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Chapter 646: Killing All Enemies

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“You are not Chu Feng, who are you?” Ying Xiaoxiao was shocked.

Although she was quite sure that this man was Chu Feng, she still wanted to see the face behind the bronze mask. But at the moment, she was greatly confused.

“It’s me.”Chu Feng smiled and revealed his real face. He had merely stretched his facial skin just now to change his appearance.

“You still owe my snacks and my sister’s belt!” Ying Xiaoxiao suddenly jumped down.

At the same time, Ying Wudi pulled a long face after he heard the conversation and approached angrily. Ying Zhexian also strode over to stop him from leaving.

“It was just a misunderstanding. I will return them.” Chu Feng laughed and covered his face again with the bronze mask.

The very next moment, Chu Feng’s expression changed immediately, and he ran away.

That was because he had sensed danger. There were people staring at him with murderous gazes. The people of the Xilin clan, Spirit Race, and Mechanical race were passing by when they all saw Chu Feng.

“You liar!” Ying Xiaoxiao shouted.

Ying Wudi was livid. He wanted to go after Chu Feng, but he was stopped by Ying Zhexian.

“Trying to run? Why not stay?!”

The Mechanical race sent a squad of 10 warriors armed with swords.

Chu Feng avoided those attacks and tried to get to the magical boat so that he could become invisible and kill all the enemies secretly.

However, Xilin clan people produced a bone mirror in which his figure was reflected. The hazy silhouette of the green boat was revealed and could no longer fade away completely.

“You won’t escape even if you have wings!” that someone from the Xilin clan shouted.

The group of people rushed over, their hands were shining as they hurled out various secret weapons. Warriors from the mechanical race slashed into the sky with their alloy swords.

These are all experts. There were middle-aged men and elder evolvers among them but each and every one of them was powerful. Even the weakest among them were at the cloudeater realm.

There were more of them who were two realms higher!

All of them had received orders to kill the Chu Feng at all costs—either capture him alive or bring back his corpse. They were too frightened of Chu Feng. If he had really made it through the purgatory, it meant that he was too terrifying. He had to be killed during his rising phase.

What followed was a battle that would shock the world and enter the annals of cultivation history. All the major races had gathered to kill Chu Feng, causing great alarm throughout the entire Kunlun Mountain.

Later, people from Dameng Pure Land also joined the war. The old lady and the others rushed over and used the dream arts to attack Chu Feng’s spirit, causing great distraction.

“You think I’m that easy to bully? F*ck, I’ll fight it out with you all!”

Chu Feng was bathed in blood as he fought the enemies. He had already obtained the immortal medicine, and all he needed to do was to escape. But all these people were mad about seizing him.


Chu Feng threw all caution to the wind. He frantically threw out all single-use items such as the talismans refined for divine sons and saintesses by super experts. Chu Feng had obtained plenty of them back then. Now, after throwing them out, the talismans changed to the form of a surging sword light which drowned all of his enemies.

Chu Feng also used secret lightning items—he directly bombarded them to create great explosions. The thunderbolts stretched thousands of kilometers and entangled his enemies, turning them into a bloody rain.

Lightning Amethyst, Gourds filled with baleful blood, etc.—Chu Feng constantly threw all the items into the crowd without holding back at all.

Meanwhile, he took out the black talisman and placed it in his mouth to raise his speed. To the east, to the west, to the left, to the right, the blade in his hand turned into a glaring light as he moved like a flash—wherever the blade appeared, someone would fall.

This war shocked the whole universe. Although it was impossible to monitor the battlefield in this dimensional space through Heaven’s Eye, people continued to spread the news outside the area.

“Breaking news! Chu Feng has started a massacre in Kunlun and washed the place with blood. The Deity race has been killed by Chu Feng alone!”

“Latest news! The Netherworld race was completely destroyed without a single one remaining. Demon King Chu has killed every one of them!”

All kinds of shocking news were spreading all over the universe.

That was because someone had entered the dimensional space and found blood everywhere. They saw the Heavenly Ladder that had been destroyed by the Deity Race as well as pulverized corpses

But there wasn’t a soul from the Deity race or Netherworld race to be seen—they had probably been exterminated.

The outside world was aboil at the moment. Had the reinforcements from the two races been killed?

“Kill him! Don’t let him go!” A Xilin clan member was shouting for help, hoping to rally everyone.


An amethyst thunder exploded beside him. The broken Yinyang mirror in his hand blew up into his face and killed him immediately.

Chu Feng was also going all out and attacking frantically. He was chewing on the Sixth Path Reincarnation Pills like sweets to restore his spirit and stamina.

Of course, he almost died several times. If there were no such pills, he would have been torn apart many times.

There were just too many enemies, and their realms were too high. He would’ve fallen quickly if the enemy wasn’t apprehensive of his Reincarnation Blade and mottled flames.

This was an arduous fight!


Chu Feng roared amidst the fight and activated a domain in the battlefield, doing in a group of enemies. Some died on the spot, others were severely injured, and the remainder rushed away.

“He’s about to die. Everyone, don’t be afraid. He only has a small amount of reincarnation flames left. We have enough people to kill him ten times over,” someone shouted.

The major races still had their defective Yin-yang mirrors with them. The yin-yang mirror was a standard weapon of the greatest level and could only be mastered by the strongest of races. The complete one was too powerful to be taken to earth.

