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Lashar was in the same room where Yale had revealed his identity to her, but at that moment Lar was the one who was in front of her.
"Do you understand?"
Lar spoke seriously, and Lashar helplessly nodded; her honor didn't let her go against Lar's orders, but she was too unreasonable with her demands. Initially, Lashar contacted her and told her that she would help her in anything she needed, but in the current situation of the Larken Clan, fulfilling Lar's request was too difficult.
"Yes. You want some of those natural resources that can make your body mature faster without being influenced by your current power. I will do my utmost to find them, but currently, we are isolated from the outside. Thus, this matter needs to wait until we solve our current problems."
Lar wasn't happy hearing Lashar's reply which was almost the same she said a lot of times when replying to her request.
"You don't understand! I need my body to mature faster as soon as possible! You don't know how it feels being trapped in this child-like body; you can try to reincarnate to discover it yourself."
Lashar sighed when hearing the rant of Lar who remained claiming that her matter was the most important. Lashar understood that it shouldn't be pleasant to be in a body like that, but the current situation was far too important. At that moment, she already understood why Yale didn't bring Lar with him when they spoke about their future plans.
"Lar, why are you disturbing Lashar with your nonsense? The current situation is far more important than the external age of your body."
Yale had heard that part of their conversation, and he couldn't believe that Lar decided to abuse her status to force Lashar to work for her. Of course, that was mainly Lashar's fault by telling Lar that she discovered the truth instead of remaining silent about it.
Lar felt ashamed to be found by Yale and wasn't able to think about any good reason to convince him that her body issue was the first priority because she knew that looking at the big picture it wasn't important.
"Go back to your room and rest. I have something important to talk with Lashar. After I finish, you can tell me how it is going Mercer's training."
Lar and Mercer were both living at the clan head's mansion. Lashar only intended to invite Lar, but when Lar said that Yale entrusted her taking care of Mercer, Lashar decided to let him live there too.
Lar left the room depressed; she acted mighty in front of Lashar who was extremely respectful towards her, but in front of Yale she was just a little girl and obeyed him without complaints.
"You are really the only one who can control her. I hope that after her body grows up as she wants, her personality would also mature a bit."
Lashar had huge respect for the clan founder, but she wasn't good at dealing with kids, and undoubtedly the current Lar acted more like a kid than a reincarnated expert.
"The body influences the mind. Probably her personality will mature with her body. However, that would need to wait for later. I already finished with all those traitors; we shall decide our next step."

Lashar turned serious; she understood very well that the war against the True Empire could change a lot depending on the actions they took at that moment.
"It is a bit selfish, but I want you to use your manipulation of bloodlines to improve the bloodline quality of our loyal members. With so many traitors it would be a waste not using them. I won't ask to have everyone with a bloodline at the same level as mine, but there are many members with good personalities whom also train hard and are in a disadvantage by a lack of quality in their bloodlines."
Lashar was like Lar, one of the few people who had a natural perfect Sword Bloodline in the story of the Larken Clan. She knew that asking for having a lot of people with that quality wasn't realistic even if Yale could do it. However, she hoped that it would be possible having the bloodlines of those members increased to a level comparable with the original one of Durgan, even a bit lower than that was still alright.
"The time after the downgrade and the upgrade shall be short. All the people you want to benefit from the upgrade shall be present when I downgrade the bloodline of the others. At that time, you must use your bloodline to suppress everyone in the room."
Yale was unable to activate the Origin Sword Bloodline by himself, but before it activated thanks to the suppression intent of that old man, so he hoped to do the same with Lashar's help.
The Larken Clan was a very important piece in the war that the Revgen Empire would have against the True Empire, so Yale understood that he needed to help them.
They didn't have time to lose; the Larken Clan had been isolated for more than two weeks; if they didn't stop the isolation soon, some people might start thinking that something happened. Although the Larken Clan had isolated themselves a lot of times in the past, the largest period had been of one month, and that time some people were already worried that something big had happened.
That same afternoon, Yale executed the plan upgrading the bloodlines of the young members chosen by Lashar; they were all extremely loyal and would rather die than tarnish the honor of the clan.
The young members were the ones with most potential, so they were the main priority in enhancing bloodlines; those old ones had their bodies too old to have significant improvements or they already had good enough bloodlines.
In a war, the biggest numbers weren't from the true experts, but from normal soldiers. A true expert might have a lot of destructive power, but couldn't be at all places at the same time, so relying on numbers was still important.
Those young members would turn into cannon fodder in the war, so any bit more of strength they could obtain would turn extremely helpful to them.
After that moment, all those young members who received the increase in bloodline quality truly worshiped Yale. They were from branches or the outside clan, so they had never hoped to one day be able to reach the same place as the true geniuses of the clan, but Yale changed that fate.
After that, Lashar ordered all the members of the Larken Clan to look at the screens that appeared in the sky that were showing the biggest plaza of Larken City.
There, an old man was tied up with a hateful look in his face; a lot of members recognized him as one of the chief elders.
"He is the leader of the traitors inside our Larken Clan! He claimed to be the leader of the True Larken Clan and wanted to wipe out everyone who wasn't chosen by him to be part of that so-called True Larken Clan. This is an unforgivable act of treason, and he will be judged by the power of our ancestors."
Those who were on the plaza sensed a huge bloodline pressure at that moment, and Yale used that pressure to form the Origin Sword Bloodline for the second time that day.
That time Yale managed to curse him without saying anything, the bloodline itself was willing to cripple that man without needing Yale to do anything.
The one who obtained an enhancement thanks to that was another son of Lashar who was also at the Sage Rank; he had his bloodline upgraded to a perfect one, which aided him to make a breakthrough after having been unable to advance for two thousand years.
Although that man who had been cursed looked old, it was due to having been slow in his previous training; he still had a lot of lifespan after having reached the Sage Rank. However, his energy had been dispersed, and the bloodline loss started to exhaust his remaining lifespan, so he didn't need a lot of time before turning an emaciated figure without hair or teeth. Even without anyone else acting, that man would die in five hours at most.
Those who knew Yale understood what was happening, but those who hadn't meet him really felt that a divine punishment had fallen into the traitor due to the wrath of their ancestors.
Yale didn't lose any more time and used Soul-search into that man before he died from old age; those memories were far too important.
Soul-search worked without problems and a lot of information flooded towards the system database that processed it, before giving all the useful information to Yale while storing the miscellaneous one.
There were a lot of plans in that man's memories, he was one of the heads of the True Empire, and there was only the True Emperor ahead of him.
However, there was one plan in those memories that made Yale's expression to darken. It wasn't an important plan for the True Empire, but it was a plan that Yale couldn't let it succeed no matter what.
At that moment the sub-quest that displayed itself as unknown updated.

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