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Chapter 1674 - Unconvinced? Violent Attack!

He kept shouting.

It was like a red light in the dark street. As he walked past, the girls inside kept shouting at him, "Little brother, come in and play, come in and play, big sister will make you comfortable."

That voice was full of temptation.

It was full of magic.

"Ahh …"

Long Fei clenched his fists tightly, his fingernails digging into the flesh of his palms, the piercing pain engulfing his entire body and using the sharp pain to burst his consciousness out.


Long Fei quickly shouted.

This demon sword was not an ordinary demon sword. Its mana was so strong that it was terrifying and irresistible.


Once he steps forward to catch it, his body will immediately become entangled and become a part of the demon sword, or the executioner of the demon sword, turning him into a homicidal maniac.


It was directly sucked into the skeleton frame by the demon sword.

Lei Jiu said: "Brother Fei, this is a godly sword, why are we giving it up just like that?"

"Do you want your life or your sword?" Long Fei said, he also wanted it, but to control the demon sword, he needed to have the ability.

He must not act rashly until he had thought of a countermeasure.

He had no choice.

The five quickly retreated and stood ten meters away.

Various tempting voices continuously resounded in the minds of the five people.

"Come, I will allow you to climb to the peak of this world. I will let you be free from all constraints."

"Lei Jiu, didn't you want to marry Lan Ya as your wife? Didn't Lan Clan look down on you? As long as you listen to me, I guarantee that no one will dare to stop you. "

"Lan Ya, didn't you want to save your father? "Come, become my slave. I guarantee that no one will dare to touch your father."

"tai hai, do you want the people from the Tai family to look up to you? If you become my slave, I will make them all kneel before you. "

… ….

All sorts of tempting voices could be heard.

His mind was lost.

Long Fei shouted heavily, "Don't listen to its nonsense."

Cold sweat covered their foreheads, as if they were about to fall. Their minds were the same, slowly falling to the ground.

Lei Jiu said: "Brother Fei, we can't hold on any longer."

"Brother Fei, please kill me."

"Kill me."

"I can't hold on any longer, I, I …"


tai hai's eyes turned sinister, he was no longer able to control his mind, his mind was already being controlled by the devil aura coming out from the devil sword.

It was extremely uncomfortable.

He stared blankly at the demon sword in the distance.

His body was like that of a trillion ants tearing at each other. His mind was urging him to go and get it, get it, get it, get it, get it …

This voice continued to ring.

"Ahh …"

"Ahh …"

tai hai shouted.

He was about to go crazy.

At the same time, he also rushed towards that demon sword.

Long Fei moved a step, a palm landed on the back of his head, directly knocking him out, and shouted, "Lei Jiu, bring them out of the valley."


Lei Jiu supported tai hai and said: "Brother Fei, what about you?"

Long Fei stared at the devil sword and said: "I want to kill him!"

Lei Jiu was startled.

Long Fei shouted again: "Get out quickly!"

This demon sword was very strong, its demonic nature was too strong. The stronger it was, the stronger it would be. If he could control it, it would become a super power.

To Long Fei, he could not miss out on any power.

Lei Jiu brought the three of them and quickly withdrew.

Only Long Fei was left at the edge of the array.

"Huff …"

Long Fei exhaled heavily, stared at the devil sword and said: "Come! "Let me see how strong your magic is."


He took a step forward.

Landing beside the devil sword, Long Fei unhesitatingly grabbed it with one hand. In that instant, those long and thin blood veins on the devil sword appeared once again, coiled around Long Fei's back, and stabbed into his flesh.

Long Fei roared, "Come then!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

A roar.

His mind ignored the enticement and control of the demon sword and entered the unique space of the demon sword through the blood strings.

At this moment.

A million corpses were lying in wait, and blood flowed like a river.

The sky was blood-red.

The earth was blood-red.

His surroundings were filled with a violent killing intent. It was extremely dense.

"What kind of world is this?" Long Fei's heart trembled slightly. When he levelled up to the point where he could kill countless number of people, he could kill as many demon beast as he could, but the people he could kill in this world, those demon beast, were simply nothing compared to the people he could kill here.

"Ahh, ha, ha …"

"Ahh, ha, ha …"

"I didn't expect you to be able to enter this place."

"Kid, your blood is different from others' blood."

"No wonder he was able to break Seal!"

An arrogant voice sounded.

A red blood mist appeared in front of Long Fei's consciousness. It was the Demon Sword's Sword Intent.

The sword intent that had rushed out.

Long Fei said coldly: "You are the devil sword?"

The demon sword gave a faint smile and said, "That's right. I am the demon sword's sword intent, condensed from 9,999,999 lives."

"How is it?"

"You're hanging yourself, aren't you?"

"Hahaha …"

"What a pity!"

"It's a pity that my previous master didn't understand how strong I was. If I had my Seal here, if I had a little more time, I could have broken through to ten million, hahaha … I can become the number one sword of the demonic path! "


"Don't worry about it, I've waited for over a million years, and now I have. Are you honored? It was you who made me become the number one sword of the demonic path. "

The Demon Sword's sword intent was wild with excitement.

10 million …


This number was too terrifying.

Long Fei laughed sinisterly: "The number one sword of the demonic way … Today, you either have faith in me, or … I will turn you into ashes! "

"Hahaha …"

The moment Long Fei's voice fell, the Demon Sword's sword intent started laughing wildly, and said: "No one dares to speak to me like that, not even my previous master. He can only destroy me using the Seal, but you want me to turn into dust?"


"You really overestimate yourself!"

His voice was as cold as ice.

At this moment.

Long Fei's idea had always been inside the devil sword, and his body, as well as his flesh, was already covered in dense amounts of blood veins, completely wrapping them around his body.

It was as if his entire body was drenched in blood.

The Infernal Sword sneered, "Do you know that you are about to die?"

Long Fei laughed: "Don't worry, even if you die, you die first!"


Long Fei moved.


With a gobbledegook in his right hand, a huge dead star fell on his left hand, falling into the space within the devil sword, and continued to grow larger. Marks that looked like commas appeared on Long Fei's neck one after another.

His heart trembled slightly, "Damn, could it really be the power of the Ootutuki Hagoromo?"

"Who the hell cares what kind of power it is."

"As long as I can kill you!"

Long Fei roared out, the Death Star in his hand suddenly suppressed down, the power in his body exploded out, "If you don't accept it, we will beat you until you accept it!"

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