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Chapter 255: Dream on!

Since the divorce agreement was already signed, wouldn't he be able to take it to the Department of Civil Affairs and divorce Feng Lixin?

After getting divorced, he wouldn't need to carry the title of "Madam Feng Lixin" to give birth to Feng Xinglang's child!

Thinking about this, Xueluo immediately got off of his body and donned his thick pajamas, then quickly went to find Butler Mo to get the divorce agreement. He would leave as early as he could and leave as early as he could.

Housekeeper Mo was busy in his study. Ever since Feng Lixin became severely ill, he also acted as the representative for some of the businesses in the Feng Group.

When Xueluo came in, Butler Mo was sealing some important documents. Because Feng Lixin couldn't sign it himself, he could only seal it with the same legal seal of the company.

"Butler Mo, sorry to bother you." Xueluo nervously knocked on the door.

"Madam, you are too kind!" Butler Mo put down the seal in his hand and stood up to welcome me, "Is there anything you need me for?"

Xueluo should have something on her mind as she took the initiative to come to find him.

"Lixin said that the signed divorce agreement will be placed with you … I came to get it. "

Xueluo felt somewhat embarrassed and embarrassed, but she mustered her courage to say it. Thinking about the two hundred million in compensation, not only did he not give it back to the other party, he even took the initiative to ask for a divorce... To the Feng Family, this was indeed a lose-lose deal.

"Divorce agreement? "Oh, here it is." Butler Mo sighed, "But Madam, I don't think you would want to see it!"

That she didn't want to see it again? Why does it sound the same as Feng Lixin's tone?

"NO!" I want to see it! " Xueluo firmed his mind.

Although Feng Lixin was a good man, she, Lin Xueluo, had to leave him for this marriage. He had to give the little girl in his stomach a purer identity.

"Madame, since you insist on seeing. "Well, I'll give it to you."

Butler Mo bent over and took out the divorce agreement from the drawer, "Madam, please look at it, don't get angry!"

It was just a divorce agreement, why would he get angry!

Xueluo took the divorce agreement and looked at it carefully. He realized that the previous part did not include any additional conditions for divorce.

But on the last page, Xueluo was extremely shocked to see that the signature of the male side was actually signed … It was signed...

Dream on!

Two pieces of wild grass with power permeating through the paper! Powerful and powerful!

This is also called a signature?

"This... Who signed this? Is it Feng Lixin? " Xueluo was so speechless that he almost choked on his words.

"It's not First Young Master! The words were … Second Young Master signed it! " Butler Mo said bluntly.

When Feng Lixin passed the divorce agreement to Housekeeper Mo, he had already told them: If Xueluo asked, he would tell them the truth.

"Feng Xinglang?" Xueluo was even more shocked, "On what basis is he signing?"

Xueluo never thought that Feng Lixin would actually want to discuss marriage with his own brother! Then let's discuss it, and actually let Feng Xinglang sign it with just the word?

Dream on?

Dream on?

What an arrogant and domineering tone!

"Madam, I'm afraid only the Second Young Master can sign this divorce agreement … Only then will it be effective! " Butler Mo said gently.

"Why? Could it be that Feng Xinglang was able to cover the sky with one hand? He dares to treat the law as child's play? "

Xueluo, who was in a rage, could no longer continue to ponder about the euphemism behind Butler Mo's words. His mind was filled with the word 'dream'!

Other than anger, there was also the anger from gnashing his teeth!

"Madame, please calm your anger! I think that Second Young Master truly wants to cherish her relationship with you! "

Butler Mo's words were vaguely implicit. Every sentence was able to give Xueluo a proper reminder and inspiration; however, every sentence was unable to point out the truth.

This would depend on Madam Xueluo's own perception!

However, the angry Xueluo clearly misunderstood Butler Mo's warning and inspiration. She thought the reason why Feng Xinglang didn't divorce her big brother was because he wanted her to have a child with him as his big brother wished. Then, he would be able to raise his big brother, Feng Lixin!

"All of you Feng Family s are going too far! I won't let you do as you wish! "

Xueluo spat out these words, then angrily ran out of the study room and returned to his own room.

Butler Mo was stunned: Did this Madam Xueluo understand what he meant? Or did he not comprehend it?

He kept having the feeling that Madam Xueluo's final roar seemed to mean something!

"What do you mean by 'I won't let you do as you wish'?" You people should be referring to the people of Feng Family! But what could the people of Feng Family do?

Could it be that Madam Xueluo had misunderstood something? Seems like it!

Inside the room, Xueluo glared at the word "dream" in anger!

"Feng Xinglang, you bastard! Bastard! The most despicable person in the world! Why are you signing? Who are you? "

Xueluo, who was unable to vent his anger, could only curse at the two words that Feng Xinglang had signed.

After signing these two crazy words, that man could actually come down to capture her? How could he have any face!

Xueluo almost forgot, that man never had any face or skin when doing things!

No wonder both Feng Lixin and Butler Mo said that she wouldn't want to see it! Now it seemed like they had long condoned Feng Xinglang's presumptuous signature!

This Feng Xinglang didn't want him to divorce his big brother, then what should he do with the little girl in his stomach? Xueluo was so anxious that she was about to cry!

Feng Xinglang could afford it, but she could not afford to wait. As the child in her stomach grew up, she would be exposed sooner or later!

In such a dark Feng Family, Xueluo did not want them to know that he was pregnant!

Fortunately, he had already passed the days of vomiting and joy, it would be even easier to hide from the Nanny An!

However, this was not a long-term solution! The thing was, Feng Xinglang, that Demon Man, did not want her to divorce his brother at all!

What then?

Was there really only one way left for them, mother and son, to run away with their little baby in their bellies?

Xueluo's entire being became dejected!

This large family, from top to bottom, from masters to servants, were colluding with each other!

Qibei Mountain City Club.

This was a paradise for gentlemen to enjoy themselves, as well as a harem for famous ladies.

Feng Xinglang appeared here today in the name of God!

Every time he met a staff member, he would reward them with a few hundred yuan bills, in a way that was very much like a playful rich second-generation.

The ladies were dressed very coolly: the dresses were so short that they could barely be seen, and the neckline was so low that one could see the colors of the gowns.

There was even a bold young girl who did not even wear a gown, directly challenging the visual senses of the men!

But Lan Youyou's appearance instantly attracted the attention of a large majority of men.

Her beauty was the sort of cold and elegant beauty that could only be observed from afar, but not mocked …

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