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Chapter 470

Qin Yun was taken aback as he threw the Body Securing Talisman into the golden pond.

The Devil Fighters in the pool were also awakened. They wanted to jump out but their bodies were frozen.

Xiao Yuelan immediately rushed over and in a few seconds, chopped off the heads of over a dozen martial artists. Her attacks were very fast, crisp and clean, without the slightest hesitation!

She looked at the golden pool covered in blood and said softly, "Xiao Yun, come and clean this up!"

Qin Yun rushed over and pulled the corpses out.

The pool was filled with golden water and the blood was quickly gone.

"Yuelan, I seem to remember you use a sword! I didn't expect you to use a saber now!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"I need a saber to learn the Six Style Windslayer!" Xiao Yuelan laughed, "Teacher Yang has taught me many martial arts!"

"Is she doing well in the Moon Profound Valley?" Qin Yun asked.

"Of course!" Xiao Yuelan looked at those corpses, saying, "Let's hurry and take down the other two pools!"

At this moment, he realized that Xiao Yuelan had copied the transparent power that could make him transparent.

"Yuemei shouldn't be able to duplicate your martial spirit!" Qin Yun exclaimed.

"Her mirror is a purple gold martial spirit, it cannot copy my black martial spirit! This little girl, after knowing that my martial spirit has the power of a god, yet was unable to duplicate it, she became extremely mad!" Xiao Yuelan smiled and transmitted her voice.

Qin Yun brought her through the stone door on the opposite side. Just like before, he quickly made his move and killed the people inside.

The water in this stone chamber's pool was white. It was Dao heart pool that was used to cultivate mental energy.

Previously, the golden pool was used as a body pool to temper the body.

The person in the Dao Heart Pool was also a devil cultivator!

Qin Yun was certain that the person in the last pool was also devil cultivator.

Those devil cultivators were all Venerable Bloodline families from the Magical Desolate Land. They must have given the Inscription Palace a lot of benefits in order to cultivate in this place. They didn't seem to know about what was happening outside!

As a matter of fact, there were not many people who knew where the three pools were. Only the upper echelons of the Inscription Palace knew. However, they were all killed by Qin Yun's Dao cores.

After Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan entered the final Dao Origin pool, it was as easy as before. They killed the devil cultivators inside!

The Dao Origin Pool's water was transparent and it contained an extremely rich amount of nine suns spiritual energy!

Qin Yun had already extracted their martial spirit. To be able to enter these three pools to cultivate, their martial spirits were pretty good. There were many purple gold martial spirits.

"Let's go back and inform Sister Jing before coming here to cultivate!" Xiao Yuelan said.

Qin Yun nodded and returned to the array base with Xiao Yuelan.

After he returned, he used the array base to open the enchantment and seal the pool. This way, no one else could enter.

As for him and Xiao Yuelan, they were able to pass through the barrier and enter through the Penetrating Divine Technique.

By using the Sun Moon Heart Sutra with Qin Yun, Xiao Yuelan could speed up her cultivation speed.

The two of them entered the Dao Origin Pool and started cultivating together.

There were a lot of Martial Dao Realm warriors outside of the city gate of the Martial City. They had all come from the Three Desolate Land.

After finding out that they couldn't exit after entering, they didn't go in immediately.

And many martial artists at the sixth level martial body realm were not afraid at all as they rushed in.

To be able to capture Qin Yun and earn a billion purple coins was something that many Martial Dao cultivators would not even think about. Their minds burned with passion.

Totem Pavilion, Divine Inscription Palace, Bloodline Aristocrat Clan, Spirit Desolate Sect, all of their Martial Kings had tried their best to attack the enchantment but to no avail. In the end, they gave up.

They could only constantly send people in. One reason was to find the reason for this blockade, while the other reason was to capture Qin Yun!

In their eyes, Qin Yun was a much more valuable dragon!

Suddenly, many experts from the Totem Pavilion arrived at the gate of the Martial City.

Beside them, there was a very eye-catching black-clothed youth!

On the forehead of this black clothed youth, there was a circular black rune. The whites of his eyes were also full of runes.

In addition, he had a handsome, fair face, as well as long, flowing reddish-black hair. This made him even more attractive to people.

The young disciples of the Bloodline Aristocrat Family, upon seeing this youth from Totem Pavilion, all began to discuss among themselves.

"He is Totem Pavilion's Gao Shilong, a martial artist at the eighth level martial dao, 25 years old! Stepping into the eighth stage of martial dao at this age is very heaven defying!"

"I heard that his totem is a natural totem. It is between his eyebrows and his eyes! No one knows what kind of totem it is!"

"Will Totem Pavilion send him in?"

"Not only the Totem Pavilion, many Bloodline Aristocrat Clans have ordered their outstanding martial dao realm disciples to come out of seclusion and come to this place!"

"If the clan allows it, I would like to enter now! I'm at the eighth level of the Martial Dao Realm. Qin Yun is only at the third level of the Martial Dao Realm. How could he be a match for me?"

"If I capture Qin Yun, I'll be able to obtain his blood and totem!"

"The combination of a Heavenly Lion Bloodline and a Heavenly Lion Totem, the combination of the totem and the corresponding Bloodline, the power is extremely terrifying. Who wouldn't want to obtain it?"

