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Chapter 552: Unbearable

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Chu Feng saw Yuan Mo’s grim expression full of hidden bitterness. He then glanced toward the frog and understood things in an instant. It was truly maddening to remember the first time he had encountered Ouyang Feng. He too was almost drenched in the pouring saliva.

He patted Yuan Mo’s shoulder sympathetically and said nothing.

Yuan Mo was speechless as he stared at that palm. This was because Chu Feng’s palm was glowing and enveloped in a layer of energy. He was clearly avoiding the saliva on his body as he did not actually touch it.

The group of people nearby were scared. Numerous divine sons and saintesses’ complexion changed in an instant when they saw the ten dilapidated ships towering on the end of the horizon. It made them unsettled.

Everybody could feel the shocking and destructive black light of the dilapidated ships!

Some mountaintops on the horizon were hit and disappeared in an explosion, some had lava bubbling out, while others seemingly evaporated from the earth as they were destroyed at an incomparably rapid rate.

“Brother, I’ll see you in a moment. This old bastard is quite difficult, so we’ll chat after we tidy up!”

Off in the distance, the Manchurian Tiger, black yak, and the others shouted and told Chu Feng to wait. The group started firing seriously because Yuchi Kong was indeed excessively strong and could avoid the incoming danger.

Chu Feng surveyed the scene and didn’t stop them. In reality, he too wasn’t fond of Yuchi Kong.

He possessed the fiery eyes and could see everything. Yuchi Kong had only come to watch the battle, and he surprisingly brewed some tea. What did it mean? It was like he was watching a play!

Yuchi Kong said that Zhou Shang was the one in the dark and Chu Feng was the one in the light. However, as Chu Feng saw it, with regards to the Earth’s true one, he was obviously the abandoned one.

A radiant light shined from the depths of Chu Feng’s eyes. Had Yuchi Kong come here to watch his downfall then conveniently make off with the silver box?

No matter what, today he could see Yuchi Kong’s style, and it made him feel extreme disgust!

The undead creatures on the old donkey’s ships were all snarling as they condensed their energy. The ship absorbed their energy and finally shot a piercing beam of light from the helm. There was a banging noise, and the green bamboo raft was sent flying. It crashed into a distant mountain and dust was instantly kicked up. The mountain broke apart as the rocks pierced the sky.

Yuchi Kong was both furious and extremely embarrassed. A cold light flickered in his eyes.

“Be careful!” reminded Ouyang Feng. Deity blood flowed through its body; it was a true divine beast. The energy in its two eyes was extremely terrifying.

“What are you afraid of? Surround and annihilate him together!” shouted the big black yak.

The dilapidated ships that came from Mount Eternal had a very special structure. They could condense the undead army’s energy and unite people’s strength to unleash a world-shaking strike.

Because of this, even though Yuchi Kong had surpassed the visualization level and was sitting on the unique green bamboo raft, now he had suffered a great loss and would endanger his life if he went any further.

“Woo…” Yellow Ox personally blew into the conch bugle horn. The snow-white conch lit up and caused all of the undead creatures on the boat to shout, roar, and produce an even more powerful energy.

There were two to three thousand undead creatures on each ship. Adding the ten ships together, their numbers were impressive and extremely shocking.

Now, the ten ships moved together and had surrounded Yuchi Kong.

The demon monitoring system on the ship activated and the black pupil opened. They could lock on to their opponent.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The ten dilapidated ships from Mount Eternal unleashed their power and bombed indiscriminately, making Yuchi Kong incomparably sullen. At the same time, he realized he might have exposed himself before those old monsters in the outer realm.

Previously, the Heaven’s Eye in the outer realm couldn’t detect him because he was living in seclusion and hadn’t made any detectable movements. He had used the green bamboo raft to deceive the heavens.

However, now it was unlikely that he could stop the saints from scouting him out.

He had to leave and avoid defending forcefully. He had the confidence to continue hiding after pulling himself out from this whirlpool. The people of the outer realm wouldn’t be able to find him.

Therefore, Yuchi Kong fled immediately afterward amidst the loud sounds of explosion and the shooting energy beams. He didn’t fight to the death and only evaded continuously.


The green bamboo raft was hit several times and crashed into the large valley. It smashed into the woodlands, but he quickly shot up.

