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Chapter 1235 - Small Explosion

Suddenly, a system announcement sounded out.

Long Fei's heart tightened, "It's not time for me to level up yet, when will there be a berserk mode? The sound of a notification rang at this time …"


Long Fei cursed in his heart as he immediately checked Dalong's time, "What the f * ck!"


"Dalong time is over!"

Just as the system beep fell, it let out a wild roar, shrank its body, and drilled into the deep hole.

Long Fei was confused.

He had been busy dealing with the four people of holy-moon sect and had forgotten about Dalong's time.


Half of the time had already passed and the queen of blood moon had not recovered yet. The mission was still more than 20 minutes away, could he still hold on?

Long Fei moved his right hand and summoned the golden cudgel out.

The elder of the holy-moon sect watched as the dragon disappeared, then turned to look coldly at Long Fei, and said: "Brat, now that there are no more monsters, let's see how you block me."

With that, the figure disappeared.

In that instant.

The elder struck down with his palm.

With the power of the Sun Rank being crushed, Long Fei's mind and consciousness were in turmoil, feeling extremely uncomfortable.


Long Fei did not retreat even half a step. Sensing that the strong wind was getting closer, the golden cudgel in Long Fei's hand moved and smashed down fiercely.


The elder's face tightened, and said: "Such a strong power, but..." It's too slow! "

"Wake up!"

The figure of the elder moved, and used a move to lock Xiang Longfei's throat.

It was also at this time.

Long Fei smirked and said: "Too slow?"

"You're wrong!"

The reason why Long Fei smashed the rod down earlier was not to hurt him, but to slow him down so that Long Fei could completely see his movement trajectory.

With his attack, Long Fei also attacked with his own attack.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"


"Trigger Paralysis!"

"F * ck!"

"What do you mean by luck going against the heavens!" Long Fei roared wildly in his heart. He was betting everything on this one move, if he did not trigger the numbing effect, he would definitely be struck flying, or even killed.

But with the effects of the paralysis activated, it was time for Long Fei to take control of it!


The holy-moon sect Elder's body was motionless, as if he had been petrified. His eyes revealed incomparable shock, "Brat, what is this?"

"What is it?"

"This is the Hades' Tempest!"

As soon as he finished.

Long Fei's hands tightly held onto the golden cudgel, the samisen true fire on top of it ignited, and then smashed down onto the elder's head with a pole.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The air exploded, and the top of the elder's head split open. Fresh blood spurted out, and a Critical damage also floated out.

"Acting cool?"

"The holy-moon sect Elders are amazing?"

"No matter how amazing it is, you have to kneel down for your father!"

With a swing of the staff, his numbing effect disappeared, but … The intense pain made him extremely uncomfortable and his reaction slowed down by half a minute. And at this time, Long Fei was using 'while he was still sick, want to kill' extremely well.



"Bang …"

"Will he die?"

Under the golden cudgel's violent strike, his blood rapidly drained. The elder's body had already been smashed into the ground as he angrily spouted: "Kid, holy-moon sect won't let you go so easily."

"holy-moon sect won't let me go?"

"You're wrong!"

"It's father that will not let holy-moon sect off!" Long Fei's body sank, the golden cudgel in his hands struck down once again, and roared: "Explode for me!"


The blood groove on the Elder's head shattered and finally disappeared.


The system sounded out. Long Fei thought for a moment, but in the end, he did not release his Striking Energy Value. He was merely an elder, he did not want to waste several hundred points of Striking Value.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Elder of holy-moon sect' for obtaining 34000 experience, 4000 Holy Source Points, 10 Energy Values Points."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining the secret technique 'Moon Break Strike'. Do you wish to learn it?"

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining the ancient spiritual artifact 'Clock of Hell'."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Beast blood vein'."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining '122 Profound Stones'."

… ….


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for levelling up. Currently Level: Purple Level 5."

The system sounded out continuously.

Long Fei was a little confused, because … The elders of the holy-moon sect s had unexpectedly exploded, and in the absence of using Striking Energy Value, they had suddenly exploded.

Furthermore, he even dropped a ancient spiritual artifact, it was too unexpected for Long Fei.

"Moon Break Strike?"

"Is this the holy-moon sect's secret technique?"


Long Fei moved.


"System prompt: Temporarily unable to cultivate!"


Long Fei was startled, "What do you mean by temporarily unable to cultivate? System, what the f * ck are you doing? You can't even cultivate your cultivation technique? "

Moon Break Strike, holy-moon sect's secret technique!

He needed the fusion of another cultivation technique to cultivate, and this was also the reason why Elder Shen Yue was here.

"Clock of Hell?"

"Huff …" Long Fei looked at the golden cudgel in his hand and said, "I'll give it to you to swallow!"


The golden cudgel instantly devoured the Clock of Hell and the system notification sounded. The energy filling went up another level.


What made Long Fei puzzled was that the system still did not show how many ancient spiritual artifact were required to be absorbed by the golden cudgel in order for it to be able to trigger the power of the second level.

"Woo woo …"

Wu wu wu …

Once the four powerhouse s died, all the evil spirit body stared at Long Fei.

They don't have much intelligence. They only know that the queen can't be harmed in any way, so. They crazily rushed at Xiang Longfei in an instant.

Long Fei swallowed a Holy Source Pill.

He took off his protective ring. Right now, he needed the strong Holy Source, so he could not let it slip away in front of his health point.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!" Long Fei waved his golden cudgel, and shouted in a deep voice, "Come, it just so happens that I need Experience Points, come with me!"

He charged into the group of evil spirit body like a monkey and started killing.



The system's notification sound rang out crazily, and the Experience Points was also increasing rapidly.

From the holes on both sides of ghosts cave's valley, evil spirit body frantically rushed out, continuously rushing at Xiang Longfei, who was firmly encircled.

He didn't care about anything, he just wanted to kill!

He only thought about experience.


It was to the point that he did not notice the changes in the body of the queen of blood moon within the pool of blood. The essence within the blood moon was absorbed by her, and at the same time, a set of red colored armor slowly appeared on her body.

There is a convexity.

His appearance slowly revealed itself.

His strength was slowly recovering.

There was still a minute left before Long Fei's mission ended.

queen of blood moon looked at the surrounded Long Fei with a special gaze. The last piece of armor on his body appeared, and he looked like a super soldier in the apocalypse world.


Even ten thousand times more super soldiers could not compare to queen of blood moon.


Her strength was extremely terrifying.

His body slowly floated as he stared at Long Fei!

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