Gao Shilong stood at the door of the Martial City and saw the mess inside. He said coldly: "Are those ninth level martial dao realm cultivators trash? They actually couldn't take down someone at the third level of the martial dao!"

His words were filled with contempt.

"Shilong, we've told you about Qin Yun's situation on the way here. Do not underestimate your enemy!" One of the members of Totem Pavilion reminded.

"He has spirit talismans and Dao artifacts. I have them too! There is nothing to be afraid of! I only need to guard against his sacred art!" Gao Shilong said, "Even if he bombed me with a Spirit realm dao core, I would still be able to handle it!"

When the other cultivators heard this, they could not believe it.

They were well aware of how terrifying the explosion of the Dao cores was. Even if it was a cultivator of the Spirit realm, they would still feel a great pressure from the explosion of the Dao cores of the Spirit realm.

One of the elders from Totem Pavilion, upon seeing Gao Shilong's confidence, became a lot more relaxed and said: "Shilong, you have two totems and two martial spirits but you lack the inheritance bloodline! If you can defeat Qin Yun, you will be able to obtain one of the strongest Inherited Bloodlines!"

The corner of Gao Shilong's mouth twitched, he looked at those bloodline warriors and sneered: "The inheritance of the strongest bloodline, is worthy of me, Gao Shilong! If it's those trashy bloodlines, giving them to me would only ruin me!"

This caused the bloodline martial artists to be extremely angry!

What Gao Shilong meant was that if he wanted the bloodline inheritance, he could ask for it from these Bloodline Aristocrat Clans at any time. However, he couldn't be bothered to ask for it because it was too lacking.

"Shilong, I'll leave the matter of finding Qin Yun and controlling the ancient city to you!" One of the Martial Kings from Totem Tower patted Gao ShiLong on the shoulder and said, "Everyone go."

"You are the strongest martial dao realm in the Three desolate land. None of you will let us down! "

Gao Shilong smiled proudly and walked through the city gate.

A bloodline warrior disdainfully said: "He is only at the eighth stage of the Martial Dao. Is he the strongest cultivator? There are many martial artists at the ninth stage martial dao who have good qualifications and do not dare to claim themselves to be the strongest of the martial dao realm!"

After hearing what was said, Gao Shilong looked towards who was standing outside the city gate and said coldly: "If there is a strongest ninth stage martial Dao, you'd better tell me! I will kill him no matter what!"

After saying that, he skimmed through the ruins in search of Qin Yun!

The old man from Totem Pavilion laughed, "The World Dragon dual totem martial spirits are quite compatible with his totems. Even if he were to face a martial artist of the ninth level martial dao, he would still be able to defeat it!"

The most powerful aspect of a totem was the totem martial arts, as well as the totem power.

If they could use it well, then the bloodline power of a bloodline martial artist would be much stronger.

Most bloodline warriors weren't naturally awakened bloodlines.

They were all awakened after being born, using extremely bloody and cruel methods.

This would cause the strength of the bloodline to be greatly weakened and the bloodline power passed down would also become weaker and weaker.

The Inscription Palace and Totem Pavilion were well aware of this and they were the only outsiders who knew about it.

An elder from Totem Pavilion looked at the Bloodline Martial Kings and said, "Aren't you going to send some powerful Bloodline Warriors over? With those acquired bloodline martial artists, it's impossible for you to obtain the Heavenly Lion bloodline. Hahaha..."

A totem warrior laughed and said: "The innate bloodline is the most precious treasure of your families. It is used to pass down the orthodox bloodline! Especially those who are in the Martial Dao Realm, they are extremely precious. If they were to die here, you will lose your orthodox bloodline!"

Those Bloodline Aristocrat Families were all enraged but they did not say a word.

"Inscription Palace, what exactly is going on with you two? Aren't you going to send more people in? Are you afraid that those who go in will die inside? " The old man from Totem Tower mocked the Inscription Palace as he laughed.

"They are on the way! You guys can still pay more attention to your Gao Shilong, right? If he died inside, that would be a pity! After all, your Totem Pavilion doesn't have many martial artists that have awakened their totem!" The Inscription Palace's Martial King sneered.

"The inscription palace, I have to say, you are all a bunch of idiots! Originally, you could maintain a good relationship with Qin Yun. At that time, you might even be able to obtain his runes, bloodline and totem! And yet, all of you gave up on this precious treasure at the same time!"

The old man from Totem Pavilion loudly jeered, "That's good too. Otherwise, the benefits will be taken away by your Inscription Palace. We will be very jealous!"

The people of Inscription Palace were also bleeding in their hearts!

Initially, Qin Yun had relied heavily on his Inscription Palace but the upper echelons of the palace had decided to give up on Qin Yun. Furthermore, they had clashed with Qin Yun, resulting in such a situation.

More and more martial artists entered the ancient city.

At that moment, Qin Yun was like a treasure trove. Everyone wanted to capture him.

Qin Yun had hidden well and was in the midst of cultivation with Xiao Yuelan at the Dao Origin Pond.

"This place is truly a holy land of the Martial Dao Realm. It can definitely help us raise our cultivation!" Qin Yun exclaimed as he sensed his strength constantly rising.

"Looks like we can quickly step into the fifth stage of the Martial Dao!" Xiao Yuelan was also a little excited. She smiled and said: "Xiao Yun, let's cultivate in the ancient city and step into the ninth stage of the Martial Dao together!"

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