“The green bamboo raft is so powerful!” Chu Feng saw that it wasn’t that Yuchi Kong was defying the heavens, but rather that bamboo raft was exceptionally shocking. Each time, its green, water-like light would ripple and dispel the destructive power.

Otherwise, the dilapidated ships were considerably powerful and shocking. They unleashed the power of the undead army and could even destroy lofty mountains.


During this process, Chu Feng watched and felt refreshed.

This was because Yuchi Kong was rolling and had turned over several times along with the green bamboo raft, and then he would crash into a mountain peak or be blasted onto the ground. It was incomparably embarrassing.

If it weren’t for the group of visualization-level divine sons and saintesses that the Deity race had brought to confront Chu Feng and stand against him here, Chu Feng would want to butt in and see how Yuchi Kong would try to frantically escape.

“Where did those evil creatures come from!” Yuchi Kong was furious.

At this moment, his hair was disheveled, and his body was covered in blood. There were surprisingly several bloody holes in his body. He had suffered serious wounds.

“Old grandson, you dare scold people? I’ll slap you to death!”

“Sh*t, where did the old bastard go!? He dared to provoke us. He can’t run!”

The black yak, Manchurian tiger, old donkey, and the others cursed him with each curse getting more colorful than the next. They didn’t have the slightest bit of self-awareness. Though they were blaming Yuchi Kong for being uncouth, they themselves were talking harshly.

Yuchi Kong felt furious. The instant he saw Yellow Ox and the black yak, he instantly knew that these were certainly those two oxen he had heard of that were friendly with Chu Feng.

However, where did those ten ships come from? What was with the undead army? The combined energy of those undead people had nearly killed him several times already.


In the end, Yuchi Kong’s chest was pierced by the black light once more, resulting in a bloody hole that was hollowed out at both ends. This made him go pale in panic and begin to flee.

He had attacked during this time, but it wasn’t effective.

The dilapidated ships looked like junk that would fall apart at any moment, but in reality, they were very sturdy and the average person could hardly shake them.

What bewildered Yuchi Kong the most was, where had these people come from? He knew quite a bit about Earth, and he had a deep understanding of some secret realms and hidden races, but he had never heard of any undead armies.


Yuchi Kong was angry, but he still was beaten to the point of helplessness. He flew and flipped over together with the green bamboo raft and smashed in the distance. His whole body was bloody!

However, in the end, he escaped by running onto the earth. That green bamboo raft glowed and cut open the ground where he entered an underground river and escaped.

Clearly, the green bamboo raft was extremely mysterious. It was so strong that even Yuchi Kong wasn’t able to research it thoroughly and couldn’t truly grasp it. Otherwise, its power would be immense.

“Sh*t, that old grandson’s fast. He slipped away and vanished without a trace!” The black yak was extremely dissatisfied.

In his opinion, that old guy who had surpassed the visualization level was certainly an enemy from the outer realm. It was quite a shame that just now, the ten dilapidated ships’ united undead army couldn’t kill him.

At this time, Chu Feng was in a good mood. He had witnessed that mouth full of righteousness who was always trying to make him offer up the Robbery Induction Breathing Technique. The fellow was even concerned with the Hellish Ant Elixir liquid in his possession. In the end, he had to run away in misery and nearly died. Chu Feng felt especially satisfied to see the old man scuttle away in wretchedness.

However, the scourges on the ships were very dissatisfied. They had let that “old grandson” go, and this made them feel a bit regretful.

However, when they reunited with Chu Feng, their joy immediately diluted their initial regrets. They steered the ten dilapidated ships over to great him.

In the Kunlun mountains, a group of divine sons and saintesses were dizzy. This was a huge army. Previously, Chu Feng seemed to be a lone wolf, and this made them think that swarming him was enough to eliminate him.

Now, seeing those undead people made of all the divine sons and saintesses feel afraid of the consequences. This was because, in the end, it would be uncertain who was encircling who!

When the black yak was at Mount Eternal, he had said that he would lead a hundred thousand soldiers into the world. Clearly, he was being modest, since this time, there were actually around two or three hundred thousand undead soldiers.

But this too was extremely shocking!


“Chu Feng!”

Several people jumped from the ships and rushed over.

The divine sons and saintesses here were all dumbfounded. Those people were so offbeat. Who were they anyway? For example, the leader was a big gangster!

The big black yak was at the very front. He had already transformed into his human form. He had a tough and stocky build and was extremely strong. He had a big swept-back, shiny hairstyle and wore a black suit with black leather shoes and big black sunglasses. In his mouth was a cigar as thick as a child’s arm.

