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Chapter 533

Mu Feng did not immediately respond to Qin Yun. Instead, he sipped some tea.

After he finished his cup of tea, he slowly said, "I came to find you mainly to talk about two things!"

"The first thing is, did you see a blood-red moon before?"

Qin Yun hurriedly nodded. Yang Shiyue had also suddenly left at that moment.

After he cultivated the Dao Spirit Fairy, he also learned that the appearance of the blood moon was due to the appearance of an Inscription Spirit.

"An Inscription Spirit has appeared. Are you interested?" Mu Feng chuckled and said: "This Inscription Spirit is an extremely powerful one. As long as one is an Inscription Master, they would all want it!"

"The Spirit Desolate is too vast and the strong are as numerous as the clouds. I, who am only at the ninth stage of the Martial Dao, am not going to join in the fun!" Qin Yun also wanted to take a look because there was a high chance that Yang Shiyue was there.

However, he was also worried that he would stir up a lot of trouble there and drag others down with him.

"You aren't weak at all! As long as you don't meet such a genius of the Spirit realm, you will be fine!" Mu Feng said with a smile.

"What's the second thing you came to see me about?" Qin Yun asked.

"About this, I remember that Hong Mengshu had a Mystic Moon Saber. It's runes were damaged and it was later repaired by you, right?" Mu Feng asked.

"That's right!" Qin Yun nodded.

Mu Feng took out a large clock.

"Help me fix it, I'll give you a reward!"

Qin Yun looked at the clock. Indeed, there were some moon runes on it, so it was not that complicated.

"What's the reward?" Qin Yun felt that Mo Mo could repair it, so he directly asked for the reward.

"What do you want now? Tell me, I'll see if I can get it for you!" Mu Feng knew that Qin Yun did not lack purple coins.

"Bone Spirit Xuan Pill!" Qin Yun just happened to need this type of Xuan pill.

After Mu Feng heard this, he shook his head and said, "I can't get my hands on it. There are more of these things in the various large star sects and immortal sects. The other sects and aristocratic families all guard it like treasures!"

"Sigh... " Qin Yun thought for a moment and said, "Can you obtain the medicinal ingredients needed to concoct the Bone Spirit Xuan Pill?"

"Then we'll have to see what kind of herb it is! The recipes for the Bone Spirit Xuan Pills of the various sects are all different." Mu Feng said, "I'll take a look at the recipe of the Saber Sword Villa. I'll find out what kind of medicinal ingredients you need."

Qin Yun did not know whether the recipe for such pill in his Mysterious Pill Scripture would be useful or not.

According to his own memories, he wrote down three Xuan medicine ingredients, all low rank Xuan medicines.

"Xuan Beast Bone, Night Lotus Flower, Moon Spirit Rose!" Mu Feng looked at the names of the ingredients and frowned: "Are you sure that this is the recipe for the Bone Spirit Xuan Pill?"

"What is it? Doesn't it look like proper ingredient?" Qin Yun did not know if what was recorded in the medicinal pill scripture was true or not.

"The Xuan Beast bone is very easy to obtain! We could get the Night Lotus and Moon Spirit Rose but they are all low quality Xuan medicinal herbs! The Bone Spirit Xuan Pill seems to be a High Grade Xuan Quality Pill. Can these ingredients refine a Bone Spirit Xuan Pill?" Mu Feng was very suspicious of this.

"You can just give it to me. How long will it take, how much purple coins?" Qin Yun asked.

"The Xuan Beast bone is very cheap! Night Lotus and Moon Spirit Rose both cost ten to twenty million each, which is quite expensive!" Mu Feng put the paper away and said: "As long as you help me fix that clock, I'll go get you a piece of each!"

"Only one piece?" Qin Yun said with disdain.

"Apart from the Xuan Beast bone, the other two are rare goods that require two to three thousand years to mature! I can get a piece of each, so it can be considered very good!" Mu Feng said.

"Alright then!" Qin Yun thought for a moment before nodding.

After Mu Feng left, Qin Yun immediately had Mo Mo come out to repair the clock.

He didn't know what this clock was used for.

However, Ling Yun'er, this little demoness, knew.

"This clock is a Dao tool. I can see the runes on it's surface....the main effect is to create a unique sound wave that can attract many powerful beasts. This should be used to hunt powerful beasts." Ling Yun'er said.

Mo Mo together with the little Jade Rabbit and Yang Yang, played very happily inside the storage space, they relished every day they passed.

After Mo Mo obtained the moon totem, she was able to condense many moonlight essence.

She no longer needed to eat magical beast crystal eggs; she could always be full.

Qin Yun looked at Mo Mo and thought to himself, "Little Mo Mo is really cute. Ling Yun'er is not as good as her!"

Ling Yun'er heard Qin Yun's thoughts and said with a chuckle, "Little Yun, I'm also very cute!"

"Everyone calls me big brother, you always call me Xiao Yun!" Qin Yun said in annoyance.

"You silly're too young, so of course I have to call you Xiao Yun!" Ling Yun'er laughed and said, "Oh right, this Ninth Heaven Xuan Sparrow is not easy to raise. You should be mentally prepared!"

"Really?" Qin Yun suddenly felt somewhat worried.

"Yang Yang's appetite is huge! Little Jade Rabbit and Little Mo Mo can be full after eating the Moonlight Essence but that little duckling wants to eat dragon meat. After eating this dragon, you'll have a big headache!" Ling Yun'er said.

"Then what should we do? I can't just let her go!" Qin Yun was also reluctant to part with the cute duckling.

Plus, he had been raising it for a while and had fed it quite a bit. He couldn't let it go to waste like this.

"This is a divine beast, of course we can't let it go!" Ling Yun'er said, "You'd better grasp the method to refine the Royal Grade Xuan pills. Feed it the pills!"

