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Chapter 327 - Bloodflower

Hearing her explanation, Tang Huan was even more surprised. According to her, if Tang Huan really lost, she could find an excuse to reject her request.

What made Tang Huan even more confused was that news of him had already spread. This Gong Qing should know that even a peak of the seventh step Great Martial Master might not be his match, and she was obviously not at the peak of the seventh step yet, yet she still dared to spar with him.

Under normal circumstances, she had little hope of winning. Wouldn't doing this be equivalent to giving three of the Jadeite Netherworld Rocks to him for free?

"Miss Weng Qing, are you sure you want to spar with me?" Tang Huan's smile faded as he said seriously.

"Of course." "You can rest assured. Even if you lose, our Spirit Feather Merchant Guild will still sell you this' Desolate Jade Stone '. We won't need you to exchange it with a Saint Stage' Demon Essence Stone '.

"Chief Eunuch Rong, what do you think?"

Tang Huan looked at Gong Qing doubtfully, and then looked at Gong Ting.

"My niece had wanted to spar with Master Tang Huan for a long time, since that's the case, let her be, I hope Master Tang Huan can give her some pointers." She only had a look of helplessness and worry on her face that was barely discernible. She was probably not too optimistic about the outcome of the match between Gong Qing and Tang Huan.

"Forget it."

Tang Huan smiled, "Miss Weng Ting, I will not take advantage of your Spirit Feather Merchant Guild, if you lose, I will still pay you 6 million gold coins."

After saying that, Tang Huan suddenly turned to look at Xing Yan who was seated cross-legged at the side, and said with a smile: "Miss Xing Yan, I'm afraid that I'll have to borrow six million gold coins from you temporarily later."

"No worries …"

Xing Yan laughed, but before he could finish, anger could be seen from between her brows, and she laughed coldly: "Tang Huan, do you think you have won?"

When she said that, she pressed on the sword and stood up, her eyes fiercely staring at Tang Huan.

"I was just prepared."

Tang Huan smiled, he stood up and grabbed the sword hilt on his waist with his right hand.

Today, he didn't bring the Dragon and Phoenix Spear with him to the Spirit Feather Merchant Guild. However, this was of no importance. Before the Dragon and Phoenix Spear advanced to a high rank weapon, the might of this longsword would definitely far surpass it. This sword was naturally the Spirit Adhesion weapon that Tang Huan had forged some time ago.

On the way to the Heavenly Forging City, Tang Huan was conflicted over giving it a name.

Because it fused with the soul of the "Blood Eyed Fire Wolf", and mainly used a high-grade gem like "Blossom Fire Stone", Tang Huan decided to save some time and directly named it "Blood Flower".


With a crisp sound, the Bloodrose Sword was unsheathed.

In an instant, a buzzing sound was heard as the long sword was surrounded by a tidal wave of jade light. The green robe fluttered in the air and a red glow burst out from within the blue and green halo.

At the same time that the red light exploded, a terrifying heat also spread out. The heat was like a blazing tide that spread out in waves. In an instant, even the air around the sword began to ripple, and even the space around the sword began to emit popping sounds.

At this moment, a trace of solemnity seemed to have appeared on her face, her eyes narrowing.

The expression on her face had also changed, and when she glanced at Gong Qing, the worry in her eyes grew even stronger. Although Xing Yan's expression could not be seen, her pair of bright and black beautiful eyes revealed a hint of unconcealable astonishment. It was evident that she did not expect the might of Tang Huan's longsword to be so shocking.

In a split-second, Weng Ting and Xing Yan looked at each other and shot into the air almost at the same time, retreating ten meters away.

"Miss Weng Qing, please make your move!"

With the sword in hand, Tang Huan's face became solemn.

In terms of strategy, he looked down on his opponents, but in terms of tactics, he still had to pay attention to them. No matter what Tang Huan thought before, once he faced his enemy, he would no longer underestimate him at all.


Weng Ming snorted from his nose, his face sunken, his body suddenly leaping forward, at the same time, an intense sound burst out from the palace, the sword at his waist had already left its sheath, a resplendent blue light drew an arc in the air, aimed straight at Tang Huan's chest like lightning.

Seeing that, Tang Huan's eyes flashed with a strange light.

When Gong Qing waved his dark blue long sword, a powerful Strength Qi emerged from the sword body and then rolled forward along the sword force, causing Tang Huan to feel as though a violent wave was roaring at him. In an instant, a huge pressure enveloped the entire space within a ten-meter radius around him.

"His strength is indeed very good!" Tang Huan immediately used the "Mighty Huang Nine Heavens Sword Technique".


With a slight shake of his wrist, a subtle ringing sound rang out.

It was actually the Bloodrose Sword in Tang Huan's hands that pierced out at a speed that the naked eye could not catch. The moment the heat wave followed the sword's body and surged forward, a majestic sword intent spread out, as if an emperor had personally arrived.


In a split-second, the Bloodrose Sword had already pressed up against the body of the dark blue sword. With a light flick, the dark blue sword that was aimed towards his chest had already shifted to the side. The blood flower sword in Tang Huan's hand spat out like a snake's tongue.

At the tip of the sword, a two feet long sword light shot out.

An incomparably sharp intent seemed to tear the void apart, and the heat radiating from the sword turned even more violent and terrifying in an instant.

The dark blue sword in her hand danced like a butterfly. In an instant, waves of monstrous waves surged out from her body, each wave was more ferocious than the last. Even if there was a hill in front of her, the waves would still be able to shatter it.

"Chi!" "Chi!" "Swish …"

Tang Huan's footsteps sped up, and Bloodrose Sword consecutively pointed out with the speed of lightning.

In an instant, the fiery red sword shadows crashed into the blue waves that were surging towards them. The next moment, clear and loud sounds of collisions rose and fell one after another. Almost every sword image stabbed in, and the surging waves weakened slightly.

"Ding ding ding …"

In just a blink of an eye, Tang Huan had already thrusted out eighteen times, while Gong Qing's sword force had already been completely disintegrated.

However, Tang Huan's movements did not slow down in the slightest, the blood flower sword in his hand continued to move at a speed that was difficult to catch in his mind, and continued to thrust forward. In the next moment, the criss-crossing fiery red sword lights seemed to have transformed into an extremely terrifying sword screen that surged forward with unstoppable force.


With a grim expression, the longsword in her hand vibrated, and a deafening hum burst forth.

In the blink of an eye, the jade-blue light that shot out from the tip of the sword, as well as the sword beam, all seemed to have condensed into a solid substance. Looking from afar, the azure sword that was about one meter long that was in her hand seemed to have transformed into a 1.5 meter long giant sword.

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