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Chapter 153: Sword Control Technique!

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Qin Bing had tried his best to make this national examination a reality because he was sure that Lingyun Academy would gain a glorious victory in it. However, instead of gaining glory, his elite disciples had their points reduced to zero!

How could they continue this examination?!

Could they rely on the ordinary disciples to turn the tables?!

“Impossible! Ji Yang obviously concealed his true strength! Xiao Lengyu didn’t use her full force! Even that disciple of Xiyi Academy defeated Wang Zhishui! How did all this happen?!”

“This show would be boring now.” Sitting next to Fang Qi on his right, the Royal Princess shook her head. “From the looks of it, the outcome is obvious. Shengjing Academy will take the first place, and Xiyi Academy will take the second place, since though none of its disciples can defeat Ji Yang or Xiao Lengyu. I think they will gain more points from Lingyun Academy.”

“I thought these young people from the three major academies would give us some good matches to watch in the national examination,” the old man sitting next to Mu Donglai shook his head and said, “But the results are quite obvious now.”

The audience in the internet cafe heard their comments through Fang Qi’s livestream.

“Senior! Wait until the people from our internet cafe make a move!”

“Hahaha! You guys are so naïve!”

“Do you think the outcomes are set?” Fang Qi glanced around him.

“Don’t you think so?” The Royal Princess frowned slightly with increased displeasure.

Although Fang Qi had made a correct prediction for one match, the situation now showed the overall weak strength of Lingyun Academy. Even though Nalan Mingxue was strong, a mere Huang House wouldn’t be able to turn the situation around.

A tiny Huang House can never reverse such a big trend!

At the central viewing platform, the old man with the surname Xu stood up angrily and said, “I have an urgent business to handle, and I have to go now!”

“Brother Xu!” Another old man stopped him. “Today, the three academies are holding the examination together, and it’s not right for you to leave this event before it finishes, right?”

“More importantly, his Majesty is still here. Brother Xu, you must show your respect by staying here, right?”

Another old man joined in, saying, “Brother Xu, be patient. Maybe they will turn the tide!”

“Let’s watch the matches! Calm down!”

The old man with surname Xu had a dark expression on his old face.

At this moment in Lingyun’s team, Song Qingfeng whispered, “Maybe we should make a move. If we wait longer, Vice Academy Master Xu probably will leave the venue, and it won’t do us any good.”

“From what I see of the strength of the other two academies, I think I can win three defensive matches.”

Nalan Mingxue nodded. “Then, go ahead.”

Suddenly, an announcement came from the combat field: “Song Qingfeng, the No. 6 Disciple of the Huang List from Lingyun Academy, challenges Huangpu Jin, the No.1 Disciple of the Huang List from Shengjing Academy!”

“What?!” Upon hearing this announcement, everyone was stunned.

A mere No. 6 of Lingyun wants to challenge the No. 1 of Shengjing?!

“What is it? Are the disciples of Lingyun Academy so arrogant nowadays?!” A tall warrior wearing a purple warrior suit walked onto the combat field.

Huangpu Jin felt puzzled, wondering why this person dared to challenge him.

After all, Song Qingfeng was skipping five seats on the list!

Besides, this guy is only at the middle-stage of the Official Warrior Realm! Is he doing this to mock me? Huangpu Jin was displeased.

“Then, I thank you for sending me points in advance!” Huangpu Jin smirked. “Song Qingfeng, are you ready to get your points reduced to zero?”

Hearing his taunting, the audience burst into laughter, “Hahahahaha!”

“I’ll take your points and become the No.1 of the aggregated Huang List in this examination!” Huangpu Jin said with a smile, “What do you say of that? Pathetic No. 6?”

Fang Qi shrugged and said to the people who were looking doubtful around him, “A climax is coming.”

“A climax is coming?!” Hearing his words, the Royal Princess, the Second Prince, the black-robed old man, and the others behind Fang Qi looked at each other in bafflement.

“Old Song! You can do it!” In the internet cafe, Xi Qi and the others clenched their fists.

At this moment, all the disciples in Class A of the Huang House of Lingyun Academy stood in front of the big screens, holding their breaths. They had waited for this moment for a long time!

“Go for it!” Mu Hongzhu looked at the disciples around her, knowing that they were the best even though only half of the class went to the national examination!

Carrying the hope and glory of the other half of the class, the ones who were at Jingshi would release dazzling light in the national examination!

She bit onto her lip which began to ooze blood since she was using too much force. As an instructor, I can’t do much for you right now. All I can do is offer you the sincerest wish for success.

“Are you sure?!” Song Qingfeng untied the sword from her back and planted it into the ground by his right foot.

“What’s he doing?!” All the people exchanged a look of bafflement.

Song Qingfeng brought the index finger and middle finger on his right hand together and said, “If you can block one attack of my sword, I’ll admit defeat!”

“What?!” Everyone gaped at the sight on the combat field.

“Brother Xu, how come your academy has such an arrogant kid?” On the central viewing platform, the other two old men said with disapproval.

“I’m different from you.” Song Qingfeng’s eyes turned sharp. “I’m here with the belief that I can’t fail.”

He moved his right hand and chanted, “Control!”

“Nonsense!” Qin Bing stood up from his seat abruptly, but it was too late!

“Sword!” Everyone in the stadium witnessed the sight when Song Qingfeng’s sword unsheathed itself slowly!

The powerful essence spread out and fluttered his clothes.


“How could the sword unsheathe itself?!”

At this moment, not only the Royal Princess next to Fang Qi and the others in the VIP area, but the three Vice Deputy Masters on the central viewing platform stood up from their seats in shock as well.

“This is…” Gripping her long spear, Xiao Lengyu’s face was full of astonishment!


“I don’t know what trick you’re playing, but you can only win against me in your dreams!” Huangpu Jin’s face looked dark, and his eyes emitted fierce light.

He drew out his sword and dashed forward. “Combat technique: Three Rings Moon!”

They were now about ten meters apart, and his sword was very fast. However, the other sword was faster!

Song Qingfeng pointed his finger forward, and the sword beside him turned into a beam of silver light!

At this moment, Huangpu Jin’s combat technique only released one ring, and he was still about six meters from Song Qingfeng!


A sword light flashed out, and Huangpu Jin suddenly stopped!

A streak of blood flowed down his arm, and then his long sword fell to the ground!

A hole appeared on his shoulder abruptly!


Not only the disciples from Shengjing Academy, but all the disciples from Xiyi Academy and the cultivators and warriors in the VIP area were at a loss for words as well!

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