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Chapter 636: Challenging All Heroes Alone

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Was he going to challenge experts from all over? All of the evolvers exposed a startled look. There was no doubting this man’s strength seeing as he could fight a decisive battle against both the Innocuous Divine Physique and the Origin Magnet Sacred Physique, yet now he alone was going to challenge everyone!?

Many people breathed coarsely. The first person who couldn’t bear it was the Myriad Star Physique Xu Chengxian. This was because Chu Feng was currently wiedling his celestial mother gold bracelet against the others. He suffered a stab of pain in his eyes with every sway and felt he had lost face.

This was a treasure he had almost traded his life to cultivate. Now, it had changed hands under the audience’s watchful eyes. His enemy made it shine repeatedly and even used it as pretext to contend for supremacy with the people at the scene. How could he endure this?

He too was a type of unrivaled physique. He was just a bit young now and hadn’t yet reached his golden age, but he still thought himself to be strong. He couldn’t bear that bronze masked man’s ostentatious display.


Countless stars fell turbulently and penetrated the void. The resplendent cluster of stars concealed him, and suns, moons, and stars floated around him. It was an anomaly.

However, the starlight was real. It formed a river of stars that curled around the edges of his body and surged upward as it dramatically increased his energy.

The Myriad Star Physique attacked. He would fight Chu Feng to the death!

“Who else is out there? Don’t hesitate to join in!” Chu Feng’s voice was cold and detached. Red stars flew in all directions when he struck with the dark red, long blade. He was going to fight a battle against the Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique, Luo Fu, the Netherworld divine son, the Myriad Star Physique, and everyone else.

Some people stared at him including the Vermillion Bird fairy and Yuan Yuan. Originally they saw so many people approach and didn’t want to attack, instead opting to watch quietly for the result.

However, as soon as they heard these words and watched his abdomen bound by several of their own belts, they could no longer bear it. They let out light breaths and transformed into red and black lightning before rushing up into the sky.

Several people found the sight of the fourth and tenth most beautiful women in the cosmos attacked together quite provocative and were eager to join in.


Multi-colored divine lights glittered. Two Vermillion Birds rushed toward the heavens to kill Chu Feng. They were the siblings Ji Cheng and Ji Xuan.

Next, silk danced and wove together to shroud the void. The Immortal Silkworm nobleman also rushed toward the blue dom of heaven and attacked. This had nothing to do with the decisive battle; he just wanted to get rid of that bronze masked man since he had taken all of his battle garments—even his stockings! He was furious.

At the same time, the Origin Demon race’s prince was also unable to sit still. Even his sister had joined in the attack, so how could he not do the same?

Now everyone’s expression had changed. There were several people ranking in the top ten among the group, even including the third strongest young expert in the cosmos. Who could match him?

“Anyone else!?”

Chu Feng’s shout startled everyone. Was he looking to die, or what!?

“Heh…” The Immortal Destiny Physique was also present. He let out a sneer at Chu Feng’s arrogance. Then he shook out the sleeve of his gown, and though he was only standing on the ground, the divine beams of light instantly shot up and filled the sky. He struck at Chu Feng from a distance.

Everyone was in shock and awe. There were so many experts and so many powerful, proud sons of heaven that any of them standing up would cause each of the race’s young experts to get big-headed. Now they were all attacking one person together.

“You’re too far away. Get up here!” shouted Chu Feng provokingly.

Now, his entire body was crystalline, and all his pores had relaxed and expanded. He moved the celestial mother gold bracelet and brandished the reincarnation blade, and then he swiped at all of the enemies surrounding him with a humming sound.

However, his body had already been stained with blood!

There were too many enemies. Even though some people couldn’t rush to the front every time and couldn’t simultaneously attack Chu Feng, they were still a great threat to him.


There was a splendid immortal light. Immortal Destiny Physique smiled coldly and did not object to rushing up and fighting this madman with the others. He rose up high into the sky with one step.

“Are there any more!?” shouted Chu Feng.

Everyone was petrified and couldn’t believe their ears. Was this man crazy!?

None of them stood up at this moment, though. Even though some of them wanted to attack, now they hesitated. This madman was too savage, and this made them feel nervous.

