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Fang Yiyan left after saying that. He did not chase after Lin Xueluo's footsteps.

However, Yuan Duoduo felt as if he had caused a great disaster. Fang Yi's words were still a part of his mind, and it could be seen from how he had rejected all the other female students' love and pursuit.

Perhaps in Fang Yi's eyes, if Xueluo was happy, he would stand far away and look at her, silently wishing her well.

He would only provoke Feng Xinglang even more crazily!

It's over! Yuan Duoduo cursed inwardly. He had been too busy trying to vindicate Xueluo, but he had forgotten about Fang Yi Yan's personality and temper.

Watching as the refined and refined Fang Yi left with a kind of unfathomable hatred, Yuan Duoduo let out a sigh, then began to chase after Lin Xueluo.

Xueluo hid around the corner of the De Xian Restaurant and waited for Yuan Duoduo. As she passed by, he grabbed her.

"Ah... "You scared me." Being grabbed so suddenly by Xueluo, Yuan Duoduo was really shocked. She was still lost in the question of what Fang Yiyan was going to do next.

"Has Fang Yiyan left? What did you tell him? " Xueluo asked.

"No …." Nothing. I gave him a brief account of the situation. And then he left. " Yuan Duoduo said with a guilty conscience.

"What?" You wouldn't tell him that Feng Lixin is a person whose face has been destroyed by a great fire, right? " Xueluo anxiously shouted.

"Even if I don't tell them the truth, Fang Yi Yan will definitely go to the Xia Family and ask them for a clear explanation."

Xueluo was silent. Fang Yi had always been a stubborn person.

"What I am most worried about is that he will once again go to the Feng Family to provoke Feng Xinglang! Feng Xinglang is also so ruthless... " Xueluo sighed.

"Xueluo, don't you feel that the two men fighting for you are very exciting and spirited?" Yuan Duoduo suddenly said.

"Stimulation?" "Good?"

Xueluo was startled, and she wanted to cry, but no tears came out. "You don't know how badly Feng Xinglang beat up Fang Yiyan that night!"

"I still think. Feng Xinglang is interested in you. Xueluo, you are really fortunate to have two men who love you so much. " Yuan Duoduo said sourly.

In terms of tenacity, endurance, and hard work, Yuan Duoduo was indeed outstanding in these areas. However, in terms of her feelings, she was seriously trying to make a fuss out of her inferiority complex. To use the words of Mai Weimin, his heart was higher than the heavens, but his life was thinner than paper.

In other words: she had always longed for the love story of Cinderella and the Prince in this real world. She wanted her love to be as lucky as Cinderella! The prince didn't mind her being handicapped. He pursued her without leaving her, and he was determined to keep her hand until she was old.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so worried about that!" Don't forget, I am Feng Lixin's wife! Even if Feng Xinglang dares to say it, it's only for the sake of his big brother protecting his sister-in-law! What about 'love'? This is nonsense. "

Xueluo didn't know whether he wanted to persuade Yuan Duoduo or he was trying to convince himself that the reason that the man was so overbearing towards him was only because she was his sister-in-law, and it had nothing to do with their relationship.

Noon in the school cafeteria.

The hardworking Yuan Duoduo went to queue up for food. Xueluo, who had just finished copying the class notes, immediately made a call to Feng Family. He inquired about Feng Lixin's lunch situation.

"Mistress, you should come back to Feng Family with Little Qian for lunch. The school cafeteria's food is so terrible, and the environment is so messy and noisy, how can you bear it? "

In fact, Nanny An wanted to say: You are pregnant here. How can you eat things that are not nutritious?

"The food in the cafeteria is not bad. There are fish and meat, almost anything. Rest assured! Nanny An, I will have to trouble you to take care of Lixin.

After hanging up, Xueluo nervously stuck his tongue out. This Nanny An was getting more and more passionate. There were thousands of students in the academy eating in the cafeteria, so how could she, Lin Xueluo, not eat? She's not that pampered.

One served food while the other took up a seat. Yuan Duoduo and Xueluo coordinated extremely well.

"Wah …" Handsome! "What a man!"

"The Western European version of the fierce guy …"

"Handsome and refined, such an elegant young master. It must be a rich second generation! "

"Why did this fuerdai come to the cafeteria to pick up girls?" This is not scientific... "

Hearing the whispers and clamor of the crowd, Yuan Duo Ji looked over: a handsome man was walking towards their table with an elegant and reserved gait.

He stood tall and straight like a javelin, his entire body exuding the aura of a king.

It's Feng Xinglang!

"Xueluo... Xueluo, it's Feng Xinglang, Feng Xinglang! " Excited, Yuan Duoduo kept patting Xueluo's hand that was holding the chopsticks.

Feng Xinglang? Why would he come to such a dirty and messy school cafeteria?

Looking back, Xueluo coincidentally met Feng Xinglang's gentle and refined gaze. It was just a facade, but he couldn't figure it out.

He was a terrible man. Perhaps he would be overjoyed, but behind the overjoyed handsome face, there was a calmness and calmness.

Only those who truly approached him would be able to find out! But he couldn't figure it out, much less understand it.

"Mr Feng, y-why are you here?"

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Feng Xinglang sat at their dining table, feeling extremely nervous. Instantly, it became the focus of everyone's attention.

"What a coincidence. "Let's eat together."

Feng Xinglang didn't seem to regard himself as an outsider as he directly sat next to Xueluo. Then, he looked at the two dishes in front of Xueluo: Fried eggs with tomatoes and stir-fried mushrooms with vegetables.

He frowned in dissatisfaction!

"Little Yuan, can I trouble you to cook a few more dishes?" I don't like vegetarianism. " Feng Xinglang smiled with a gentle smile, which was extremely charming.

"Oh, okay, I'll go now. Mr Feng, please wait a moment. " Yuan Duoduo happily picked up his meal card and started cooking.

Xueluo wanted to stop Yuan Duoduo, but she had already ran far away.

Looking back, Xueluo glared at Feng Xinglang who was sitting beside him, and said half sarcastically: "Feng Family is so noble, eating this kind of dirty and messy canteen, aren't you afraid that you'll be wronged?"

"With you around, we'll have some."

Feng Xinglang said leisurely. He took the chopsticks from Xueluo's hands, or more accurately speaking, he should be snatching the chopsticks from him. He took a bite of the egg and placed it between his thin lips: frowning, curling his lips, and had an expression that made it hard to swallow. However, in the end, he still swallowed it down with great difficulty.

"The food here is too mediocre. Let's go back to Feng Family for lunch tomorrow. I'll have Little Qian come and pick you up every day. "

"No need! You think so, but I don't. " Xueluo protested.

"Then why don't you take a bite out of one of your eggs and let me take a look?" Feng Xinglang returned the chopsticks back into Xueluo's hands.

Eat, eat! Even if it wasn't tasty, it wasn't as hard to swallow as a man's behavior.

Xueluo picked up a pair of chopsticks and stuffed them into his mouth, purposely pretending to be delicious, "It's very delicious!"

"That's because the chopsticks took up my saliva. That's why you taste so good."

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