Qin Yun also remembered that there was a description of a pill to be consumed by a beast on the Mysterious Pill Scripture.

He suddenly felt very puzzled because he really needed to eat pills and now he even had to feed pills to Yang Yang.

"Little Mo Mo is so cute, innocent and pretty. It's a pity that I can't get out, otherwise I could touch her little face all day long!" Ling Yun'er said pitifully.

Mo Mo took a day to repair the clock.

Qin Yun also consumed the Bone Spirit Xuan Pill and began refining it.

The Bone Spirit Xuan Pill couldn't strengthen the Dao Bone, it could only release a special kind of power that could seep into the Dao Bone.

After the Dao Bone absorbed enough medicinal energy, it would gradually bring out it's spirit.

Ling Yun'er also said that when cultivating the bone spirit, he needed to prepare a strong beast spirit.

The moment one opens their bone spirit, absorbing the beast spirit can make their bone spirit become very strong and have the special power of beasts.

The choice of a beast spirit also had to be compatible with his own martial spirit.

Only now did Qin Yun know how difficult it was to step into the Spirit Martial Realm.

Training in the Spirit Martial Realm was also extremely arduous.

After a few days, he had refined the Bone Spirit Xuan Pill.

Because his dao bones were too strong, a Bone Spirit Xuan Pill had no effect at all.

Mu Feng waited in the hall.

Qin Yun went out and brought him into his room. He said, "It's repaired!"

"So fast! How did you fix it?" Mu Feng was happy hearing this good news.

"Secret!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "Where are my things? Have you brought them yet?"

"Here! Xuan Beast bone is cheap, so I helped you get a lot of it, which is considered a gift! However, there is only one Night lotus and one Moon Spirit Rose!"

Mu Feng handed two jade boxes to Qin Yun. Inside the two boxes, were two flowers that did not look like high qualit.

The Night Lotus was black and the Moon Spirit Rose was silver. It didn't release any light or spiritual energy, making it look lifeless.

"These are all substandard goods!" Qin Yun said with some dissatisfaction.

"To tell you the truth, this is considered trash in the Immortal sects! Your Saber Sword Villa medicine hall probably feels the same!" Mu Feng said, "Being able to obtain these is already quite good."

Qin Yun could only accept it. In the future, he would use the Sun Moon Profound Bowl to make the Xuan pills better.

"Qin Yun, do you really not plan on looking for the Inscription Spirit? From what I know, it might be the spirit of the Star Lord or Moon Lady!" Mu Feng said.

Qin Yun possessed the Beast king inscription spirit.

This allowed him to carve beast runes or totems with half the effort.

"If I could obtain Star Lord or Moon Lady and carve star runes or moon runes, it would be very easy!" Mu Feng said.

"I won't go for now!" Qin Yun knew that Yang Shiyue had gone. If she failed, it would not be too late to go.

He was worried that he would only add to the chaos.

Yang Shiyue had the memories of her previous life's Young Palace Master, so she definitely had a way to obtain that Inscription Spirit.

"That's fine, anyway the Inscription Spirit is not so easy to obtain! It's not too late if we wait." Mu Feng said, "Right now, all the sects are looking for this Inscription Spirit. That's why they don't have the time to bother with you right now!"

"They have no time for me? Even if they have the time, what can they do to me?" Qin Yun was not afraid at all.

"I don't know either!" Mu Feng shook his head and said, "I'm leaving. If you want to find me, you can find me at the Inscription Palace in the Immortal Weapon City. I do pretty well there!"

After Mu Feng left, Qin Yun hurriedly took out the Sun Moon Profound Bowl.

Ling Yun'er said anxiously, "Xiao Yun, this is not a Xuan Artifact, it's called the Sun Moon Divine Bowl. It belongs to the category of a Divine Artifact and it's definitely something good!"

"The Xiao Clan really did find a treasure back then. However, it was damaged and was unable to display it's strongest power. It is just like a Xuan artifact."

"Divine equipment? This item should be from the Divine Land. How did it end up in the border regions?" Qin Yun was pleasantly surprised as he asked, "Why didn't I notice it earlier?"

"You can't tell, because Divine Inscriptions are all dark runes. There are all kinds of runes mixed together!"

"I don't know why it would be found in the border region. In short, this is a good thing! If Mo Mo was strong enough, it could be completely repaired! With Little Mo Mo's current strength, she's still unable to repair the Divine Inscriptions on it!"

Ling Yun'er had only found out about the existence of this object from Qin Yun's memories. Now that she had seen it with her own eyes, she realized it was a divine artifact.

With a face full of pleasant surprise, Qin Yun placed the Sun Moon Divine Bowl on the table so that it could condense the essence of the sun and moon.

"The condensed essence of the sun and moon can speed up the growth of plants. As for how fast they can accelerate, I'm not sure." Ling Yun'er said, "This bowl is really powerful. It's damaged so much yet it can still be used!"

Now that Qin Yun had the medicinal ingredients, he was only missing the Medicine Refining Xuan tools.

In his pill book, there was a special Xuan tool used to refine Bone Spirit Xuan Pills. These Xuan Artifacts needed to be carved with Star and Moon runes, as well as some Xuan runes.

The difficulty of refining it was still rather high.

Qin Yun was only at the ninth level of the martial dao. He had just cultivated a Dao spirit and did not possess the strength of the Spirit realm.

Just as Qin Yun was having a headache over this matter, he heard Yue Wulan call out softly from outside, "Xiao Yun, Elder Hu from Demon Moon Island is here!"

"This Hu Jingxian is a Martial Monarch at the Xuan Martial Realm. There's no need to waste her time!" Qin Yun was secretly delighted as he hurriedly pushed open the door.

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