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The Ji mansion was full of red lanterns and colored lights, and it looked very prosperous. But A Miao still felt that the rooms were cold and icy; just like how she felt about the Xia family.

Seemingly flourishing, but broken down inside.

"Xinglan, A Miao!" Bai Yongwei, dressed in a red cheongsam, greeted them with dignity. "Your father has been waiting for a long time."

Shen I and Shen II put down many gift boxes and then walked toward the door like spirits.

"Yo! Did you bring gifts?" Ji Xue glanced at Shen Xinglan slowly. "It is different to have a woman. In previous years, you came empty-handed."

After finishing saying that, she casually took a box into the living room.

A Miao pushed Shen Xinglan into the room, while Ji Zeming was sitting on the sofa watching TV.

"Why do you always come until dinner time?" He took off his glasses and stood up. "Go into the dining room."

Ji Xue was already sitting at the dining table, turning over the gift box just now. She took out a box of American ginseng, looked at it, and then said with a surprised face, "Oh my god! This stuff is out of date."

"Xiaoxue!" Bai Yongwei shot her a glare. "Don't make fun on the Spring Festival."

"Look at it!" Ji Xue sent the box forward. "It's six months past due."

Bai Yongwei took a look and let out a cry. "This... is really past due."

"A Miao, is that how you bought things for my dad?" Ji Xue accused her. "I think you didn't buy it at all. Where did you pick up all this rubbish to fool people?"

Ji Zeming's face also sank down, but it was reckoned that was due to Shen Xinglan's face not speaking.

"You didn't eat, did you?" Bai Yongwei was worried and asked. "It's a small matter to bring them to us. If you ate them before, it could be harmful."

"Mom! She's not stupid. She would not eat it when she knows it's expired." Ji Xue said gloatingly, "She gave these to dad on purpose."

Shen Xinglan gave A Miao some food, beckoned her to eat quickly, and then put down the chopsticks and wiped his mouth. "Dad is not blind either. Since you saw it, he can see it."

"Are you still protecting her?" Ji Xue shouted. "In your eyes, is this woman more important than dad?" As she asked, she noticed Ji Zeming.

Sure enough, Ji Zeming's face got more ugly.

Ji Xue was secretly pleased. "It's not so easy to marry into my family. Now, dad hates you, too. See how you marry!"

"I chose these things." Shen Xinglan glanced at her and turned to Ji Zeming. "They were all sent to me by others. I didn't eat them and they piled up in the storeroom, so I brought it all to you."

Ji Zeming's face looked a little better. "Yes, you are too busy to remember when they were delivered. Later on, I will ask the help to check. Keep the good ones and the expired food should be fed to the dog in the backyard."

"So A Miao didn't buy anything for dad?" Ji Xue adamantly asked. "That's too ridiculous, and you haven't even gotten married..."

"Pa!" Shen Xinglan threw his chopsticks at the table. "A Miao, don't eat, let's go."

"Oh." A Miao wiped her mouth, touched her already full stomach, and stood up.

Bai Yongwei quickly poked Ji Xue in the head. "Why are you talking so much? Can't we have some peace during the Spring Festival?"

"I'm not wrong!" Ji Xue lifted up her head and looked unconvinced.

Ji Zeming struck the table. "Sit down! Nobody is going anywhere. Eat up!"

Ji Xue snorted and picked up the chopsticks.

"I'll help you with a bowl of soup." A Miao put the bowl in front of Shen Xinglan.

This time no one spoke. The only occasionally sound heard was the sound of chopsticks touching, and Ji Xue looked at A Miao with malicious eyes from time to time.

"Xinglan, don't only drink soup, eat more meat." Halfway through the meal, Bai Yongwei broke the silence.

Ji Zeming coughed and pushed the dish in front of him toward Shen Xinglan.

However, Shen Xinglan acted as if he hadn't seen it. "I'm not eating, I'm full of anger." As a matter of fact, he could not eat anymore. Before he came, A Miao made dumplings and he ate two plates of them.

"Yeah, right. Whatever..." Ji Xue murmured that sentence, and in return, Bai Yongwei gave her a warning look.

No one felt comfortable eating the New Year's Eve meal and they finished it with great difficulty. Then, Ji Zeming asked Shen Xinglan to go into the study with him.

"If you don't want to go with me, then don't go home tonight. I'll talk to you later."

Seeing that he was so persistent, Shen Xinglan patted A Miao's hand and turned the wheelchair to enter. Shen I and Shen II were watching there. What's more, even though Ji Xue had no brains, she would not do anything at home.

"Xiaoxue, I'll go up and change my clothes. You can talk to A Miao." Bai Yongwei also stood up and whispered as she passed Ji Xue, "Don't push hard. Don't be too ugly."

Ji Xue curled her lips and sat down on the sofa in the living room. A Miao sat opposite her.

"Your eyes are very beautiful." Ji Xue stared at her for a moment and said in a strange tone, "If you didn't have those eyes, do you think Shen Xinglan would still like you?"

A Miao took out a lollipop from her bag and put it into her mouth. "I think the bridge of my nose is quite high and my mouth is quite pretty."

