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Lights of the Five Elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth moved and generated continuously like the life cycle of earth and heaven energy. The radiant Light Divine Boat was covering the crystal lotus imperial throne.

The meandering energy at the horizon of the sea that was like murmuring streams flowed towards the Center, which had just opened. The energy of the other four territories was drawn all away and it vanished quickly.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Shadows of God warriors sitting on the floating logs of wood drifted over. Most of them were Haig's, Mia's, or Phelps's troopers who were ditched behind. They had just arrived in this area.

Haig and Audrey were fighting in the sky between two small islands using their Light Divine Boat and the Dark God Imperial Throne. They had stirred up the entire sky and place, making the sea seethe tremendously.

Mia, Phelps, and the others joined hands to fight Mo Fou, Fuller, Wu Feng, and the warriors who had followed Audrey. Mia's team was in a bad situation. However, after the God warriors came, they could overturn the situation immediately. They began to force Fuller, Wu Feng, Mo Fou, and the others to run away like the rats.

Harson was trying his best to dash towards the Center.

Cang Yun brought Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue. They were the first wave of warriors to enter the Center. They had already disappeared in the other end of the sea territory.

Harson ran to the area where his subordinates were in trouble. After he had gathered them, he brought them to the Center and stopped caring about Shi Yan. Their auras disappeared from the sea territory shortly after.

As Haig and Audrey could see the change of living being auras, they found that there were two groups of warriors who had already entered the Center. Although they were confronting harshly, they both wanted to finish this meaningless battle quickly.

As the two parties were equally strong, they couldn't defeat each other in a short time and the time that the Center stayed open was limited. Without much hesitation, they parted and streamed into two groups heading towards the Center.

While in the corner of the thick mist covered sea, Shi Yan was sitting and holding the blood-dripping bones. His Soul Consciousness was winding around like a big net.

The life aura of Cang Yun, Harson, Haig, and Audrey had disappeared one after another in this sea territory. Shi Yan knew what it meant when he found no one or any soul energy fluctuation.

Everyone except for him had entered the Center. And Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness found that the barrier between the Center and the outer areas seemed to start solidifying once more...

His face changed slightly. He put the seven bloody bones into his Fantasy Sky Ring and stopped his activity of cleaning the evil formation. His thoughts flickered and his soul altar spun to urge the Space power Upanishad. The light in front of him moved and drew light rings right in front of him.

At a normal speed, Shi Yan retrieved his Soul Consciousness, stepping through the light rings. His body disappeared partially after each step.

In the next second, he reappeared by the barrier outside the Center as if he had just stepped out of the space slit that helped him cross thousands of miles in just a blink of an eye.

Streams of energy gathered from everywhere. Like small rivers congregating into the sea, they all poured into the Center. Those energy streams were milky white and they were almost like some liquid that the naked eye could see and the Soul Consciousness could touch...

Only the pure and thick earth and heaven energy at a specific degree could become liquid or visible to the eyes and tangible to the Soul Consciousness. It spoke up to the fact that Desolate was the place of abundant energy and only this continent could bear countless strange and precious materials that warriors from every life star craved for.

The reason why Harson, Haig of the God Clan, Cang Yun of the Heavenly Monster Tribe, Princess Audrey of the Imperial Dark Tribe, and the other outstanding warriors of the other star areas like Wu Feng, Mo Fou, Shang Ying Yue, and Cecilia gathered here was because of the mysteries of the ancient continent.

Warriors from different areas of this cosmos gathered here for one and only reason: the Center!

The Center had given birth to spirit herbs, chalcedonies, and crystals that were the all priceless items in this world. Also, it would have Original Incipient Grade materials. To enter the Center, the warriors had been fighting for five years. Today, as the Center had finally opened, the battle between them could be even fiercer and bloodier.

According to Cang Yun, the Center hid a big secret, which mattered to Cang Yun, Haig, Audrey, and Shi Yan, the four special existences with the Origins.

It was the reason why Cang Yun, Haig, Audrey, and Shi Yan gathered here. Shi Yan suddenly realized that Shang Chen was asked by an expert of the Bloodthirsty Force to give him the Guiding Fruit that would lead him to the Center. All was because of the secret of the Center.

He had no clue what that secret could be.

Instinctively, he touched the Blood Vein Ring, frowning and looking at the liquid streams of energy in front of him. He became determined and he stepped in.

It felt like the earth and sky were changing their positions.

A horrendous vortex suddenly emerged, drawing his body into the center. Shi Yan was frightened, but he couldn't do anything.

In the center of that terrifying vortex, no matter what he tried, he couldn't control his body, so he could only follow the vortex spinning. Shortly after, he entered the center of the vortex. He focused and got startled.

