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Chapter 49 Beginner Symbol Masters

Duan Qian took out a paper talisman and a carving knife from his storage weapon and handed them to Qin Yun. He said with a smile, "Young man, if you can create talismans, you will be a elementary rank talisman master." Once you are able to make low grade spirit runes, low grade spirit artifacts, and set up a Spiritual Array, you will be able to become a Primary Inscription Master. "

Yang Shiyue was now much more at ease because Duan Qian was very interested in Qin Yun and he had no ill intentions towards him.

If the Hall of Marvels could absorb outstanding talents, it would also be able to enhance the strength of the Hall of Marvels itself.

The Hall of Marks was spread throughout the three empires and a few countries, and it was not afraid of the imperial authority restraining it. It was an extremely mysterious existence.

There weren't many people who understood Duan Qian, but they knew that he wasn't simple. After all, he was the head steward of the Heaven's Qin Inscription Hall. He must be very powerful, and based on Master Wei's respectful attitude towards him, it was clear to see.

"You can begin now! With us old fellows here, you can forget about trying to play any tricks. " Duan Qian stroked his beard and laughed.

Qin Yun calmed his heart. Although he still had some internal injuries, it did not affect the talisman crafting process.

Now that he cultivated the Bone Meridian, he could condense the power of the Blood Soul more smoothly and quickly.

Grabbing the carving knife tightly, he discovered that it was much better than his own. It was a spirit artifact level carving knife.

After Qin Yun gathered his blood and soul energy, he could easily infuse it into the carving knife.

At this time, an extremely strange feeling appeared, as if the carving knife was a part of his body, connected to his flesh and blood.

He secretly exclaimed in his heart, "Maybe it's because of the carving knife. It seems like a good carving knife can have twice the work of half the effort when carving!"

Suddenly, a bright red dot of light appeared on the tip of the carving knife, causing a group of older students to cry out in alarm!

As long as he had a slight understanding of the patterns, he would know that they were the power of the Blood Soul!

Once one was able to condense the power of the bloodsoul, it would mean one had half a foot in the path of mystical prints!

Wei Xuankong's face was filled with disbelief because even he was unable to achieve this level of power. He could only condense the loose power of his Blood Soul onto the tip of his brush and draw talismans!

Qin Yun began slashing. The blade's shaft released a screen of light that enveloped the paper talisman on the table.

When drawing the dark markings, he had to cover them to prevent others from stealing the precious spirit markings.

His movements looked extremely skilled, and he seemed to have reached a certain level of proficiency. Just by looking at it, one could tell that he had drawn quite a few times!

Wei Xuankong was upset as he saw this. Master Wei's forehead was already starting to perspire!

Previously, Wei Xuankun had said that he had put all his effort into learning the Dao of Inscription and was not good at fighting. That was why he had lost to Qin Yun in the sparring match.

At this moment, he was far inferior to Qin Yun in the Dao of Inscription. He had been utterly defeated.

Moments later, Qin Yun kept the screen of light.

Although the paper talisman was blank, it was covered in a layer of the power of the Blood Soul, and the Dark Mark was complete.

Next, he would begin drawing the bright lines!

What he drew was a fire talisman, and it was also the type that he was most familiar with.

The carving knife was like a dragon or snake as it drew complicated patterns of flames on the talisman paper … The tip of the saber was smooth and natural, flowing naturally and smoothly on the talisman paper.

When Duan Qian and Master Wei saw this cultivation base, they couldn't help but open their eyes in shock.

After the bright lines were drawn, the talisman slightly moved, stirring up a faint heat.

The blood-red patterns shined with a brilliant red light, and the mysterious flame patterns on its surface seemed to be pulsing, causing one to feel a kind of scorching heat!

"These are fire talismans, I have finished creating them!" Qin Yun handed the fire talisman to the astonished Duan Gan.

Duan Gan looked at Qin Yun in a daze for a long while before he came back to his senses.

"This fire talisman is very powerful …" It is the strongest low-grade fire spirit rune I have ever seen! " Duan Qian exclaimed, "You're a qualified elementary Symbol Master. Your spirit markings are very strong. Who taught you that?"

"My Grand Preceptor!" Qin Yun sighed gently.

Qin Yun could really craft talismans!

The students were shocked as they discussed loudly, causing the martial arts practice field to be in an uproar!

A fifteen year old who was at the fifth level of the Martial Body Realm, and also a beginner talisman craftsman!

Such talent might only be able to be compared with the Xiao Yue Lan of the Heavenly Roar Empire.

However, the Howling Sky Empire had cancelled the engagement between Xiao Yuelan and Qin Yun. Instead, it would be engaged to the new crown prince of Heavenly Qin. At that time, they would hold a grand engagement ceremony!

The Duke of Yan and the other ministers all had dead expressions on their faces. They knew what this meant!

Since Qin Yun was able to craft talismans, he definitely received great attention. The Hall of Wonders would definitely support him from the shadows.

"Master Wei, did what you said before count?" Yang Shiyue coldly asked.

Master Wei had said that he would give his carving knife to Qin Yun.

"Of course I do. Such an outstanding young hero will definitely be able to make my carving knife shine!" Qin Yun, you have to take good care of this knife! "

Master Wei laughed very heartily as though he was sincerely giving it to Qin Yun. In his heart, he used a lot of vulgarities to curse Qin Yun a few times.

When Wei Xuankun saw this, he gritted his teeth as though he was grinding his teeth to pieces. The thing that he had been dreaming about had landed in Qin Yun's hands!

Qin Yun took the carving knife and tested it. He realized that it was difficult for him to infuse the power of the Blood Soul into it so he hurriedly asked, "Is there a special usage to it?" Why can't I use it? "

"Let me take a look!" Master Wei hurriedly took it and revealed a slightly angry expression. "Qin Yun, what happened to you? To damage it right after you obtained it, what intentions do you have? This carving knife has followed me for so many years, you actually … Unexpectedly... "Deliberately destroying them!"

Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue could not help but look at each other as they praised the old fox's methods!

The carving knife was obviously damaged secretly by Master Wei when he passed it over.

This was because Qin Yun had previously destroyed the azure sword, so everyone would definitely believe it. There were already a lot of accusations going around.

In addition, after Master Wei destroyed the carving knife, Qin Yun could not use the precious knife. He did not want to see Qin Yun improve rapidly in the Dao of Inscriptions because of the carving knife he had obtained.

"Let me see!" Duan Qian laughed and extended his hand.

Master Wei cursed at Duan Qian in his heart. Previously, Duan Gan's sudden jump had ruined his plans. Otherwise, Qin Yun would not have been able to successfully produce a talisman using a simple trick.

He could only smile and hand the damaged carving knife over to Duan Qian.

"It was indeed just damaged, but Qin Yun did not damage it on purpose. He did not use his blood soul's power to nurture it and cause the damage." Duan Gan smiled at Qin Yun and said, "Qin Yun, how about this. This old man will give you another carving knife and leave this one to me to fix. How about that?"

Qin Yun never expected that this act would once again ruin Master Wei's good fortune and help him.

He hurriedly said, "Then I'll have to trouble the general director!"

Duan Qian took out a carving knife and handed it over to Qin Yun. He said with a smile, "This is a low grade Totem and it's new!"

"Thank you, general director!" After receiving it, Qin Yun hurriedly thanked him.

The low grade spirit weapon sculpting knife was completely able to satisfy his current needs.

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