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Chapter 767 - The Harmonization of Sky and Earth Arts

"Yuan Rong Life Tactic!"

Inside the Wind God Valley, Tang Huan let out a long sigh. He slowly opened his eyes and revealed a satisfied smile on his face.

This was the cultivation technique Tang Huan had acquired from the second floor of Tiger Might Hall.

Compared to the "Superior Arrow True Skill" he had obtained from the first level of the space, the "Harmonization of Heavenly Arts" was indeed much stronger and more miraculous. This kind of cultivation method could absorb life force and strengthen the body. Not only could it allow Tang Huan's "Sun Spirit Body" to have an even stronger recovery ability and cultivate it to the extreme, it could also take away another person's life and give them even more life.

In a moment of thought, Tang Huan raised his eyes and looked out the window. In the next moment, Tang Huan shot out of the courtyard.

After around fifteen minutes, Tang Huan entered the Spiritual Soul Cave, and after his figure appeared in the front, he entered the middle section of the space without any hesitation.

There were around 120 to 30 cultivators cultivating here, slightly more than the last time.

The terrifying pressure was like a tidal wave, continuously seeping out from the giant tiger statue in the center, engulfing everything in its path. Tang Huan slowly advanced. For the second time that he had entered the Middle Section of Spiritual Soul Cave, he felt much more relaxed.

Tang Huan understood that this should be because of the "Yin and Yang Void Method". After comprehending the first transformation of this kind of sacred art, Tang Huan's flesh body seemed to have established a mysterious connection with the surrounding world, and the endurance of his body against this kind of invisible pressure became increasingly tyrannical.

After a while, Tang Huan arrived at the area closest to the Giant Tiger Statue, and casually picked a praying mat to sit down on.

"Eh? Rank Two True Spirit, this guy is … "

On a praying mat that was about ten meters away from the sculpture, a ball of white-colored odor s quickly dissipated, revealing a slim figure. It was a young lady with delicate facial features and snow-white clothes. Just as she was about to stand up, the woman in white felt something and subconsciously looked up.

However, in the next moment, she involuntarily let out a soft cry, and her pair of beautiful eyes seemed to jump out from her eye sockets. Her face was filled with an expression of disbelief.

Not long after, she seemed to have reflexively jumped up, heading towards the other side of the Giant Tiger Statue. She wanted to see clearly what the fellow who viewed the pressure of the Middle Section of Spiritual Soul Cave space like was like.

It was a pity that the woman in white was already shocked halfway through.

After that guy sat down cross-legged, the "Tiger Vigour Essential Qi" separated itself from the void in large swathes and surged out from the surroundings like raging waves. In just a few breaths of time, that figure was completely submerged by the extremely dense white-colored odor.

The white-clothed woman was dumbstruck, her expression stiff.

Even if an expert from the Rank Seven True Spirit was cultivating inside the Middle Section of Spiritual Soul Cave, it would still be impossible for them to absorb so many "Tiger Vigour Essential Qi" so quickly. But now, a person from the Rank Two True Spirit was able to do it … This scene completely overturned everything he had ever known.

If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she definitely wouldn't have believed that this was true.

"Could it be that this fellow is …"

The white clothed female suddenly remembered that someone had mentioned that an extremely fast cultivator had appeared in the Middle Section of Spiritual Soul Cave to absorb the "Tiger Vigour Essential Qi". The astonishment in her eyes became even stronger.

Inside the "Tiger Vigour Essential Qi" that was white like clouds and mist, Tang Huan was concentrated on nothing else.

This time, his training was different from before. At the same time that he absorbed the "Tiger Vigour Essential Qi", Tang Huan also continued to absorb and refine the "Initial Spirit Heavenly Crystal".

As time passed, the number of "Initial Spirit Heavenly Crystal" Tang Huan took out from the "Sumeru Magical Ring" increased at an alarming rate.

Tang Huan didn't mind at all. This time, the rewards he had obtained, in addition to his original "Initial Spirit Heavenly Crystal," were enough for him to squander for a relatively long period of time as he pleased.

His mind was completely immersed in cultivation, and Tang Huan was completely unable to sense the passage of time …

… ….

"Manager Hu Yue!"

Deep inside the Wind God Valley, a rough voice suddenly exploded forth.

An exceptionally tall and sturdy figure strode into the palace, followed by nineteen other figures. Each of the figures emitted an extremely powerful aura.

This was the's first Clan Guardian Group for all its members!

"So it's little brother Hu Ben."

Behind the table, Hu Yue slowly stood up and asked with a smile, "Did the mission go smoothly this time?" These few days, Hu Yue's mood was exceptionally good, the smile on his face never faded.

"Haha, of course."

Hu Ben patted his chest and laughed out loud, "All these years, our first team has carried out so many missions, yet we never failed once. It's an even more dangerous mission … …"

Before he could finish his words, he heard a burst of shocked exclamations coming from behind him.

Hu Ben's voice paused slightly, and he subconsciously turned his head to look, only to see that the members of the party were all looking in the same direction with a ghastly expression on their faces.

Frowning, Hu Ben subconsciously looked towards the crowd's gaze. After a moment, he revealed the same expression.

"Manager Hu Yue, am I seeing things?"

After a long while, Hu Ben finally regained his senses, and pointed to the Contribution List, his eyes wide, "4.16 million contribution points? Are you sure it's true? "

On the jade tablet's Contribution List, the first team's rank was originally first place, but now it had fallen to second place. The one who replaced the first team was actually the old group of fifty, and the contribution points recorded on it was actually over four million, almost a million higher than the first team's.

This was unbelievable!

The last time Squad One had returned from its mission, Squad Fifty had entered the top twenty with six hundred thousand contribution due to completing the mission of collecting Flamingo Blood Beads s. At that time, it had even caused a sensation in the Wind God Valley and they were also quite surprised by it.

After that, within a few days, Team One took the initiative and accepted a mission, and then left the Wind God Valley. But he did not expect that after returning this time, the number one position in the Contribution List had already changed hands.

It would have been fine if they had been surpassed by the second place Contribution List's team, but what had surpassed the first team was actually only the three True Spirit Level Cultivators's group of fifty!

Forget about Hu Ben, even the other members of the first group found it hard to accept this. As a result, one after another, their gazes landed on Hu Yue, as they wanted to hear the answer they were waiting for from his mouth.

However, they were quickly disappointed.

"That's right."

Hu Yue looked up at Contribution List and smiled, "It's precisely four million and one hundred sixty thousand contribution points. This Contribution List was just adjusted by me today!"

"This... How is that possible? " Hu Ben's eyes went wide open as he stared at Hu Yue in disbelief.

"You must be joking. A trash team 50 can still make it to first place in Contribution List?"

"If I'm not wrong, last time they only made 650,000 contribution points, right? Now they have more than 3 million contribution points?"

"Indeed, we've only been out for around ten to twenty days. This amount of time should only be enough for Squad 50 to complete one mission. You can earn so much in a single mission? "

"Isn't the reward for this mission the one million RMB?"


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