This vortex was made of white ivory rings that were narrowed inwardly. There were thousands of them. Apparently, those ivory rings were the streams of energy coming from everywhere. They were all congregating in this vortex.

This strange phenomenon had frightened him. He was flown towards the center of the vortex that he had tried to struggle against. Unfortunately, he found that he could do nothing but bring pain to his body. It felt like he got punished because he wanted to go against the Mighty Heaven.

He pulled himself together and gave up the useless struggle. Calming his mind, he focused on observing the spinning vortex...

Shi Yan was shocked!

The massive vortex that seemed to cover the whole world was created by the pure earth and energy, making each of the rings. They were moving by some principles of Nature. After he had given up struggling to sense, he found that the moving principle of the vortex was pretty similar to the acupuncture points in his body when they filtered the Essence Qi of the dead...

When this thought emerged, he couldn't help but feel shaken. He pulled himself together, his mind and his will concentrating on the magical features of this vortex.

The soul altar began to spin all of a sudden. The magical black hole in the center suddenly throbbed. Shi Yan was perplexed. After a while, he urged his host soul, moving to the black hole. He was frightened to see a massive vortex filling the mouth of the black hole. That vortex used the fine soul threads to create the rings, which seemed to be the most marvelous structure in this world that released magical energy fluctuations that nothing could compare to...

Seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points in his body, the black hole in his soul altar, and the vortex that was stirring his real body around were created by the smaller or bigger vortex, which had amazingly similar movement patterns. They seemed to come from the same features of the power Upanishad.

As he came to that conclusion, he totally gave up his resistance and just let the vortex draw his body. At the same time, his Soul Consciousness was moving around the acupuncture points in his body and the Devouring power Upanishad was moving around in the soul altar to find some connection...

After an unknown time...


He suddenly felt so dizzy. He fell like a meteor and hit something hard.

He hadn't recognized that he was lying at the foot of a mountain inside a blooming flower bush with his eyes closed. He looked as if he was sinking in a beautiful dream, flying around a fairyland without wanting to go back.

Fresh flowers bloomed around him in many colors with a sweet fragrance. Transparent amber drops of nectar oozed out from the flowers, which were like mirrors that could show his reflections.

It was a flowery valley that had no creature besides Shi Yan laying here. It seemed like this valley hadn't received any visitors for billions of years. It remained in its most primal condition, which didn't have any trail.

Grand mountains lay in layers. Earth and heaven energy floated like rivers from heaven. Rainbows crossed the sky like bridges leading to fairyland. Five-colored auspicious clouds that looked like they had their own consciousness floated in the river of energy. This world was so calm. Shi Yan didn't even hear a single sound.

Pretty far from him was a majestic holy mountain that connected the sky and earth. Its summit pierced deep in the sky where terrifying energy vibes were sent out.

That holy mountain seemed to be the heart of the ancient continent and the control center. It was where the continent managed the transmigration and the pulsation of the ancient continent. The mountain could touch both the sky and the ground at the same time and it had its own consciousness.

If someone could stand on the peak of that holy mountain, he could observe the entire place and see countless mountains, lakes, sea areas, forests, deserts, volcanoes, and even the glaciers. This position was like the eye that could observe every detail around. That eye could see many tiny shadows like little ants moving around the rivers, deserts, mountains, and lakes everywhere.

Those were the outstanding young talents from different races...

They were scattered around the edge of the Center while the grand, holy mountain was in the center. Even the surroundings of their current locations were pretty similar to the first four territories they had visited, if they could sense carefully, they would find that the earth and heaven energy here was moving totally differently.

The energy fluctuations in their current areas hid the dangerous, murderous aura and flooded every corner. They could support each other.

The entire Center area was like a massive deathtrap that Nature had created. This deathtrap consisted of deadly formations, forbidden lands, and dangerous topographies of different pieces of land. This grand masterpiece was like the work of Mighty Heaven. Without any extra add-on, it was like a training court that Nature had built for many creatures.

The holy mountain standing imposingly in the center to connect earth and heaven was the center of the deathtrap, the soul of the ancient continent. It could hold everything in its hands.

Just like a cold, nonchalant archangel from the sky watching the feeble creatures struggling with their strong wills and operating by the rules It had set up, it would reward them properly...

Compared to it, all warriors who had come here were just weak insects. Even Haig, Cang Yun, Audrey, and Shi Yan, the ones who had fused with the Origin, were just special insects. They still needed to follow its rule to survive...

And it didn't have any emotion that any creature should have. It just watched everything with indifferent eyes.

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