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Chapter 1858 - Enmity

The ancient holy battlefield is good too.

The divinity is good too.

Even the hundred thousand planes were controlled by the main temple.

The small Devil Island was even more so.

A place abandoned by the gods, but a place that revered the gods more than any other place.

No one dared to offend God.

This was because if they were to abandon this place again, the entire Devil Island would be engulfed by the Demon Sea and they wouldn't even have a life.

Even if they were to be abandoned by a god, they wouldn't dare to have the slightest bit of resentment, and they would even become more respectful, as if they were worshipping a powerhouse.

… ….

What Nie Lin said left everyone in shock.

Destiny God's appearance caused their hearts to feel fear, as if the reverence in their hearts made them feel fear. Their hearts couldn't help but tremble.

"Long Fei, you can't kill him."

"We can't kill him."

"Long Fei, you can't kill him!"

"Destiny God cannot be provoked!"

… ….

Suddenly, many of the sect elders began to shout out loud.

He was even more afraid than the Hell Reaper.

Nie Lin laughed complacently. She knew that it would happen, so she stared at Long Fei and said: "Come, kill me! Long Fei, do you dare?"

"Hahaha …"

"If I die, you will become the enemy of the entire Devil Island, do you dare?"

Nie Lin laughed.

He smiled savagely.

Long Fei raised her Fire Dragon Knife high up in the air and said, "There is nothing in this world that I, Long Fei, do not dare to do. This daddy not only wants to kill you, but also wants to kill Destiny God. "

As soon as he finished.

The flames on the Fire Dragon Knife exploded.

The Fire Dragon Blade Qi raged as it slashed down.

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Everyone looked at Long Fei with their mouths agape, their hearts sinking, as though they had fallen into a bottomless abyss.

"Buzz buzz buzz …"

Nie Lin's eyes were opened wide in anger, his eyes revealed unwillingness, and also a type of fear in the face of death.


A loud explosion resounded.

The Fire Dragon Blade Qi swallowed Nie Lin and his body turned into smithereens.

The system sounded out.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 100,000 experience, 100,000 holy power value, and 1 Energy Values!"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining the 'Nine Sword Beast'!"

The system beep finished.

Then, he floated the Sword Beast in Long Fei's mind. With a slight movement, Long Fei released the nine Sword Beast s.

Without any hesitation, A Long smashed all nine Sword Beast to pieces with a single punch.

Although they had exposed Nie Lin's Nine Sword Beast, these things were definitely dangerous. If it was something the Destiny God had given to Nie Lin … Being around was a disaster.

Thus …

Long Fei did not hesitate.

Nie Lin did not drop anything, nor did she have any hopes that she would drop anything, but she did not. To Long Fei, she had already dropped enough things.

"Destiny God!"

"Your father's been taken to the Devil Island by you, yet you still won't let your father go, right?"


"If I don't kill you in this life, I'll f * * king change my surname to yours!" Long Fei said those words word by word while grinding his teeth. He did not expect the power of the Destiny God to appear once again.

Zhan Wushuang became stronger.

The infiltration of the Destiny God.

All of these, the Destiny God simply did not plan to let Long Fei go.

Long Fei being alive for the entire day was a form of humiliation to him.

He would definitely not allow this kind of thing to happen a second time. Now that he knew Long Fei had become stronger, he would definitely not let Long Fei have a good life!

With Nie Lin's death.

The new Royal Battle Team members quickly retreated, and in the end, only a dozen of the more than ninety disciples managed to escape.

However …

They ran away.

All the elders of the Nine Major Sects stood up in unison.

The spectators all stood up as well.

Just a second ago, they were all excited that Long Fei could crush this crazy woman, but in that second, they all stared at him as if he was their mortal enemy.

Intense hostility.

Bawang Hua walked to Long Fei's side and asked in a low voice: "Why are they looking at you like that? They should be thanking you.

Long Fei's gaze turned cold and he said, "They are afraid!"

"Fear?" The Bawang Hua did not understand, "What are you afraid of?"

Long Fei looked into the sky and said: "They are afraid of gods!"

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Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Explosions rang out from the surroundings one after another. This was the eruption of one's battle prowess.

"Long Fei, if you kill Nie Lin, that would mean you are at war with Destiny God, and Devil Island cannot tolerate you."

"That's right!"

"Long Fei, you have offended Destiny God, so Devil Island does not wish to suffer along with you."

"This is already the Forbidden Land of Gods. If the main temple descends any more punishments, this tiny Devil Island will be engulfed by the Demon Sea. We don't want to die with you."

… ….


He was extremely afraid.

God, in their hearts, was always the person they feared the most.

let alone the Destiny God who had control over their fate, they were even more afraid.

Long Fei swept his gaze across them, looked at the hostile gazes around him and laughed coldly. Without further ado, he said: "All of you look down on this daddy, right?"


"Who's not happy? Get the hell down here! I'll make him feel good!"

He didn't want to be long-winded.

Are you in a bad mood? If you're not satisfied, come down and do it!

While they were talking …

"Boom, boom, boom!"

The twelve Hell Reaper s descended and stood beside Long Fei. The half moon sickle in their hands was still dripping with blood and their eyes were cold as they looked around.

If anyone dared to come down, they would immediately take their lives.

Savage to such an extent.

A Long's powerful body was crushing everything. If anyone dared to touch Long Fei, he would definitely make that person regret being born into this world.

"Come on!"

"It's not unhappiness?"

"Didn't you want to kill me?"

"Everyone, come at me!"

Long Fei roared, and said coldly: What's the use of a group of cowards? To be exiled to this sort of place and still accept it, is there any difference between the two of you and a salted fish? "

They were unhappy.

Long Fei felt even more unhappy.

Just a mere Destiny God, yet he was able to make ten sects, who stood at the peak of the Devil Island, tremble in fear before his appearance.

Long Fei was unhappy!

"Long Fei, there is no one in this world who can fight against gods. Even if it was in the ancient holy battlefield s for the past ten thousand years, who could change that?"

"No one!"

"The Destiny God controls the fate of a hundred thousand planes, and there is an even stronger God than that who is the King of a hundred thousand planes. He is an existence that no one can shake."

"You have offended the Destiny God, and dragged us down with you. We will not take action today, but from now on, no one in the Devil Island will be able to tolerate you!"


The elder waved his sleeve and said, "Return to the sect!"

The head of the ten sects, the Heaven Origin Sect left.

Many sects slowly withdrew from the Devil Hills.

Long Fei did not stop them.

However …

He knew that after today, all the powers would be irreconcilable with him.

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