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Chapter 1281 - Devouring life essence

Deep within the forbidden area, there was a cave.

There were a few words carved into the cave.

Life and death in the three trials of life and death were up to fate!

"Life and death are decided by fate?"

"I, Long Fei's life doesn't belong to anyone." Long Fei said lightly as he stepped into the cave.

At this moment.

The aura in the cave suddenly fluctuated, as though Long Fei had triggered some sort of mechanism. "Kacha, kacha, kacha …"

The sound of heavy machinery colliding rang out.

What caught his eyes were the powerful and unrivaled 'robots'!

A long passage was filled with robots that began to attack without any purpose. Their attacks had no features, and each of them were different. It could be said that the corridor that was less than a kilometer in length had no blind spots.

"Shaolin Temple, Mu Ren Gang?"

This scene made Long Fei think of the Wood Puppet Lane in his previous life. If he wanted to leave, he would have to pass through this Wood Puppet Lane.

The thing in front of him was not made of wood, but a special metal. There was no blind spot on his body, and it could be said that even if he stuck his wings, it would still be difficult to fly over.

Long Fei carefully studied it for a few minutes, but he really did not find anything special about it.

"I don't know anything about mechanical arts."

"Since it's a challenge..."

"Then I'll force my way in!"

Long Fei took a step forward. Not waiting for him to react, an iron fist smashed towards him.

"Huff …"

Long Fei's right fist moved, heavily punching out.

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Long Fei's joints exploded, his entire right arm went numb, the pain was extremely intense, his entire body was blown out by the robot, his face was shocked, "Damn, what a strong power."

"I can't do it."

Long Fei frowned, he stepped forward once again, the power in his body surging, the robot threw out a punch, Long Fei's right hand shook, the golden cudgel fell down, and with a swing of the staff, it smashed down.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

One of his arms was broken.

However... In that moment, the broken arm suddenly flew up and caught up with the attack again. Without waiting for Long Fei's reaction, he threw another punch forward.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

He was sent flying once again.

"F * ck!"

Long Fei could not help but curse, "He's completely invincible! If these robots can stop me from commanding, then I can level up!"


Long Fei tensed up and once again barged in.

… ….

Kunlun Sect, Kunlun Zi's room.

Huo Xin was called over to his room and asked about Long Fei's breakthrough.

Huo Xin said: "There has been no progress, and we are not sure what is happening inside."


"Why do you care so much about him? He even brought him along with him to the Kunlun Sect, which is currently in a mess. The Hell Gate's Zhan Wushuang has risen mightily, the Hell Gate has restrained their ancient spiritual treasure everywhere, and even the annual examination for the tower question of god is getting closer and closer. "

"I really can't understand why you brought Long Fei back to the Kunlun Sect at this time."

Huo Xin said.

He should be able to protect himself in the face of trouble.

A large part of the reason why the storm was stirred was because of Long Fei. It was he who caused the Chaos Realm's storm to react in such a way that it became even more violent.

Kunlun Zi took out a golden pellet from his chest pocket and asked: "Do you know what pellet this is?"

Huo Xin took a careful look and said: "I've never seen it before, why is it golden, is there such a pill?"

Kunlun Zi said: "This is a life essence, it has a lifespan of 100 years."

Huo Xin's eyes shook, his entire person was in a daze, and said in shock: "Is there such a medicinal pellet in this world?"

Kunlun Zi did not reply, but continued to speak, "Do you know who refined this? It's Long Fei! "


This time, Huo Xin was even more shocked, and muttered: "Impossible, impossible, he's only a little over twenty years old, how could he refine such a heaven-defying pellet?"

"Master, could it be a mistake?"

"Why is there a pill that can increase lifespan?" Wouldn't those reclusive and peerless powerhouse of the Chaos Realm want to overturn the heavens? A hundred years. "

"How many powerhouse are at risk of running out of longevity? This kind of pill is impossible." Huo Xin did not believe it.

Kunlun Zi didn't believe it either in his heart.

Thus …

He did not use this elixir for a long time.

Was there really such a powerful pill in the world?

I'm afraid the divinity doesn't even have one?

If such a pill were to enter the ancient holy battlefield … What would happen?

Kunlun Zi calmed down and said: "The reason why I called you here today is to have you protect me. I want to swallow this pill, I don't know what will happen next."

"If anything happens to me, it's my own choice and it has nothing to do with anyone else."

He was worried that Huo Xin would make a move against Long Fei and the others.

Huo Xin's brows tightened, and said: "Master, this kind of medicinal pellet has never been verified, so it cannot be used easily. "I mean if something happens..."

Kunlun Zi smiled faintly, "If anything happens, it's also my life."


Kunlun Zi's lifespan was almost up, and if he did not consume it, he would not be able to live for long.


He still had a very important mission on his person.

He had to take the risk.

Huo Xin's brows tightened, and said: "Master..."

"No need for that."

Kunlun Zi's heart calmed down, his breathing steadied as he said: "I'm going to start."


The elixir slowly placed it into his mouth.

The elixir slowly cut open his mouth, and the medicinal strength slowly opened up as well.


His body suddenly trembled, his face flushed red. Every inch of his skin moved about like boiling bubbles.

Powerful energy leaked out one after another.

Kunlun Zi couldn't hold it in in for a moment, and his eyeballs bulged out of their sockets; his eyes were bloodshot.


Huo Xin's face changed, he wanted to rush forward.

Kunlun Zi shouted, "Don't come up!"

"Huo Xin!"

"I don't know if I can take it. If I can't, you have to remember that we, the Kunlun Sect, have an irreconcilable enmity with each other."

"As long as there's a chance, I must take revenge!"

"This was passed down by the Master."

"You must remember."

That was his mission.

This mission was also given to him by the previous Great Clan Elder, but it was just that this mission was too strong, the Nine Secret Warrior Family was too strong, he could not shake them at all.

He was too weak.

Now he's saying this because there's a force in his body he can't control. If it breaks out, I'm afraid I'll die.

Huo Xin shook and said: "Master, disciple has remembered."


As if Kunlun Zi had heard his last words, the control in his heart suddenly retracted, and his face became tranquil and calm, as he said: "Come!"

I'm going for broke.

He released all of his strength.

A red light fell from the sky, and the entire Chaos Realm became dark …

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