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Auntie Ren stepped forward with a stomach full of anger, Xiao Qin reflexively hugged me tighter. She made a protective posture as if she was my silver scale breastplate.

“Let go! Look at yourself, hugging him like that!

“Mom, I’ll let go if you don’t hit him!” Xiao Qin closed her eyes and shouted, “If something happens to Ye Lin classmate, I won’t be able to live either!”

Auntie Ren was angered to the point her whole body trembled. She gnashed her teeth and was not sure how to deal with me. Right at this time, Peng TouSi rushed towards the half-open main door like a black train while carrying 004 and 005.

Auntie Ren took a defensive position, but Peng TouSi had no intention to fight. He ran quicker than a rabbit and rushed out the door in an instant, he made a sympathetic expression towards me when he passed by my side.

“Lin, you’re on your own, may we meet again.”

What do you mean may we meet again! You damn homo! You’re the main reason why Auntie Ren misunderstood! I’ll remember this! I won’t let you go even if I die and become a ghost!

Before Auntie Ren could pursue him, Peng TouSi raised one leg and kicked on the door from the outside. The door closed with a click and it felt like that was my death sentence.

I stared blankly and watched Peng TouSi get away. I thought Auntie Ren would rush towards me to snap my neck, but I didn’t expect her to think for a while before searching through the house.

First she went to the big bedroom and started looking for something on the double bed. I could hear the sound of blankets being lifted.

Then it was my room, then my dad’s room, it was as if Auntie Ren was doing bed inspections.

Could it be she’s looking for a blood-stained bed sheet?

If that’s the case, I still have a chance of survival. As long as I don’t cause any more misunderstandings.

The first step is to get Xiao Qin off of me. She hugged me like she was climbing a tree and she felt it was interesting, but I was tired of supporting her weight.

“Get off.” I said, “Auntie Ren will get even angrier if you stay like this!“

“But, but, I’m protecting Ye Lin classmate!” Xiao Qin said as she rubbed her face against my shoulder, “I’m not getting off, not getting off!”

Auntie Ren was searching through the room for clues when she heard her daughter’s voice acting spoiled towards me, she became even more angry and kicked over the trash can.

I have to make Xiao Qin get off before Auntie Ren comes back.

I had a bright idea since I remembered that Xiao Qin was ticklish.

When I to Xiao Qin’s home with the class leader. The class leader used tickling to subdue Xiao Qin when she was messing around on the bed.

After I made my decision, I put my ten fingers on Xiao Qin’s waist and armpits and started to tickle her soft skin.

“Ahahahahaha~~~ stop, don’t tickle me! It’s itchy… Ahahahahahahaha~”

Xiao Qin swayed back and forth uncontrollably because of her laughter. She couldn’t help but loosen her grip around my neck and my leg. She almost fell onto the floor, but I grabbed her because I was afraid she would injure her head.

I made a mistake. I was planning on grabbing Xiao Qin by her waist, but who would have known that when my hand shifted a bit lower, I felt Xiao Qin’s soft buttocks through her sports pants.

Xiao Qin was still in a fit of laughter and tears came rolling out, so she did not notice my perverted hands.

This elasticity… Although it’s through clothes, it’s still infinite times better than the old man’s big breast mousepad!

Right at this time, Auntie Ren walked over with an ice-cold expression and she saw my hands on Xiao Qin’s butt.

“Brat, you really are fearless, huh!” Auntie Ren cracked the knuckles of her fist, “I’m still in the house, yet you dare to brazenly feel up my daughter!?”

At this moment, Xiao Qin realized I molested her. But she did not have an intense reaction other than blushing, instead she explained:

“Ye Lin classmate didn’t do anything wrong! My body already belongs to Ye Lin classmate! He can feel wherever he wants!”

Stop making things up! Stop adding fuel to the fire! It’s a good thing that Auntie Ren did not find any blood-stained sheets, but now, she might misunderstand that I have already tasted the forbidden fruit a long time ago!

Auntie Ren breathed out a sigh of resentment from the bottom of her heart. You could feel the pity she had for her daughter and the hate she felt towards me.

“Kid, I see how it is, looks like my warning fell on deaf ears.”

Xiao Qin did not know about the time Auntie Ren gave me a warning at DongShan Lake, so she looked at me suspiciously.

“You did this to my daughter, so what do you plan to do?”