The complete item was capable of suppressing the soul and was truly terrifying.

“Come here if you’re not afraid of death!”

Chu Feng has reached his highest speed with the black talisman and was practically unstoppable as he attacked everyone.


He couldn’t help but flick his fingers and shoot out yet another flame to get him out of this dangerous situation. The flames pierced through the three people and burned them until the experts were grimacing and crying madly.

Chu Feng wanted to break through, but his enemies were not afraid of death. They vowed to take his life and tried their best to surround him.

In the distance, Immortal Destiny Physique, Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique, the Vermilion Bird Fairy, Yuan Yuan, Ying Wudi, and Young Buddha were watching with serious expressions.

Qin Luoyin had also come, but she felt a sudden stomach ache before she got close to the battlefield. The little daoist was so excited after sensing the blood of his father outside—he was overwhelmed. His body resonated with his father’s and he felt that it was strengthening his own spirit!

“Am I going to be a strong blood cultivator? Will I be a chaotic god, the reincarnation of a dao progenitor, or an unbreakable immortal?”

He was so excited that Qin Luoyin had no choice but to sit down and refine his power.

“We shall bestow saint blood to kill Chu Feng!”

In the outer realm, several saints stood together to sacrifice their blood. They refined the essence out of it and placed it in a fist-sized receptacle. The object overflowed with crimson hue, incomparably lustrous and divine.

A warrior of Spirit race bowed down and took the saint blood essence in his hands. Then, he turned and swooped toward the earth.

The Deity Race and Netherworld Race could not hold their rage anymore. Their tribesmen had been killed and their reinforcements, destroyed—they wanted revenge.

Together, they refined a blob of true blood with terrifying destructive powers to fight against the flame in Chu Feng’s hands.

Chu Feng would be killed as soon as he had lost his flame.

“Can we defeat the flame?” The saints were worrying.

“If it is a whole flame, we probably can’t handle it. But now, it only has less than 10% of its power left. We shall extinguish it.”

At Kunlun, the expert of Spirit race had arrived. He read out the decree of saints, telling everyone that the one to kill Chu Feng would be rewarded generously. Everyone was ordered to stand up and fight against Chu Feng.

Then, he unsealed the blood and hurled it straight at Chu Feng. The latter was quickly shrouded in scarlet and about to be destroyed both physically and spiritually.

In a flash, Kunlun was suddenly surrounded by thunder and wind. The whole world changed colors as the power of the blood was too great to be accepted by this land.

In fact, the saints in the outer realm suffered a backlash. A number of them were screaming, but there was no way to run as a huge mirror appeared on the earth, reflecting their bodies in it.

“Chu Feng is bound to die!”

Back at Kunlun, many people were shocked.

However, weird things happened. This time, it wasn’t the mottled flames attacking. The stone box immediately absorbed the blood as though it were absorbing nutrients.

However, it only took the essence and a fair amount of dirty blood was poured back to whence it came. Now, this caused a disaster.


With screams and cries all over, the battlefield has been turned into a living hell. A large number of cultivators—the Spirit race, Xilin clan members, and Machine race members—were howling in pain. Some of them melted in the dirty blood, while others were injured with bloody holes in their bodies.

This was a tragic scene—the essence of saint blood had been absorbed, while the impurities had been poured everywhere, causing a terrifying scene. The mountain collapsed as people screamed and were then torn into pieces.

Chu Feng was shocked as he stared at the stone. It reminded him of something.

When he first found the stone box, in addition to the seeds, there was also some solidified mud inside. Yellow Ox had told him that it was soil that had been nourished by blood. It possessed divine effects and could be used to cultivate seeds.

However, its power got weaker and weaker over the long years. The blood essence had long since dispersed, and ordinary soil was left behind, eventually becoming a stone.

Now, Chu Feng had finally seen that it could absorb blood! Maybe it could cultivate the three seeds if there was a little soil.

It was really an unexpected surprise. The stone not only resolved the saint blood crisis but also brought Chu Feng a new way to improve his power!


Chu Feng continued his fight with the wailing enemies and rampaged through them.


Someone shouted in outer space and reported this matter to the experts of various races.

“Chu Feng he…”

“What?!” someone shouted.

“He’s killed everyone from the Xilin clan and annihilated everyone from the Mechanical race and Dameng Pure Land. The people from the Spirit race have also been wiped out, and Kunlun is awash with their blood. The saint blood is useless against him!”

In the outer realm, someone was reporting to the leaders of each race.

“What?!” The people from those races were furious with an unbelievable look on their faces.


The outer realm was seething!

Chu Feng killed his way out, defeating all those enemies from different races and drawing blood with every slash. Experts from all races who dared stop him were all annihilated as he swaggered off.

This battle shocked the entire universe. It caused a great sensation that very day!

It was destined to be written into history, analyzed, and commented on for generations. The Deity race, Netherworld race, Spirit race, Xilin clan, Mechanical race… all ten races united and tried to kill a single man, yet they were defeated! Chu Feng had walked away calmly!

It was hard for people to understand why the veterans of ten races were defeated by this young evolver. It was a huge shame to the outer realm.

At this moment, Chu Feng found an empty land and prepared a domain to take the immortality medicine. He wanted to be stronger and achieve super evolution!

However, he was a little bit worried about the unknown effects of the medicine.

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