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Chapter 2360 - beastmastery Awakening

"General, the fire beasts have fully entered Secret World."

"We should kill all of them now."

A Warrior quickly reported.

The old man on top of a Level 6 Beast smiled, "A trivial Yi Yourong making our war beast regiment come here is really a big deal, but … That thing seems to really be extraordinary. "

Beside him, a man who looked like a strategist asked, "General, what exactly is that thing? is it worth the general to pay so much attention to it? "

The old man shook his head and said, "The Blood Crow is only reporting to the Great General. I don't even know what it is, but … … It definitely isn't an ordinary treasure. "

Xuan Yue sect had a great treasure.

This information was leaked from the inner circle of the imperial Zhao Family.

And the news that the Zhao Family received was not from nowhere, it came from an envoy of the god's tribe.

Thus …

Only then would there be the bestowal of the Guo Tribe and the marriage of Yi Yourong to the Crown Prince Zhao Haotian.

What treasure was it?

No one knew!

But they all believed it.

Especially Zhou Yaozong, even though he had a million strong army, and his cultivation had reached the Peak Realm, but... Even if he was the Great Emperor of Zhen Wu, no matter how strong he was in front of the Zhao Family, especially in front of the old monster Zhao Chongshan, he still felt that he was inferior.

The Zhao Family's Jiang Shan was stolen from them.

Then why can't he, Zhou Yaozong, snatch it?

If this item was truly in his possession, then … The old eunuch Zhao Chongshan could deal with the Zhao Family's Jiang Shan!

Ten minutes passed.

The general became impatient and said: "It's been so long, what's the Fire Beast Group doing? Why hasn't anyone come out yet? "

"General, could it be that the Secret World is too big and can't be found?"

"I don't think so. Fire Beasts' noses are even sharper than dogs'."

"Why would it take so long? The Fire Beast Group will always end this quickly, and will never delay. "

… ….

The Beast General slightly said, "Lin Kai, go inside and take a look!"


"Something's not right. Get out."

He felt that something was wrong.

No matter what happened to the fire beasts, they would send someone out to report it, unless... Everyone from the Fire Beast Group had died.

"Yes sir!"

A young man's aura flickered, and a Rank 5 Armored Bear walked out. Its entire body was covered in a silvery armor, and it glimmered with a cold light.

The aura of the man was also extraordinary.

Cultivation Golden Protector Level!

He pressed his legs together and shouted, "Jia!"

The silver armored bear began its charge, moving faster and faster.


To charge into the Secret World.


He had flown in through the air.

Battling a fire beast while charging into the ground was completely different.

"He's here!"

Yi Yourong sensed it first and immediately shouted out. At the same time, the thin monkey and the big size man suddenly shook, and the two of them took their positions.

It was also at this time.

Long Fei frowned, "Crap!"


A silver warbear entered the Secret World and flew directly over his head.

The War Bear landed and abruptly turned around.

Lin Kai's expression changed, looking at the few people blocking the entrance, then looking at the bloodied corpse by the side, his eyes darkened, and said: "You guys … …"

"All of the members of the Fire Beast Team..."


He had never expected it to look like this.


He never thought that he would be able to pull some weight when he entered Secret World, and that he would directly fight Xiong Fei, and that he would be able to break through Long Fei's defensive strategy just like that.

Long Fei's heart also tightened, he had forgotten one thing.

The people of this world could fly!

If they all flew in, then his tactics would be the same as idiots.


Long Fei shouted, "Don't move, whoever enters will be killed, leave him to me!"

"Yi Yourong!"

"Why are you still looking at me?"

"He must die!"

Once he spread the word about the situation inside, Long Fei and the others would be in great danger. After all, there were thousands of beasts outside the Secret World.


It was too early to open the stone door.

This was his last trump card.

Moreover, there were too many uncertain factors in this card!

Long Fei would not use it unless it was absolutely necessary.

Too risky.

Yi Yourong also reacted, he summoned his Xuan Yue underworld wheel and quickly rushed forward.

Long Fei shouted: "Kill!"

Lin Kai reacted and said solemnly: "I never thought that you would actually be able to kill the entire Fire Beast Battle Group in such a short period of time. They should have been killed by you guys at the entrance, right?"

"It seems like flying in here is the best option."

"Hahaha …"

Lin Kai laughed out loud, his mouth curling up, he glanced at Yi Yourong and said: "You are heavily injured, your cultivation in the Essence Refining Realm can at most release you to the Golden Protector Level, right?"

"And you …"

Lin Kai glanced at Long Fei, "A mere trash of the Refinement Realm dares to mention the word 'kill' in front of me? You overestimate yourself! "

While they were talking …

Lin Kai gently caressed silver warbear.

"Roar …"

silver warbear roared.

The big bloke revealed an envious expression and muttered: "If only I had a warbeast like that."

thin monkey said: "Stop dreaming, this is a level five warbeast, a super warbeast that can't even be bought with a hundred thousand spiritual stones."

Beasts were always priceless.

Too rare.

These high level beasts were even rarer.

Xiao Die rolled his eyes at them, and said: "Let's not talk about warbeasts, will A Long be in danger?"

thin monkey and the big size man were startled, but they also started to worry.


"Profound Nether Sword Technique."

Yi Yourong did not dare be careless, she immediately used the Ming Clan Sword Technique, the Xuan Yue underworld wheel in her right hand instantly changed, transforming into a sword.

At this moment, she didn't hold anything back.

Once Lin Kai escaped, they would all die here.


Long Fei's cultivation was not high, so she had to go all out.

Lin Kai sneered and said: "You only have this kind of power?"


The warbear suddenly charged forward.

Lin Kai's speed was two times faster than Yi Yourong's. Standing on his chest, two blades appeared on his left and right sides, and a pleased cold smile emerged from the corners of his mouth as he said: "Yi Yourong, prepare to die."

"Hahaha …"


A warbeast's charge!

Only speed was unbeatable in this world!

Speed was very important.

The eruption of the silver warbear had brought its speed to its limits. Under the impact of such a powerful speed, Lin Kai's strength would be multiplied by multiple times.

Yi Yourong's abdomen was injured, and her injuries from fighting the black crow were not light, so her current cultivation level was a lot lower.

She definitely wouldn't be able to withstand such an impact.

At this moment.

Long Fei's expression tensed up, he quickly charged forward and said: "Silly girl, move away a little."

He directly rushed in front of Yi Yourong.

Lin Kai's face revealed an even more contemptuous smile, and said: "You, this trash, dare to fight with me?"

"A white bear!"

"Smash him!"

Lin Kai laughed.

"Roar …"

silver warbear roared out, dozens of tons of bodies rushing forward, the impact would directly cause Long Fei's body to split apart.

"Be careful!"

"A Long!"

"Long Fei... "Be careful!"


Long Fei's mind felt as if there was something extra, "beastmastery …"

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