“Getting a few more up here will satisfy my craving!” Chu Feng held the blade in one hand and the celestial mother gold bracelet in the other. He still felt there weren’t enough people, so he loudly provoked the top young experts with a challenge.

The people were stunned. They thought this crazed, violent man had such a boorish temperament. He was going to suppress himself here and launch a great battle that would shake the heavens.

Yet in the next moment, there was the sound of a huge explosion that stupefied everyone.

At the same time, it horrified all of the experts in the sky, and they all quickly flew to evade. They had angry, murderous looks on their faces. They were all releasing their strongest energies in their bodies!

Chu Feng saw that there were enough people. He then threw out six of the purple lightning crystals in a single, decisive breath. These powerful weapons that could kill even evolvers who had surpassed the visualization level exploded among the group of people.

The fierce energy, booming thunder, and splendid lightning wove together and split open the void.

Down below, the silver-haired girl Ying Xiaoxiao’s mouth was wide open and in an “O” shape. She recognized her family’s powerful purple lightning crystals with a single glance. They had a unique energy.

That man had cast out a powerful weapon taken from her elder sister and used it to attack the proud sons of heaven encircling him.

Everyone was in chaos, and just now they were gasping in shock. This man’s heroism was practically reaching the clouds, and his boldness was unmatched. In the end, battling against all of the experts was nothing for him.

He was doing this to gather all his opponents together and conveniently release the lightning!

Ensnaring a group like this was too immoral. Everyone was dumbstruck at this sudden occurrence.

Some people in the air were coughing, raving, and letting out long hisses. Their responses were all different. They had all encountered great trouble and flew away at the first moment.

Who dared attack?

The six purple lightning crystals were strong weapons that exploded simultaneously. Even Luo Fu and the Netherworld divine son wouldn’t dare shake them too hard because they would be exploded to pieces.

Chu Feng did it this way entirely to save the purple lightning crystals. According to his understanding, he would have to use the treasure sparingly no matter how many he stole. He couldn’t throw them all out.

Besides, he didn’t have many of these super-purple lightning crystals on hand. If those people were dispersed or if he broke the siege, it would be wasteful to throw them in different directions and at different enemies.

Thus he thought he needed to gather them together and then bomb them indiscriminately. He would blast away a path and safely break away.

As expected, nobody below came up after he fled the area. Nobody blocked him.

This was because the people who wanted to attack him had already been attracted to the sky. Now they were all in a sorry state.

The tenth most beautiful woman in the cosmos was the most unlucky. Her black dress had been blasted to pieces revealing her pale white body. Even though she wore inner armor to protect her vital points, she still fell to the ground covered in blood.

A group of people on the ground stared, and some even took out their photon computers to stealthily take pictures.

The Origin Demon crown prince Yuan Shicheng bellowed as he caught his sister with one arm. Afterward he frantically pursued Chu Feng. His responses were the fastest, so just now, he had been able to keep away from the area with the thunderstorm and did not suffer its effect.

“Die!” The Immortal Destiny Physique was furious. He had just been tangled up with the lightning and nearly fell into the whirlpool of death. Luckily his skills were heaven-defying, so he could evade.

“Gack!” The Immortal Silkworm nobleman was coughing up a mixture of blood and silk. He was in an incomparably difficult situation. His own treasured clothing had been stolen, and just now he had been hurt by the thunderstorm’s explosion. Some silk strands even spurted out form his nose. His injuries were clearly heavy.


A fiery light dashed toward the heavens as the Vermillion Bird fairy revealed a pair of crimson feathered wings. The sleeves of her gown had been ripped, exposing her sparkling, translucent arms. She also swooped down to chase him.

“Didn’t you want a decisive battle!?” Luo Fu’s complexion was icy cold. Just now, he had borne the brunt of the attack, and now parts of his body were scorched black. His opponent must have been primarily targeting him in an attempt to destroy him.

He let out an explosive sound, and his entire being merged with the deity blade, transforming into a blade of light. He cut through the chaotic void and chased Chu Feng down.

The group was enraged. Some were hurt, while others were dripping with blood; the only bit of good fortune was that nobody died. They all pursued him together. They hated being unable to kill Chu Feng immediately.

