Discuss? You should tell him to let my son go!" Yang Qiongjin screamed.

"This is not appropriate! Back then your son wanted to kill Qin Yun first, Qin Yun instead captured him and it was inevitable."

"If I force Qin Yun to release someone who wants to kill him, it will be highly inappropriate." Chu Binyu gently and slowly explained.

The people in the lobby all looked at Chu Binyu and others.

They saw Tian Ruoleng and Yue Wulan, two beautiful woman dressed in black. And they also could guess their identity.

They thought it was weird, both Tian Ruoleng and Yue Wulan are here yet Qin Yun was not here.

"Other people don't make trouble anymore. Today is the confrontation between our western inscription palace and southern inscription palace. you can talk about your business some other day!"

A bald old man with a white eyebrow, dressed in black armor, walked into the spacious lobby with a group of people.

There are more than a thousand people in the lobby but it was still very spacious and not crowded.

The people of the South inscription palace are already here.

They saw the black armor people of the western inscription palace come and suddenly their faces became hostile.

Yang Qiongjin of the Yang family heard a news and learned that Chu Binyu was here, he just came over.

He did not know about the conflict of southern and western inscription palace.

When Yang Qiongjin saw Chu Binyu and the people of the southern inscription palace were allies, he was secretly surprised.

He did not know their relationship was so good. Just now he yelled at Chu Binyu, it was very rash.

That is to say, Chu Binyu is good at talking. If he asked the others, they would definitely kick out Yang Qiongjin.

"Chu Binyu, are you also involved in this fight?" The bald man of the western palace sneered and asked.

"I am an elder of the southern palace, so naturally I have to lend my strength. When the time comes, please advice me!" Chu Binyu smiled very politely.

"Doesn't the Southern inscription palace have a single capable inscriptionist? To actually invite a guest elder to come!" the bald old man, taunted them with ridicule and laughter.

People of the southern palace are all very angry.

"Don't get angry so fast because next there's something more that will makes you even angrier."

"You Southern inscription palace hall occupy such a large area but can not provide quality Talismans."

"We won't abide by it anymore, we must let the people of the Southern inscription palace know how bad you are!"

Bald old man of the western inscription palace shouted out, they have fewer people on the west city area and thus business is very bad.

The southern part of the city is relatively large, there are many people and the business is very hot.

However, the overall strength of the Southern inscription palace is relatively weak, so it was being targeted by the Western inscription palace.

"Baldie, are you saying we are inferior to your western inscription palace?" said a middle-aged man with defiant face.

"Not just inferior, far inferior to us!" The bald man said with great confidence "If you can't accept it, let's compete!"

In southern inscription palace, only Chu Binyu is not angry, he is still full of kind smile, said: "How do we compete?"

"Compare the two basic levels, material refining and talisman finesse!" The bald man touched his bald head and smiled proudly "When my granddaughter comes, it's up to her to compete with you!"

"Your granddaughter?" Chu Binyu frowned slightly and asked "Is it the little girl who is less than twenty and stepped into the spirit martial realm?"

This sentence suddenly caused a commotion in the lobby!

A spirit martial realm who is less than twenty years old, this is simply a genius among genius!

The baldie is now more proud and smiled "Not bad! She is now a main sect disciple of immortal weapon city."

"It turns out that Liu Jingmeng is the granddaughter of the baldie!"

"This bald old man, such twisted person, how can he have such powerful granddaughter? He picked her up from streets, right?"

"Indeed, the baldie is such a person, how can there be such good blood relative?"

"If his granddaughter is also bald, then i will accept that's what his son gave birth to!"

"I heard the disciples say, Liu Jingmeng is beautiful, she is not bald at all!"

The crowd suddenly talked out loud.

The bald old man's face became very ugly, he wanted to grab these nonsensical people and beat them up.

"You bastards, talk carefully. If you ever speak nonsense again, I'll knock your teeth off!" The bald old man was furious as he roared at the crowd.

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