This type of hairstyle and this kind of style was truly… unconventional among outer realm evolvers. It was nearly unseen!

At the very least, all of the divine sons present were handsome, well-dressed, and well-behaved; each was very civilized and elegant.


Zhou Quan threw himself over. After seeing the black yak, he felt like crying. He hadn’t seen him for a long time, yet he had suddenly encountered him here. He was deeply touched.

Originally, Zhou Quan had done his all to come. He didn’t hesitate to lay down his life to stand and cheer for Chu Feng, wanting to welcome the enemy with him.

In the end, at the most critical moment, the black yak brought a magnificent army and powerfully appeared on the scene. Now in just a moment, he had reversed the situation. Zhou Quan knew that his side’s strength had greatly increased and didn’t need to consider dying in battle at all.

Thus, Zhou Quan’s eyes brimmed with tears of excitement.

The black yak lectured him and said, “What are you crying for? Pull yourself together. In a moment, we’re going to prepare to capture the divine sons and saintesses!”

At this moment, Chu Feng came up and the black yak immediately pulled him into a bear hug. He patted him on the shoulder as he said, “Brother, you’ve suffered!”

Next, the Manchurian Tiger came and said, “We’ve returned. Everything will change!”

Afterward, it was Ouyang Feng’s turn to appear on the scene. It approached and opened its mouth. Chu Feng decisively pulled out a demonic umbrella to block the front of his body. This had been plundered from some captured divine son.

It could be said that Chu Feng was wise. When Ouyang Feng opened its mouth, saliva splattered and sprayed out like torrential rain.

This demonic umbrella was thoroughly drenched, making dinging sounds with each drop of spit.

Ouyang Feng glanced askance with a dissatisfied expression and said, “What’s the meaning of this? We haven’t seen each other for so long. You affectionately hugged the yak and tiger, but when it’s my turn, you pull out an umbrella?”

In the back, Zi Luan’s small face was tense, and with a “whooshing” sound, she ran to hide behind Chu Feng. She too had endured harm and could no longer stand this toad, so she followed his lead and hid behind the demonic umbrella. At the same time, she whispered to Chu Feng, complaining and saying all kinds of bad things about Ouyang Feng.

Chu Feng wouldn’t get close to Ouyang Feng even if he were beaten to death. He held up the young Yellow Ox by its delicate porcelain doll-like hair and said, “All that matters is you returned safely!”

Afterward, the old donkey rushed over. His big, long ears were standing up, and he bared his large incisors as he laughed. Then he opened his mouth to speak.

In the end, he was restricted by Chu Feng, who didn’t let him open his mouth.

“We’re all friends, so don’t be so polite. Right now, you don’t need to rush to greet us. Go and meet that group of divine sons, saintesses, and the Deity race’s young god!”

The old donkey was always easy to talk with. He followed Chu Feng’s suggestions and ran to the divine sons and saintesses. He looked at everyone, then he stared at the Deity race’s young god.

Afterward, he opened his mouth and greeted everyone. “Heehaw, heehaw…”

Holy sh*t!

At this time, even that group of elegant divine sons and extremely beautiful saintesses couldn’t’ help but want to kick and curse him. Damn, this was too harmful. Did he just call people his son right off the bat?

And he called people stupid, too?

A divine son with a fiery temper instantly spoke and angrily rebuked, “Sh*t, can’t you talk nicely? Why do you insult people all of a sudden?”

The old donkey was quickly dissatisfied because he had heard the other say “sh*t”. He immediately rebuked, “Hee-haw, hee-haw, why are you scolding people?”

Goddammit! All the divine sons and saintesses wanted to curse at him. He had clearly insulted people, yet he said others were swearing at him?

Someone said, “You’re courting death. You dare be so arrogant in front of us. There are divine sons and saintesses here, yet you dare to take advantage of us?”

Ouyang Feng jumped over and looked at everyone with a sidelong glance. “You wanna bully someone?”

His appearance held great, destructive power.

This was because as soon as Ouyang Feng opened its mouth, a downpour of spit would appear and spurt outward. Nobody could stand it.

This was simply an evacuation. The group of divine sons retreated in embarrassment, and the group of saintesses shrieked and ran all over the place. This saliva… it flowed like a river. It was unbearable.

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