The siege was successfully broken, but Chu Feng didn’t have time to take a breather. Around thirty elders were blocking the path up ahead. They rose high into the air wordlessly and began attacking him!

Among them was a middle-aged man. He was the Xilin race’s domain master and also the person who had helped Luo Fu, the Netherworld divine son, and Qin Luoyin arrange the previously-used rare domain treasure to scheme against Chu Feng.


Chu Feng smashed the celestial mother gold bracelet outward and used all his might to kill the group of people. He couldn’t let anyone block him while he was breaking away.


Several people were exploded into a bloody mist in just this instant. Even people at the peak of the visualization level weren’t good enough.

At the same time, that bracelet rotated and evolved into a black hole that directly swallowed five people. They were crushed into a bloody pulp and died a violent death. He rushed to the front and then waved the reincarnation blade.

Just now, he had fought with the universe’s most powerful proud sons of heaven. Those people possessed extremely acute divine perception and were dodging the cutting edge of the blade. They They didn’t dare let their flesh come into contact with it and were very cautious.

The situation now was different. Perhaps these elders weren’t of a low realm, and perhaps some of them were even at the peak of the visualization realm; however, their reactions weren’t enough. Some of their weapons were sliced in two on the spot, and some had their flesh cut open.

A single cut from the reincarnation blade was fatal!


These people were crying out miserably. Chu feng rushed over and eliminated a dozen on the spot. First he melted their flesh, and then he destroyed their spirits. Their bodies and souls had been completely eliminated!

Chu Feng disappeared. He had already boarded the green bamboo raft and fled to a far away place without leaving a trace.

Even if he had forcibly boarded the green bamboo raft while he had been surrounded, in the end, he still would have been blasted by someone. Now he returned to the sea just like a dragon and disappeared without a trace

Did he really pick a fight with outstanding heroes just like that? Everyone was speechless. He had really made a big scene for only a little action! He was so careless!

Many people felt so much hatred that the roots of their teeth tickled. They wanted to skin him alive.

The people watching the battle felt similarly. He didn’t just fight with any group of people; even the cosmos’s first-rate young experts such as the Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique, the Immortal Destiny Physique, the Myriad Star Physique, and the crown prince of the Origin Demon race fought!

There was not a single weakling among those who attacked just now. They were all experts.

“Chase him. He couldn’t have gotten far. We’ll encircle and annihilate him together as soon as his tracks are discovered. We must slaughter him,” said Luo Fu in a cold voice. “Right, lock the exit to the Pure Land. Don’t let him escape!”

“The exit has already been blocked. Escape is impossible!” said a middle-aged Xilin man, who was also a domain expert, in an eerie voice.


However, in the next moment, the Xilin race’s domain expert’s voice stopped abruptly when he was cut in two. A scarlet blade of light flashed and split his body open. Next his body and soul were eliminated, and his flesh dissolved. It was a terrifying scene.

“Get out here, Chu Feng!” shouted Luo Fu.

Everyone felt their blood run cold. It turns out the mysterious man hadn’t evaded. He came back! He had quite the guts to directly kill such an important figure.

Was he Chu Feng? Some people had their doubts, and now countless people across the universe were waiting for definite information. This incited a heated debate.


Suddenly a piercing beam of light erupted from Luo Fu and a super-purple lightning crystal exploded. He instantly coughed up blood, and half his body was damaged.

It was impossible to defend against. The enemy was hidden in the void and had become an exceptional assassin!


While Luo Fu was rolling over, a blade of dark red light flickered, and one of his arms separated from his body with a ripping sound. He couldn’t evade it no matter how powerful his divine perception was!

This was because he had suffered a heavy blow from the purple lightning crystal’s explosion!

“Ahhhhhh!” Luo Fu let out a blood-curdling screech as he rapidly fell back. His body was being frantically cut. He approached the Origin Demon crown prince Yuan Shicheng, seeking protection.


Another blade of red light flashed. This time, it cut the Netherworld divine son!

Everyone was nervously taking in breaths of cold air. This man was too courageous. Just now, everyone had thought he had escaped, yet now they saw his ample boldness. He had come back to kill everyone.

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