"Pfft!" Ji Xue looked at her as if she were an idiot. "Don't you understand me? I'm telling you, if it weren't for your eyes, he wouldn't like you at all."

"Crunch, crunch..." A Miao bit off a piece of sugar. Ji Xue thought she was scared and smiled twice triumphantly. "Shen Xinglan liked a woman long ago, and her eyes are exactly the same as yours."

"Oh!" A Miao took the lollipop out of her mouth. "Where is that woman?"

Ji Xue glanced at her eyes. "How would I know? If she comes back, there will not be your place. But you don't have to worry. Shen Xinglan has been looking for her.

"When he finds that woman, you will know that you are just a body double!"

A Miao suddenly looked at her. "How do you know? Have you seen that woman?"

"I..." Ji Xue pursed her lips. "I just know anyway!"

In fact, she was uncertain. She just secretly saw the picture in Shen Xinglan's room and it was the eyes of a little child judging from the size.

"Hey, aren't you afraid?" Seeing that A Miao had no reaction, Ji Xue had to remind her. "If you take the initiative to leave, I can ask my mother to give you a sum of money."

A Miao threw the lollipop stick into the ashtray. "How much are you going to give me?"

"How much do you want?" Ji Xue's eyes lit up when she heard this, and she covered up her pride and pretended to be embarrassed. "Don't be too greedy, two million!"

"Mrs. Ji's position is only worth two million?" A Miao tsked and said, "I thought you'd pay five million at least!"

Ji Xue gritted her teeth. "OK, five million. Leave him at once."

A Miao did not say a word and stared straight at her. Ji Xue was uncomfortable.

"What are you... what are you looking at?"

"I just feel strange." A Miao tilted her head. "I've seen a wife giving money to the mistress, a girlfriend giving money to a cheating partner, or the future mother-in-law giving money to a daughter-in-law who is not pleasing to the eye..."

She hissed, "But it is the first time I have seen a half-sister give money to a future sister-in-law."

Not knowing which sentence struck Ji Xue, she suddenly stood up and looked pale and rushed in front of A Miao. "Shut up! I'll give you the money now, get out of here!"

"Ji Xue!" Ji Zeming's voice rang out angrily. "What are you doing?"

Bai Yongwei, who had been hiding upstairs for a long time and was preparing to go downstairs, also changed her expression. She did not expect Ji Xue to suddenly get angry. They had a good talk before.

She did not stop her, thinking that if A Miao really wanted the money, everyone would be happy.

But now...

"A Miao." Shen Xinglan held out his hand.

A Miao walked behind him and asked, "Have you finished talking?"

"Let's go." Shen Xinglan looked at her carefully and found no signs of being bullied.

Ji Zeming stopped them with a cold face. "A Miao, this time it was Xiaoxue's fault. Xiaoxue! Won't you apologize?"

"No need." Shen Xinglan raised his hand. "I won't agree with the talk in the study just now. If you think I'm not good, you don't have to regard me as your son."

Ji Zeming gasped for breath. Ji Xue shouted from over there, "Didn't you just hear that?" She pointed at A Miao. "She said she would leave you after taking five million dollars. Do you want this kind of woman?"

Shen Xinglan looked at A Miao while tilting his head. A Miao smiled. "She did, but I didn't agree!"

"You are talking nonsense!" Ji Xue walked up to her and said, "I said I would give you 2 million, but you said it was not enough."

A Miao sighed. "I only said that the value of Ji's wife should not only be worth two million. I didn't say it was not enough." She blinked. "Think carefully. I didn't say yes from the beginning to the end. You said it yourself over there."

"You, this..."

"Xiaoxue!" Bai Yongwei covered her mouth. "Stop talking and apologize quickly."

Ji Xue shook her off, cried out, "No," and turned and ran upstairs.

"A Miao, don't mind this. That child has spoiled by me, I apologize for her." Bai Yongwei said so with her lips, but her eyes were cold at A Miao.

A Miao ignored her and pushed the wheelchair away.

Ji Zeming tried to stop them, but when he thought of what Shen Xinglan said, he felt angry again and turned back to his study.

"You should come out later." In the car, A Miao muttered.

"Why, do you really want that five million?" asked Shen Xinglan.

"Of course, I will!" A Miao took off her coat and leaned back comfortably. "Why wouldn't I take it if she gave it to me?"

The temperature around her suddenly dropped and he looked at her hazily.

"Hahaha!" A Miao laughed. "You fool, I won't say yes even if I get the money!"

Shen Xinglan pondered for a moment, then gave her a gentle squeeze on her cheek. "Next time, ask for 10 million. We'll split it 50-50."

At this time, Ling Lang just left the police station with her subordinates following her.

"Boss, why do I think it's a little weird?!"

Ling Lang lit a cigarette and leaned against the driver's seat. "Go and check out A Miao. I want to know about her experiences from childhood to adulthood and the people around her."

"But we have seen the video. Although she did move, she did not touch the plate." The big guy scratched his head irritably. "Damn, if only there were a high-powered camera at that time, I believe that we could see something in the picture taken."

"Let's check it out first and wait after the festival." Ling Lang started the car.

On the second day of the new year, Bai Youran looked at Bai Lu suspiciously. "Are you going too?"

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