Auntie Ren’s voice was a bit hoarse and her gaze made my entire body shiver.

“I, I didn’t do anything to your daughter!”

Auntie Ren smiled after she saw me act as if I was wrongly accused.

Damn, that smile is scary! In Auntie Ren’s eyes, I’m like a fish on a chopping board just waiting to be cut in half by Auntie Ren!

“Mom, don’t pressure Ye Lin classmate!” Xiao Qin still protected me and spoke for me, “Ye Lin classmate has a strong sense of responsibility, he’ll definitely take responsibility!”

Although she stood next to me, her words sound a little off? What do you mean by ‘take responsibility’? I did not do anything that needs me to take responsibility!

“I believe in Ye Lin classmate! Ye Lin classmate will take responsibility —— we’ll have a lot of kids!”

Screw that! Who wants to have kids with you! You should look at the situation before telling jokes! Auntie Ren is coming over! Her face does not look good! Help! Save me!

“Mom, what are you doing!” Xiao Qin stuck out both her arms and took a defensive position, “Mom, if you accidentally kill Ye Lin classmate, the child in my stomach will be fatherless!”

Auntie Ren’s face distorted with anger.

She wanted to hit me, but her daughter blocked the way; I wanted to explain, but I did not know where to start. A frightening moment of silence occurred.

At this critical moment, the sound of keys opening the door came from outside.

I was shocked: My dad was the only other person who had a key, did he come home?

Auntie Ren’s attention was also attracted by the sound, she narrowed her eyes and stared at the door. Xiao Qin, on the other hand, stared at her mother to prevent against her surprise attacks.

The person was not able to open the door even after fumbling around outside for a long time, maybe they have not even inserted the keys into the lock.

Don’t tell me it is not my father, but Peng TouSi trying to pick the lock with foil and coming back to save me because he had a guilty conscience? If that is the case, hurry up! I’m the only person in the world that expects another person to pick the lock of their home!

I waited for the moment that would decide my fate restlessly.

The door opened with a click. A man with a crooked tie and his suit draped over his shoulder walked inside smelling of alcohol.

Crap! In the end, it’s still my dad! How much alcohol did you drink that you can’t even put the keys into a lock! Didn’t you go on a blind date set up by Director Cao? You were dressed impeccably when you left, why do you look like this now! Also, you came at a terrible time!

My dad made a drunken burp in a daze, and he paused when he saw three people in a deadlock. After checking around the room, he was sure that he did not walk into the wrong room.

“Huh? Why, why are there so many guests in the morning…” My dad’s smile when he’s drunk was especially wretched, his alcoholic breath sprayed all over Auntie Ren’s back.

Auntie Ren turned her head and stared at my dad.

My intoxicated father was not able to recognize the person in front of him. He only knew a beautiful woman stood in front of him, and since alcohol increases bravery, he actually tried to reach out and put his hand on Auntie Ren’s shoulder. At the same time, he said unclearly:

“Eh? A beautiful woman! Looks like… I’m still at Director Cao’s house! Hahaha, come… burp… come and sleep with me!”

Auntie Ren was already in a fit of anger, but after hearing my dad’s babbling nonsense, she transferred all the anger she had for me to my dad.

“Slap —— ” the sound of a heavy slap resounded. It made my dad jump up as if he was doing the Waltz. He was 1.83 m, but he revolved multiple times before he fell onto the sofa. He held his cheek that had a red hand print and blinked his eyes, unable to understand what exactly transpired.

“It’s all because you couldn’t raise your kid properly!!” Auntie Ren dropped a ruthless line and started to drag Xiao Qin away by her arm. Xiao Qin gazed at me as if we were going to part for a long time.

“Mom, I haven’t worn my shoes yet, my shoes…”

Xiao Qin pointed towards her sneakers that have yet to dry.

Auntie Ren snorted: “Why are you worried about shoes when you already gave your body away?”

Then she carried her daughter like how Peng TouSi carried 004 and 005. She put Xiao Qin under her armpits and carried her away like a bag of rice.

“Just you wait! It’s not over!!”

Auntie Ren yelled and stared at me and my dad before she slammed the door shut.

The shock wave from the door slamming shut almost collapsed the roof, and it made my dad sober up.

My dad felt his right cheek that was gradually starting to swell up. He looked at me with confusion before he asked:

“Xiao Lin, what exactly did you do last night when I wasn’t home?”

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