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Chapter 53 Beginner refiner

When Qin Yun left the Bamboo Woods House, he had left a note for Yang Shiyue saying that he had gone to the Hall of Wonders. He told her not to worry.

When he was in the Hall of Wonders, he had been toying with the artifact forging process for two days when he saw his beautiful teacher arrive.

Yang Shiyue was wearing a blue dress. This was a dress that Qin Yun found more beautiful.

After entering Qin Yun's artifact forging secret chamber, she felt a wave of heat. She also saw the one-meter-tall furnace.

"You started refining?" Yang Shiyue was surprised.

If Qin Yun was able to forge a spirit artifact, he would not have to worry about other forces finding trouble with his talent.

"Yeah, but I'm not proficient enough yet!" Qin Yun nodded. He had just finished carving the Alchemy markings on the furnace and forging hammer.

Yang Shiyue picked up the forging hammer and saw the neat and beautiful engravings on it. She secretly praised it in her heart as Qin Yun's progress in inscribing the spirit lines had increased significantly.

Her eyes were filled with encouragement as she looked at Qin Yun. She said with a smile, "There's no rush. Refining a spirit artifact requires a learning process."

"Teacher, why is the principal looking for you?" Qin Yun was more worried that Yang Shi Yue would be transferred.

Yang Shiyue put down her hammer, picked up a thunder talisman and softly said, "He wants me to go back to the Sky Profound Martial House because he has some private matters to discuss with me. I will be back about a month. Just stay here for this month. Although there are no movements from the Yan Clan, that doesn't mean that they won't come.

Qin Yun threw a piece of metal into the furnace. With a look of worry, he said, "Teacher, you have to spend this semester with me!"

Yang Shiyue smiled sweetly and said: "I know! There is no one who can stop me from continuing to teach you. Oh right, your cultivation has risen too fast, it would be best if you could use this period of time to consolidate your stability. During this period of time, you should carefully study refining, and wait for me to come back before you start to cultivate the Heart Sutra! "

The Heart Sutra was not easy to cultivate. Many people had been stuck here for a long time. It was possible to be stuck here for at least one or two years, or even more than ten years.

Yang Shiyue reminded Qin Yun a few things before hurriedly leaving the Hall.

Qin Yun could only work hard to learn artifact forging and increase his strength. In the future, he would be able to help this beautiful and slightly depressed teacher.

He channeled his fire inner force into his hands, turning them red. Using his bare hands, he took out several red-hot iron pieces from the furnace, and then folded them together. Then, he used his two hands to compress them together.

He wanted to use the most basic of metals to forge Spirit Iron, and then forge the Ghost Head Saber.

Qin Yun's forging process could be said to be very smooth. It was mainly because of his Oscillating Martial Spirit, which allowed him to use the explosive impact of the Oscillations to achieve twice the results with half the effort.

Furthermore, the alchemy markings on the forging hammers were high-grade spirit markings. After infusing inner strength into the spirit markings, the forging hammers would release a strange and scorching energy, turning ordinary iron into spirit iron.

Thousands upon thousands of pounds of iron were reduced to the size of a blade by him. This was just a rough embryo, very heavy and sturdy. Next, he would need to refine and refine it.

After tossing and turning for an entire day, he finally managed to pull out a Phantom Head Blade.

"It's much better than the one I had before. It seems like it's because of the Alchemy Mark. The good alchemy Mark can make the materials improve during the forging process!"

"What kind of spirit patterns should I inscribe? This blade may have been forged from spirit iron, but it's still not strong enough. At most, it's only a half spirit artifact! "

He tried it out and discovered that his Qi could be injected into the blade smoothly, which meant that he did not need to use Origin Gathering Marks to increase the flow of his Qi.

"This way, I'll be able to carve a solid mark!"

A solid seal was a spirit pattern that was commonly used. What he had mastered was a high grade solid seal, and it was the better kind.

This was the first time he carved high grade spirit runes on a weapon. This was a very challenging challenge.

The Origin Gathering Marks that he had previously carved were the basic Spirit Marks of this crappy street. They were not difficult at all.

Originally, he had planned to cultivate for half a day before starting to carve. However, thinking of using his internal energy and mental energy to the limit in order to consolidate his cultivation, he decided not to rest and continued to carve spirit prints while enduring his exhaustion.

When he was carving the solid lines, he was very familiar with it from the start. When the carving knife moved, it was as if he was writing on a piece of paper with a smooth brush …

He used the carving knife as his brush, the power of the Blood Soul as his ink, and the power of the Dragon and Snake as his brush.

Late at night, Qin Yun completed the side of the blade.

"It went smoothly!" He looked at the perfectly formed lines on the blade, and an indescribable sense of accomplishment made him smile.

After resting for a moment, he continued to inscribe …

Dawn came and Qin Yun raised his carving knife. He heaved a long sigh and said with a laugh, "It's a success!"

He had also reached the limit of his walking ability, so he ended up lying down on the bed and falling asleep.

"Dong, dong, dong!"

At noon, someone knocked on the door, jolting Qin Yun awake.

He got up and hurried to open the door.

"General director!" Qin Yun was surprised to see Duan Gan, who was dressed in a white robe.

"You seemed to be busy late last night. What are you doing?" Duan Qian took a glance at the room and saw the furnace and the hammer. He was slightly surprised. "You're going to start refining!"

"I'm refining a half spirit artifact." Qin Yun did not hide anything and grinned.

After Duan Qian entered the room, he looked at the Alchemy markings on the furnace and forging hammer and felt even more shocked in his heart!

The alchemy inscriptions of high grade spirit inscriptions were extremely precious!

"Show me your work!" Duan Qian was slightly excited in his heart.

Previously, Qin Yun had obtained Duan Gan's secret assistance. As such, he had a very good impression of him. Furthermore, he was in a high position and was not a despicable person that was trustworthy.

He immediately took out two sabers. One was carved with Origin Gathering markings, the other was engraved with solid markings.

Duan Gan frowned as he looked at the two sabers, and carefully observed them. After a moment, he said, "The inscription patterns are not bad! It's not easy at your age!

"However, there is still a slight flaw. Your solid mark gives off a weak feeling. It's a little rough on the skin, probably because your condition during the inscription process was not good enough."

"And the sword that is inscribing the Origin Gathering Marks is extremely good. It is full of essence, energy and spirit, and is also skillful enough!"

The Origin Gathering Pattern Saber was Qin Yun's second attempt at inscribing. He had indeed kept it in a good condition.

This was the first time he had come in contact with the Inscription of artifact. Furthermore, in order to refine himself to his limits, he had to bear with his exhaustion and go carve it.

All of this was seen through by Duan Qian, causing Qin Yun to feel endless admiration!

"Of course, this level of yours is enough to catch up with many true Inscription Masters!" After Duan Qianlang laughed a few times, his expression turned serious, "You'd better not expose too many high grade spirit patterns in case someone covets you."

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